Shade Sample Clauses

Shade. This is the measurement of darkness or lightness of a surface. Only shading is measured, irrespective of colour, and is referred to as ‘whiteness’. The test surface is illuminated at an angle of 45º and the intensity of scattered light at the perpendicular (Oº), is measured on a grey scale where black is 0% and white is 100%.
Shade. Shade for equipment operators and heavy duty mechanics and welders shall be furnished by the Employer on the job.
Shade. If tall plants are grown, please be considerate of your neighbors.
Shade. Adequate shade shall be provided for rest breaks and also where possible for carrying out work. The preferred option should be ‘Quikshade’ or similar portable structure. Refer to RoadTek’s procedure ‘Working in Hot Environments’.
Shade. With respect to the motion picture Shade, it is agreed that in the event that the picture is nominated for, or receives, any industry award(s), then Xxxxxxx will be entitled to public recognition for such award(s) and to be affiliated with the picture for such purposes, provided that, (i) AC shall be under no obligation to spend any money with regard to the same and (ii) the right granted above shall in no way diminish AC's rights with respect to promoting the same.
Shade. 10.2.6 Other
Shade. Shade trees should be placed relatively close to the house where they can shade walls or outdoor activity areas. Avoid shading a solar collector, or inhibiting the effectiveness of passive solar design measures. For example, broad- leaved deciduous trees screen out the intense summer sun, but allow winter warmth to penetrate. Trees and shrubs in general should not be planted within existing drainage xxxxxx so as to block designated drainage patterns.‌
Shade. There shall be adequate shade and inclement weather protection provided for outdoor pools.
Shade. Xxxxxxx Xxxxx -------------------------------------- Xxxxx Xxxxx UNITED: UNITED RENTALS, INC. By: __________________________________ Xxxx Xxxxx, Vice Chairman and Chief Acquisition Officer
Shade. Where possible, plant on the north or northeast side of logs, stumps, rocks or brush clumps. Where not possible, use small rocks, scalped sod or sticks to shade block the base of trees. Place shade on the downhill side of the tree on slopes over 25%. On more gentle terrain place shade on the south/southwest side of the tree.