Surgical Sample Clauses

Surgical. Provision is now made for full coverage of wound management in Compound Fractures. • Since it is wound management in compound fracture management, these packages must be used in association with fracture management of long bones in trauma either by Internal Fixation (ORIF) or by External Fixation. • As separate package is provided for wound management in compound fracture the earlier package amount for External Fixation is reduced. • Separate packages provided for surgical management of Facial Bone Fractures and Pelvic Bone Fracture in Trauma. • Packages are provided for surgical management of Patella Fracture and small bone fractures in trauma; however these packages are applicable when these fractures are sustained as a component of Poly-Trauma association with other injuries defined in poly trauma. • Two more components for Intestinal Perforation are added Viz. Duodenal Perforation and Appendicular Perforation to clearly define this surgical emergency. • Packages are provided for Complicated Eclampsia, Abruptio placenta, and other Common life threatening emergencies in obstetrics. • More procedures are now covered for management of Trigeminal Neuralgia and Aneurysms in Neuro-Surgery. • Coverage for Staghorn Calculus is provided in Renal Segment. • Coverage is made more extensive in Ophthalmology, ENT and Vascular Surgery.
Surgical. Extractions and other basic surgical procedures performed by a dentist, including pre and post-operative care and general anaesthetic.
Surgical. The maximum benefit payable will include charges for packaging and post-surgical treatment. 42001, 42002, 42003, 42100, 42103, 42104, 42200, 42300, 42310, 42500.
Surgical procedures.