Shade Sample Clauses

Shade. A., Read, J.S., Youngblut, N.D., Fierer, N., Knight, R., Kratz, T.K., et al. (2012) Lake
Shade. If, on or after the Merger Date, a vacancy shall for any reason exist in the Board of Directors of the Surviving Corporation, or in any of the offices, the vacancy shall be filled in the manner provided in the certificate of incorporation of DHTT Nevada or in its bylaws.
Shade. – It was suggested that information on detailed sections through the site, including the superimposition of mid-day, equinox and solstice sunlight was needed assess the impact of shade on the development. It was clarified that the 7 January Planning Committee’s submissions as per the formal minutes would be made separately to Cornwall Council. The Chairman’s summary of deliberations at this meeting were separate from the minutes. [Honorary Freeman Cllr Wells joined the meeting at 7.56pm.] [Councillor Tamblyn left the meeting at 8.00pm.]It was proposed by the Mayor, and RESOLVED that:
Shade. Given their significance to the local economy, mango trees and other fruit trees will be compensated on a combined replacement/market value based on type, age and productive value of trees. This includes loss of cash compensation until replacement trees produce equivalent pre- project income as well as cost to buy the trees, land preparation, planting, and other associated costs. Mango and other fruit trees used for commercial purposes will be compensated at market value based on historical production records. If households chose to resettle, they will be compensated for the labour invested in the trees they leave behind. Compensation rate can be based on information obtained from the socio-economic study and shall incorporate the following goals: A compensation schedule for large trees e.g. mangoes, guavas and bananas which are important sources food for families petty market income and shade, should be developed incorporating the following: • Replacement of subsistence mango, guava, and banana production yields as quickly as possible. • Provision of trees to subsistence farmers to extend the number of months of the year during which fruit tree is produced and can be harvested as supplementary source of food for their families in needy times. • Provision of opportunities for the farmers to have additional income from trees bearing more valuable fruits at off-season periods. • Provision of cash payments to farmers to replace pre-subproject income derived from the sale of excess production until replacement trees produce the equivalent (or more) in-project cash income. Individuals who own wild tree(s) located on land they own or allocated to them by a traditional authority will be compensated for the loss of the tree(s), while the community (village, ward or chiefdom) will be compensated for the wild trees which have to be removed to give way for project activities if they occur in the true bush as opposed to fallow land. For other domestic fruit and shade trees, compensation shall be dependant upon the species and age; individual compensation for wild trees "owned" by individuals, located in affected areas shall be paid. Note that wild, productive trees belong to the community when they occur in the tree bush as opposed to a fallow land. These trees will be compensated under the umbrella of the village or community compensation. The valuation surveyors will provide each affected family, through the project Authority, an itemised list of property affected, ...
Shade. With respect to the motion picture Shade, it is agreed that in the event that the picture is nominated for, or receives, any industry award(s), then Hartley will be entitled to public recognition for such award(s) and to be affiliated with the picture for such purposes, provided that, (i) AC shall be under no obligation to spend any money with regard to the same and (ii) the right granted above shall in no way diminish AC's rights with respect to promoting the same.
Shade. Randall Shade -------------------------------------- Corey Shade UNITED: UNITED RENTALS, INC. By: __________________________________ John Milne, Vice Chairman and Chief Acquisition Officer
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Shade. Shade trees should be placed relatively close to the house where they can shade walls or outdoor activity areas. Avoid shading a solar collector, or inhibiting the effectiveness of passive solar design measures. For example, broad- leaved deciduous trees screen out the intense summer sun, but allow winter warmth to penetrate. Trees and shrubs in general should not be planted within existing drainage swales so as to block designated drainage patterns.‌
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