Submittals Sample Clauses

Submittals. Shop Drawings, schedules, data, catalogue cuts, manufacturers' published recommendations, charts, bulletins, brochures, illustrations, circulars, roughing drawings or formulae, etc., that are specifically prepared, distributed, or assembled by or for Contractor or by Subcontractors, manufacturers, or Suppliers and submitted by Contractor to illustrate some portion of the Work or for use in installing the Work. The Contract Documents shall specify when shop drawings or submittals require the seal of a specialty consultant.
Submittals. § The Architect shall review the Contractor’s submittal schedule and shall not unreasonably delay or withhold approval of the schedule. The Architect’s action in reviewing submittals shall be taken in accordance with the approved submittal schedule or, in the absence of an approved submittal schedule, with reasonable promptness while allowing sufficient time, in the Architect’s professional judgment, to permit adequate review.
Submittals. All documents, shop drawings, and “As-Built” drawings shall be prepared such that the drawings meet all the requirements of Local, State, and Federal regulations, codes and directives. The Contractor agrees to also provide as necessary, the forms, studies, and other documentation required by applicable codes and agencies. The Contractor agrees to ensure that all engineering solutions conform strictly to the guides and criteria outlined in Contract specifications. In case of uncertainty of detail or procedure, the Contractor agrees to request additional instruction from the County. The Contractor is responsible for producing complete, competent, properly coordinated, and thoroughly checked documents. At the Contractor’s expense, as part of their Adjustment Factors, the documentation noted above, shall be prepared and reviewed as necessary to ensure its compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
Submittals. The Contractor shall promptly review, approve in writing and submit to the Architect Shop Drawings, Product Data, Samples and similar submittals required by the Contract Documents. Shop Drawings, Product Data, Samples and similar submittals are not Contract Documents.
Submittals. 10.4.1 Architect’s favorable review shall neither be construed as a complete check nor relieve Developer, Subcontractor, manufacturer, fabricator, or supplier from responsibility for any deficiency that may exist or from any departures or deviations from the requirements of the Contract Documents unless Developer has, in writing, called Architect’s attention to the deviations at the time of submission and the Architect has given specific written response. “
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Submittals. 2.3.5 Manufacturer’s Recommendations.
Submittals. 7.3.1. Architect shall review and approve or take other appropriate action upon contractor's submittals such as: shop drawings, project data, samples and change orders, but only for the limited purpose of checking for conformance with information given and the design concept expressed in the contract documents.
Submittals. FAR 52.236-21, Specifications and Drawings for Construction, GSAR 552.236-73, Submittals located in Section IV.A. of the Agreement is supplemented as follows:
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