Basic Sample Clauses

Basic. (a) An employee is entitled to sick leave at the rate of one and one-half (1½) days per month. An employee having a continuing appointment shall be credited with eighteen (18) days sick leave each year on the first day of April. A newly appointed employee shall be credited, on appointment, with sick leave for the remainder of the fiscal year, i.e. until March 31, at the rate of one and one-half (1½) days per month. A part-time employee is eligible for sick leave on a prorated basis which is calculated at the time it is required.
Basic. (1) The Contractor shall purchase in its name and maintain at its sole cost and expense, insurance as set out below. This insurance will provide primary coverage for claims and/or suits which may arise out of or result from the Contractor’s performance and/or furnishing of the Services, whether performed and/or furnished by the Contractor, any sub-contractor, partner, supplier, or by anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them to perform or furnish any of the work, goods, products or services, or by anyone for whose acts any of them may be liable. Any insurance carried by the City shall be excess and not contributing insurance. The limits may be met by purchasing an umbrella or excess policy meeting both requirements.
Basic. (Control of simulated altitude with no integrated control of temperature or humidity). As an example: The customer has an existing room (or can add two walls in the corner of an existing large room to create a contained volume) so the requirement is simply for the altitude equipment. Climate control uses standard type AC units which can be supplied by us or the customer or may well already be in place.
Basic. Basic Installation of Wireless Service is at no charge to the customer. The basic installation includes installation of EH!tel’s SU and XXX, up to a 100ft of outdoor rated Cat5 cable from the SU to XXX, and up to 10ft indoor Cat5 cable from the XXX to the Customer’s equipment. Cat5 will be secured with clips to readily accessible surface for the technician. Any two of the following items are included with a basic installation:
Basic. Synercard will train three (3) staff of SNAPSHOT at Synercard's office. The cost of the training is included in SNAPSHOT's fIrst purchase order. Alternatively, SNAPSHOT may upgrade to on-site training as outlined in Schedule A. Synercard and SNAPSHOT shall agree upon the time for the training in advance. SNAPSHOT shall bear all transportation and living expenses during the training program.
Basic. The teacher appears to understand the concepts underlying the component and attempts to implement its elements. Implementation may be sporadic, intermittent, or otherwise not entirely successful. Additional reading, discussion, experience, and/or mentoring will enable the teacher to become proficient in this area.
Basic. Tenant shall pay Landlord as rental the sums set forth in subparagraph B below (the "Monthly Installment") each month in advance on the first day of each month, commencing on the Commencement Date and continuing through the term of this Lease, together with such additional rents as are hereinafter specified. In the event that the Commencement Date is not on the first day of a calendar month, the monthly rent payable on the Commencement Date shall be equal to the product obtained by multiplying the Monthly Installment by the quotient obtained by dividing thirty (30) into the number of days remaining in such calendar month. Said rental shall be paid by Tenant without deduction or offset, prior notice or demand at such place or places as may be noticed from time to time by Landlord, and Landlord agrees to accept as rental for the use and occupancy of the Premises said amount.