Task Force Commander Sample Clauses

Task Force Commander. The Task Force Commander shall be a peace officer of the rank of lieutenant or higher from one of the Participating Agencies. The Task Force Commander will be responsible for managing SCCSET and will report to the Xxxxxxxx Police Chief or his designated representative. The Task Force Commander will provide monthly and annual reports of SCCSET’s activities to the Xxxxxxxx Police Chief and to Participating Agency Department Heads. Any personnel assigned to SCCSET shall work under the immediate supervision of the Task Force Commander and shall adhere to the published policies and procedures of SCCSET. The Task Force Commander and Task Force Supervisor(s) (as defined in Section (V)(c) below) should be involved in the interview and selection of Investigators and support personnel assigned to the Task Force.
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Task Force Commander. A Task Force Commander shall be appointed by the Board and serve at its pleasure. The Task Force Commander must be a full-time, licensed supervisory peace officer of a member. The Task Force Commander shall remain an employee of the respective member city or county.
Task Force Commander. The Board of Directors shall appoint a Task Force Commander who will report to the Board of Directors Chair. The Task Force Commander is responsible for supervising the day-to-day operations of the Task Force, including supervision of Task Force Officers, intelligence sharing, management of confidential funds, sharing information with the Fiscal Agent, and coordination with other agencies. The Task Force Commander shall work with the Board of Directors in developing and amending changes to Task Force Policies and Guidelines. The Task Force Commander shall assess each Task Force Officer’s training needs and shall ensure their compliance with all current CMVOTF policies and guidelines. The Task Force Commander has the authority to direct all Task Force investigator activities, commend and suspend Task Force Officers, and recommend cancellation of Task Force Officers to the Board Chair. The Task Force Commander shall report at least quarterly to the Board of Directors.

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  • Project Management Plan 1 3.4.1 Developer is responsible for all quality assurance and quality control 2 activities necessary to manage the Work, including the Utility Adjustment Work.

  • Technical Cooperation In order to facilitate the implementation of this Agreement, developed country Members shall provide, on request and on mutually agreed terms and conditions, technical and financial cooperation in favour of developing and least-developed country Members. Such cooperation shall include assistance in the preparation of laws and regulations on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights as well as on the prevention of their abuse, and shall include support regarding the establishment or reinforcement of domestic offices and agencies relevant to these matters, including the training of personnel.

  • Training and Professional Development C. Maintain written program procedures covering these six (6) core activities. All procedures shall be consistent with the requirements of this Contract.

  • Accident Prevention Health and Safety Committee (a) The Hospital and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the Hospital in order to prevent accidents, injury and illness. Recognizing its responsibilities under the applicable legislation, the Hospital agrees to accept as a member of its Accident Prevention Health and Safety Commit- tee, at least one representative selected or appointed by the Union amongst bargaining unit employees. Such Committee shall identify potential dangers and hazards, institute means of improving health and safety programs and recommend actions to be taken to improve conditions related to safety and health. The Hospital agrees to co-operate reasonably pro- viding necessary information to enable the Committee to fulfill its functions. Meetings shall be held every second month or more fre- quently at the call of the chair if required. The Committee shall maintain Minutes of all meetings and make the same available for review. Any representative appointed or selected in accordance with hereof shall serve for a term of one calendar year from the date of appointment which may be renewed for further periods of one year. Time off for such to attend meetings of the Accident Prevention Health and Safety Committee in accordance with the foregoing shall be granted and time so spent attending such meetings shall be deemed to work time for which the representative shall be paid by the Hospital at his regular or premium rate as may be applicable. The Union agrees to endeavour to obtain the full co-operation of its membership in the observation of all safety rules and practices. Pregnant employees may request to be transferred from their current duties if, in the professional opinion of the employee's physician, the pregnancy may be at risk. If such a transfer is not feasible, the pregnant employee, if she so requests, will be granted an unpaid leave of absence before commencement of the maternity leave referred to in Article It is understood that the word "feasible" as set out above does not include bumping. Where the Hospital identifies high risk areas where employees are exposed to Hepatitis the Hospital will provide, at no cost to the employees, a vaccine to Hepatitis B Surface Antigen. The Hospital agrees to continue its present practices with respect to the provision of protective clothing and safety devices to employees, where applicable, subject to the provisions set out below with respect to safety footwear. The Hospital further agrees to meet directly with the representative of the Union or through the Accident Prevention Committee to discuss the need for any protective clothing or safety equipment in addition to that which the Hospital is presently providing. Effective date of ratification and on that date for each subsequent year, the Hospital will provide thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per year to each full-time employee who is required by the Hospital to wear safety footwear during the course of his duties.

