Performance assessment definition

Performance assessment means an analysis of the potential pathways for release of waste to the environment and the potential impacts of a release during the transportation of radioactive waste to the disposal site and during the handling and disposal of waste at the disposal site, including, but not limited to:
Performance assessment has the meaning given to it in the Protocol;

Examples of Performance assessment in a sentence

  • Key Supplier Performance Assessment (Report Cards) will be conducted by APCD monthly and distributed to suppliers quarterly as a minimum.

  • EDA also reported that it received the second highest score on the OMB Performance Assessment Rating Tool, and investments generate new jobs at a rate of $2,400 of EDA investment per job.

  • Formally, there were two supervision missions per year for each PRSC, but implementation support was intensive and ongoing, delivered primarily through regular consultations surrounding preparation of annual PERs. The Performance Assessment Framework served to coordinate general budget support across multiple donors.

  • There was also significant cooperation with other development partners as discussed in the first chapter, including through the shared use of a Performance Assessment Framework as well as co-financing from the German government through KfW.

  • At the same time, as has been documented in other countries (IEG 2010; World Bank 2012b), the coordination process among development partners was complex and costly in terms of Bank staff time and resources as the system evolved with increasingly comprehensive Performance Assessment and M&E frameworks, and required broad consultation for even minor adjustments.

More Definitions of Performance assessment

Performance assessment means a review of the Principal Class Employee’s performance as is required by section 2.4.18 of the Act;
Performance assessment means the Compensation Committee’s annual assessment, after consultation with the CEO Committee, of Executive’s performance against the Performance Criteria.
Performance assessment means systematic observation of a student’s performance, examples of products, tasks, or behaviors based upon established criteria, scoring rubric or rating scale norms.for juried performance.
Performance assessment means the Chief Executive Officer’s annual assessment of Executive’s performance against the Performance Criteria.
Performance assessment means an assessment based on an extended task which is a demonstration of student ability.
Performance assessment means an approved multiple measure assessment in the professional area of licensure to ensure that novice educators can demonstrate application of content, pedagogy skills, and reflective practice, adopted pursuant to 14 Del.C. Ch. 12 and as provided in Section 18.0 of 14 DE Admin. Code 1510 Issuance of Initial License. A performance assessment is not a multiple choice assessment and may require written commentary, submission of artifacts, and submission of a video. It is designed to identify an educator’s strengths and areas of improvement to practice in order to develop effective educators in the classroom.
Performance assessment means the assessments that WSSC is required to perform in accordance with Article Seven, B.1 of the Remedial Measures Section (Section V) of this Consent Decree.