Student Performance Data Sample Clauses

Student Performance Data. Student performance data for each student in the School, including, but not limited to, FCAT scores, standardized test scores, previous public school student report cards, and student performance measures, shall be provided by the Sponsor to the School in the same manner provided to other public schools in the district. Any expense for the student performance services that are not included within the services set forth in Section 1002.33(20)(a)1., F.S. will be the responsibility of the School.
Student Performance Data. Any attempt to use student performance data for evaluation purposes and transfers shall take into consideration all of the following:
Student Performance Data. Federal, state, and district assessments are valuable program evaluation tools that can drive improvement efforts at the classroom, school and district levels. Many factors affect student performance, and some of these factors are outside the control of the teaching staff; therefore, the judgments reflected in staff evaluations will be based on the professional performance of the employee (as measured against the standards in Appendices E through M) and not the standardized test or performance assessment scores of the students taught by that employee.

Related to Student Performance Data

  • Ongoing Performance Measures The Department intends to use performance-reporting tools in order to measure the performance of Contractor(s). These tools will include the Contractor Performance Survey (Exhibit H), to be completed by Customers on a quarterly basis. Such measures will allow the Department to better track Vendor performance through the term of the Contract(s) and ensure that Contractor(s) consistently provide quality services to the State and its Customers. The Department reserves the right to modify the Contractor Performance Survey document and introduce additional performance-reporting tools as they are developed, including online tools (e.g. tools within MFMP or on the Department's website).