Residential space definition

Residential space means a private living area, but it does not include common areas such as lobbies, lounges, waiting areas, elevators, stairwells, and restrooms that are a structural part of a multicomplex building such as a dormitory.
Residential space means a private living area, but it does
Residential space means the approximately 60 residential units that are part of the Mixed-Use Building, located above the Retail Space, which may be owner occupied or rental units.

Examples of Residential space in a sentence

  • CA shall not include common areas serving only dwelling units or other Residential space.

  • Residential space and water heating accounts for 39% of total residential primary energy consumption and 91% of all residential gas1 consumption in the United States (4.9 quads in 2007) (U.S. Department of Energy 2009a).

  • Residential space shall consist of dwelling units (including the manager's unit), corridors and traffic areas through lobbies, vestibules, elevators, elevator lobbies, receiving, mechanical, electrical, meter rooms, stairways, trash rooms and required tenant storage.

  • Residential space heating and cooling equipment must be ENERGY STAR qualified or must conform to ENERGY STAR efficiency specifications.Combustion equipment displayed must be equipped to receive combustion supply air ducting.

  • Residential space cooling Levelized cost of residential space cooling in 2010 (top) and 2050 (bottom) using fuel costs of 2010.Figures above show the levelized cost of space cooling for 2010 and 2050.

  • Residential space heating Levelized cost of residential space heating in 2010 (top) and 2050 (bottom) using fuel costs of 2010.NGA: natural gas; LPG: liquid petroleum gas.Figures above show the levelized cost of space heating technology in 2010 and 2050.

  • Residential space which, after Rehabilitation, will qualify under the laws of the state and locality as a place of permanent habitation or abode for a Household of one or more individuals.

  • Unit/Housing Unit: Residential space for the private use of a family.

  • Residential space that is for the exclusive use of staff is an eligible use of funding.

  • Internal and external residential space standards are laid out in Policy 50: Residential space standards of the Local Plan 2014 and set out a minimum space requirement for dwellings.

More Definitions of Residential space

Residential space means a private living area, but does not include common areas such as lobbies,
Residential space means the space in the Premises containing one floor of underground parking and non-market rental residential units;
Residential space means that part of the property occupied as a residence ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ .
Residential space means the Built Up area which shall be identified by Owner into the Project which can be used only for any residentail purpose;

Related to Residential space

  • residential premises means a house, building, structure, shelter, or mobile home, or portion thereof, used as a dwelling, home, residence, or living place by 1 or more human beings. “Residential premises” includes an apartment unit, a boardinghouse, a rooming house, a mobile home, a mobile home space, and a single or multiple family dwelling, but does not include a hotel, a motel, motor home, or other tourist accommodation, when used as a temporary accommodation for guests or tourists, or premises used as the principal place of residence of the owner and rented occasionally during temporary absences including vacation or sabbatical leave.

  • Residential building means a building containing one or more residential dwellings.

  • Residential Zone means a zone earmarked for buildings exclusively designed for human habitation and in no case shall include its use in whole or a part thereof for any other purpose e.g commercial activities, school, institution, shop, office, clinic, beauty parlor, guest house, marriage center, gymnasium, tuition center, club activities, work-shop, store or godown etc. or for the purpose of political, religious and sectarian activities. It includes parks, gardens, play grounds, sector shops and other open spaces located in the area earmarked in the residential zone.

  • Residential area means land used as a permanent residence or domicile, such as a house, apartment, nursing home, school, child care facility or prison, land zoned for such uses, or land where no zoning is in place.

  • Residential rental property means property that is used solely as leased or rented property for residential purposes. If the property is a space rental mobile home park, residential rental property includes the rental space that is leased or rented by the owner of that rental space but does not include the mobile home or recreational vehicle that serves as the actual dwelling if the dwelling is owned and occupied by the tenant of the rental space and not by the owner of the rental space.

  • residential land means land used or capable of being used for residential purposes (but does not include land on which there is no residential dwelling).

  • Residential service means water service provided for domestic or irrigation purposes in a residential area and is not considered a commercial service.

  • Residential services means a complete range of residences

  • School premises means either of the following:

  • Residential contractor means a licensed contractor that holds an endorsement as a:

  • Residential Unit means a home, apartment, residential condominium unit or mobile home, serving as the principal place of residence.

  • School building means any building in which any of the instruction, extracurricular activities, or training provided by a school is conducted, whether or not any instruction, extracurricular activities, or training provided by the school is being conducted in the school building at the time a criminal offense is committed.

  • Parking space leasing data means the following government data on an application for, or lease of, a parking space: residence address, home telephone number, beginning and ending work hours, place of employment, location of parking space, and work telephone number.

  • Mobile home space means a plot of ground within a mobile home park designed for the accommodation of one mobile home.

  • Residential Rental Unit means an area legally licensed or permitted for use as a living space containing a sleeping area, bathing and sanitation facilities and cooking facilities equipped with a cooking range, refrigerator and sink, all of which are separate and distinct from other Residential Rental Units. Reg. §§ 1.103-8(a) 8(i).

  • Residential Project means a portfolio of Residential Systems owned directly or indirectly by a Contributed Company.

  • Commercial Premises means a place of trade or premises operated for financial gain, including but not limited to, a retirement village or a block of flats that has a common facility; a place of trade where the manufacture and production of products or produce takes place; a site where renovation, restoration and refurbishment work as described in Part B takes place.

  • Leased space means a self−service storage unit or a space located within a self−service storage facility that a lessee is enti- tled to use for the storage of personal property on a self−service basis pursuant to a rental agreement and that is not rented or pro- vided to the lessee in conjunction with property for residential use by the lessee.

  • Public building and "public work" means a public building of, and a public work of, a governmental entity (the United States; the District of Columbia; commonwealths, territories, and minor outlying islands of the United States; State and local governments; and multi-State, regional, or interstate entities which have governmental functions). These buildings and works may include, without limitation, bridges, dams, plants, highways, parkways, streets, subways, tunnels, sewers, mains, power lines, pumping stations, heavy generators, railways, airports, terminals, docks, piers, wharves, ways, lighthouses, buoys, jetties, breakwaters, levees, and canals, and the construction, alteration, maintenance, or repair of such buildings and works.

  • the Premises means the building or part of the building booked and referred to in the contract

  • apartment building means a residential use building, or the residential use portion of a mixed-use building, other than a townhouse or stacked townhouse containing four or more dwelling units each of which shall have access to above grade common halls, stairs, elevators, and yards;

  • Premises means the location where the Services are to be supplied, as set out in the Specification.

  • Customer Premises means premises owned, controlled or occupied by the Customer which are made available for use by the Supplier or its Sub-Contractors for provision of the Services (or any of them);