Subsequent Periods Sample Clauses

Subsequent Periods. For any period beginning with the expiration of the rates listed in Section 4(a) above and continuing through the expiration of this Agreement, the Employer shall make payments to the Fund at the rates prescribed by the Board, or its authorized agent, on behalf of each eligible employee described in Section 3 above. Each period for which a particular rate is in effect is considered to be a "Subsequent Period." No increase in rates will take effect before the first day of the month next following the expiration of the 30-day period after notice of the increase was furnished to the Employer and the Union.
Subsequent Periods. For Commercial Years subsequent to the Initial Period ILDONG shall achieve the Sales Target. If ILDONG fails to achieve * percent (*%) of the Sales Target for any Commercial Year subject to the Initial Period, ILDONG shall, within * pay to SUBLICENSOR a sum equal to the *. * Confidential material redacted and filed separately with the Commission. In addition to the above, if ILDONG fails to achieve * percent (*%) of the Sales Target for *, SUBLICENSOR shall have the right to terminate this Agreement with respect to each country within the Territory where * were not achieved. In the case where SUBLICENSOR exercises its rights to terminate this Agreement, SUBLICENSOR shall provide * (*) months prior notice of termination and purchase back any Product stock held by ILDONG valued at the commercial price. If during the above mentioned * month period, ILDONG achieves * for such six-month period, then ILDONG shall be deemed to have cured the breach and the termination shall be null and void.
Subsequent Periods. The Government may extend this Agreement for periods of one year beyond the expiration date for a total cumulative period of not more than five (5) years. Extensions are made by modification based on mutual agreement of the parties.
Subsequent Periods. In order for NLS to receive the benefit of the pricing described in Section 6.2 for a fifth or sixth twelve month period from the Effective Date, NLS shall be required, at least two years prior to the commencement of each such twelve month period, to deliver to Broadcom a written undertaking and commitment to purchase at least [*****] of the total aggregate requirements of NLS and all of its Affiliates for each component of the classes described in Section 7.1 during such twelve month period.
Subsequent Periods. Subsequent periods will commence on the last day of the previous period and will end on the date the selected number of months after that date. A period that would otherwise include the Repayment Date will end on the Repayment Date and may be less than a full Interest Period.
Subsequent Periods. At least three (3) Business Days prior to the expiration of the Interest Period then in effect, the Borrower shall submit a written request (the "Euro-Rate Request") to the Agent specifying the term of the next Interest Period to which the Euro-Rate shall apply. If no such Euro-Rate Request is received by the Agent, then the term of the following Interest Period then in effect shall automatically be one Month.
Subsequent Periods. The Tipping Rate for the Operating Year beginning July 1, 2008 shall be the lesser of $25.00 per Ton or the Tipping Rate in effect on June 30, 2008. For each Operating Year thereafter, the Tipping Rate shall be the Tipping Rate in effect at the end of each Operating Year as modified by the CPI Adjustment; provided, however, that the CPI Adjustment may not increase the Tipping Rate beyond $45.00 per Ton for Guaranteed Plant Capacity Share Waste. Notwithstanding the preceding, the Tipping Rate during the subsequent periods shall at all times be subject to adjustment pursuant to Section F below, which adjustment may cause the Tipping Rate to exceed the $25.00 Tipping Rate and the $45.00 Tipping Rate cap referenced above in this Section D.
Subsequent Periods. 8.1 If Southern Water desires this Agreement to continue for any Subsequent Period it must serve a Request Notice on Portsmouth Water at least five years prior to the expiry of the Initial Period or any Subsequent Period, as the case may be, provided always that the Parties may agree to waive the notice period.