  • Health & Safety Committee The Employer agrees to establish a Health & Safety Committee for all employees of the company under the auspices of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The Committee shall be made up of an equal number (not less than one each) of non-bargaining unit and bargaining unit persons who have completed their probationary period. The Union has the right to appoint the members representing the bargaining unit. The Committee shall keep minutes of its meetings and post them in the shop. One copy will be forwarded to the Union office.

  • Manufacturing Technology Transfer With respect to each Technology Transfer Product, upon AbbVie’s written request after the Inclusion Date for the Included Target to which such Technology Transfer Product is Directed, Morphic shall effect a full transfer to AbbVie or its designee (which designee may be an Affiliate or a Third Party manufacturer) of all Morphic Know-How and Joint Know-How relating to the then-current process for the Manufacture of such Technology Transfer Product (the “Manufacturing Process”) and to implement the Manufacturing Process at facilities designated by AbbVie (such transfer and implementation, as more fully described in this Section 5.3, the “Manufacturing Technology Transfer”). To assist with the Manufacturing Technology Transfer, Morphic will make its personnel reasonably available to AbbVie during normal business hours for up to [***] FTE hours with respect to each Included Target (in each case, free of charge to AbbVie) to transfer and implement the Manufacturing Process under this Section 5.3. Thereafter, if requested by AbbVie, Morphic shall continue to perform such obligations; provided, that AbbVie will reimburse Morphic for its full-time equivalent (FTE) costs (for clarity, in excess of [***] FTE hours) and any reasonable and verifiable out-of-pocket costs incurred in providing such assistance. CERTAIN CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS DOCUMENT, MARKED BY [***], HAS BEEN OMITTED BECAUSE IT IS NOT MATERIAL AND WOULD LIKELY CAUSE COMPETITIVE HARM TO THE COMPANY IF PUBLICLY DISCLOSED.

  • Technology Research Analyst Job# 1810 General Characteristics Maintains a strong understanding of the enterprise’s IT systems and architectures. Assists in the analysis of the requirements for the enterprise and applying emerging technologies to support long-term business objectives. Responsible for researching, collecting, and disseminating information on emerging technologies and key learnings throughout the enterprise. Researches and recommends changes to foundation architecture. Supports research projects to identify and evaluate emerging technologies. Interfaces with users and staff to evaluate possible implementation of the new technology in the enterprise, consistent with the goal of improving existing systems and technologies and in meeting the needs of the business. Analyzes and researches process of deployment and assists in this process.

  • Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee The Employer and the Union recognize the role of the joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee in promoting a safe and healthful workplace. The parties agree that a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee shall be established for each Employer covered by this Collective Agreement. The Committee shall govern itself in accordance with the provisions of the Industrial Health and Safety Regulations made pursuant to the Workers’ Compensation Act. The Committee shall be as between the Employer and the Union, with equal representation, and with each party appointing its own representatives. Representatives of the Union shall be chosen by the Union membership or appointed by the Union. All minutes of the meetings of the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee will be recorded in a mutually agreeable format and will be sent to the Union. The Union further agrees to actively pursue with the other Health Care Unions a Joint Union Committee for the purposes of this Article. The Employer agrees to provide or cause to be provided to Employer members of the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee adequate training and orientation to the duties and responsibilities of committee members to allow the incumbents to fulfil those duties competently. The Union agrees to provide or cause to be provided to Union members of the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee adequate training and orientation to the duties and responsibilities of committee members to allow the incumbents to fulfil those duties competently. Such training and orientation shall take place within six (6) months of taking office.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee The Employer and the Union agree to cooperate in the promotion of safe working conditions, the prevention of accidents, the prevention of workplace injuries and the promotion of safe workplace practices.

  • Technical Committee 1. The Technical Committee shall comprise: