The General Conditions Sample Clauses

The General Conditions. General Conditions will be limited to the following: security costs, temporary facilities (temporary office, water, heat, power, sanitary facilities, telephones), trash and debris control and removal costs, insurance, bonds, specialty equipment rental, storage fees, and permits. The County may audit the General Conditions, for the limited purpose of establishing that the fee includes the items listed in this Agreement.
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The General Conditions. F. The Specifications and the Drawings and all authorized modifications thereof and Addenda thereto.
The General Conditions. Article 1 – Application The new GCs, as amended, apply to all Financing Agreements for Projects/Programmes approved by the Executive Board during and subsequent to its ninety- seventh session in September 2009. All provisions of the GCs apply to all Financing Agreements, unless the agreement explicitly states that a particular provision doesn’t apply. Of course, it is unnecessary to specify provisions that are irrelevant – x.x. xxxxxxxxx. Article 2 - Definitions • We will review these as they come up.
The General Conditions. F. The Specifications and the Drawings and all authorized modifications thereof and Addenda thereto. DURATION OF WORK: The Work shall be commenced no later than the date specified by written order of the Owner and shall be completed within 30 working days from said date, or within the time as may be adjusted under the terms of the Contract. AGREEMENT
The General Conditions. 6.1. The long-form Service Provision Agreement accessible at xxxxx://xxxxxx.xx.xx/web_assets/files/Service-Provision-Agreement-Bulk-Sms-Short-Code- Transaction-Alerts-And-Premium-Rate-Sms.pdf as at the date of this Agreement and as varied from time to time, (the “General Conditions”) is hereby incorporated in its entirety into this Agreement by reference and shall be deemed to form and be read and construed as part of this Agreement. This Agreement and the General Conditions shall together constitute the SMS Service Provision Agreement between the Service Provider and the Client (“the Agreement”).
The General Conditions. Except with the prior written consent of SELLER, BUYER shall during each Month lift the total volume of Crude Oil stipulated in the said notified monthly lifting programmes subject to the tolerance of plus or minus five per cent (5%).
The General Conditions. 9.1.5. The Guidelines for the Seaport and Rail Yard Areas Emissions Reduction Program (RG-524)
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The General Conditions. 2.1.4 The Basis of Design Documents, including but not limited to, Request for Qualifications, Request for Proposals and any Addenda thereto, Design-Builder’s Statement of Qualifications and its Proposal submitted in response to the Owner’s Request for Proposals, and Design- Builder’s Proposal dated (date to be filled in upon execution of this Contract) submitted under the Preliminary Agreement Between Owner and Design-Builder, as accepted by Owner; and
The General Conditions. 7 The Bid Proposal.
The General Conditions. 10.1.5. The Guidelines for the Drayage Truck Incentive Program (RG-524)
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