Secret Sample Clauses

Secret. Secret shall be applied to information the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to the national security that the OCA is able to identify or describe.
Secret. Secret is the designation applied to information or material the unauthorized disclosure of which could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to the national security. Ex- amples of serious damage include dis- ruption of foreign relations signifi- cantly affecting the national security; significant impairment of a program or policy directly related to the national security; revelation of significant mili- tary plans or intelligence operations; and compromise of significant sci- entific or technological developments relating to national security.
Secret. The Parties shall keep secret all the information related to this Agreement and which are not in the public domain or belong to the other party, except the information contained in the PATENTS, which can be published by INRA, CNRS in scientific press. LMS, INRA TRANSFERT, INRA and CNRS shall only communicate the secret information to third parties, in whole or in part, with the prior written consent of the two other Parties. This obligation includes information related to LMS or INRA TRANSFERT sub-licences, their identity, their field of activity and the nature of the contract concluded with LMS or INRA TRANSFERT. This obligation shall remain in effect even after the expiry of the agreement and for as long as this information shall not be in the public domain. LMS and INRA TRANSFERT shall include this clause in their respective sublicense agreements.
Secret. Section 7.01. Each of the Parties undertakes to keep the Confidential Information secret for the duration of the Agreement and for a period of [**] after its termination or expiry. Each Party undertakes not to protect in the Field of Use, in any way whatsoever, all or part of the Confidential Information transmitted by the other Party, in particular by filing a patent application, and not to use them for any purpose other than those set out in Article 1, without the prior written consent of the latter. The Parties will ensure that their personnel and any person attached to their service in any capacity whatsoever are also be bound by this duty of confidentiality. Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by [**], has been omitted because SOPHiA GENETICS SA (SOPHiA) has determined that the information (i) is not material and (ii) is the type that SOPHiA customarily and actually treats as private or confidential. The Parties hereby agree that any disclosure by the Company to a third party of any Confidential Information related to the invention protected by the Patent will be preceded by the signing of a confidentiality agreement with similar terms and conditions to those of this Article. The confidentiality agreements to which the PARTIES are bound pursuant to this Article shall not apply to information for which the receiving Party can prove:
Secret. Information and material originally classified Secret shall be- come automatically downgraded to Confidential at the end of the second full calendar year following the year in which it was originated, and declas- sified at the end of the eighth full cal- endar year following the year in which it was originated.
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Secret. 2.2. Upon the satisfaction of the Assignment Conditions, Amyris will promptly (and in any event no later than March 15, 2021) supply to DSM and DSM shall purchase up to [*]MT of Farnesene inventory at a price of $[*]/kg. for the sole purpose of selling such Farnesene to Givaudan to meet Givaudan’s [*] requirements. This supply of Farnesene inventory shall comply with all applicable requirements set forth in the Givaudan Farnesene Supply Agreement for DSM.
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