Affected Parties Sample Clauses

Affected Parties. For the purposes of Section 6(e) (Payments on Early Termination), both parties shall be deemed to be Affected Parties in connection with the Termination Events described in Section 5(b)(i), so that payments on early termination shall be calculated as provided in Section 6(e)(ii).
Affected Parties. If there are 2 Affected Parties each party will determine an amount equivalent to the Termination Currency Equivalent of the sum of the Close-out Amount(s) (whether positive or negative) for each Terminated Transaction or group of Terminated Transactions and the Early Termination Amount will be an amount equal to (A) the sum of (I) one-half the difference between the higher amount so dertmined (by Party “X”) and the lower amount so determined (by Party “Y”)
Affected Parties. Any sub-contractors hired by the Prime Contractor are a party to the creation of a multiple employer workplace and are affected by this Agreement and the responsibilities of the Prime Contractor as lay out herein. All sub-contractors need to be preapproved by BCCA PDI. BCCA PROGRAM DELIVERY INC. Schedule 13 Prime Contractor Pre-Qualification Checklist BCCA PDI Project Number: Natural Resource District: #4 – 00000 Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, XX X0X 0X0 Telephone (000) 000-0000 Fax (000) 000-0000 Description Yes No WorkSafeBC Clearance Letter attached Date: Prime Contractor Requirements Yes No System in place to make sure all workers, including any pre-approved sub- contractors on site, receive a safety pre-work before work is to commence. System to identify and control risks and hazards, as well as, communicate these risks and hazards, to all workers and any pre-approved sub-contractors on site. System to provide a site specific First Aid Assessment, which includes requirements needed for Fist Aid Certificates and First Aid Equipment. System for Inspecting and auditing (i.e. equipment, worker assessments) System for Corrective Action and or Discipline Procedures. System for Incident reporting and Incident Investigation. (Including Close Calls) System for reporting any Safety Deficiencies immediately to BCCA PDI Prime Contractor must have a Safety Program or Plan in place that include the following: Yes No Statement of Contractor’s safety policy and individual responsibilities Safety meeting requirements (including documenting them) Ensure that all workers and or any pre-approved sub-contractors carry the necessary certificates and or training relevant to work procedures that are to be performed. PPE requirements Specific work rules and/or processes (i.e. SWP’s, SOP’s, etc. including Lockout Procedures) WHMIS training Emergency Response Plan or Procedures that includes but is not limited to: Fire Prevention and Suppression - Emergency Response Plan - First Aid Procedures - Spill Procedures - Natural Disaster Procedures - Emergency Medical Evacuation - First Aid Assessments (prior to starting in new areas). Serious Injury - Fatality Procedures (including Notification Procedures) Prime Contractor Sub-Contractor Hiring Criteria Yes No Hiring of a sub-contractor must be pre-approved by the BCCA PDI Supervisor in writing, prior to commencement of work. Upon approval, the Prime Contractor is responsible for the safety and all activities of the sub-contractor hired. Sy...
Affected Parties. If there are two Affected Parties:-
Affected Parties. Cigarette stamping agents will be affected by this final-form rulemaking. Comment and Response Summary Notice of proposed rulemaking was published at 31 Pa.B. 2582 (May 19, 2001). The proposal is being adopted with changes as set forth in Annex A. No comments were received from the public during the public comment period. No comments were received from the House and Senate Finance Committees. The Depart- ment did receive comments from the Independent Regula- tory Review Commission (IRRC). Amendments to the proposed rulemaking in response to comments are as follows: