Active Part definition

Active Part means the following:
Active Part means that portion of a low-level radioactive waste management facility where handling, management, storage, treatment, recovery, or disposal of low-level radioactive waste will be, is being, or has in the past been conducted;

Examples of Active Part in a sentence

  • This will include Stage Inspection during manufacturing stage as well as Active Part Inspection during Acceptance Tests.

  • This will include Stage Inspectionduring manufacturing stage as well as Active Part Inspection during Acceptance Tests.

  • Hedging Funds (Active Part) -----4.1 Cash-Flow Hedge -----4.2 Hedges for Investments Made in Foreign Countries -----V.

  • This will include Stage Inspection duringmanufacturing stage as well as Active Part Inspection during Acceptance Tests.

  • Active Part icipant s can access an individualized online st at em ent on a regular basis.

  • Your Health Care Team10 Be an Active Part of Your Health Care Team12 Medical Information and Support Services13 For Your Safety and Comfort15 Financial Arrangements Hospital Discharge17 Healthy Living Instructions18 Patient Rights and Responsibilities21 Informed Consent and Advance Directives 22 Notice of Information on Privacy Practices 22 Nondiscrimination Policy24 Disclosure of Financially Affiliated Providers28 IndexCONTENTS WelcomeWelcome to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

  • TMT’s Thomas Trissl Taking an Active Part in Expanding HPS’s Efforts with Schönox Florence, AL – September 16, 2013 TMT America, Inc.

  • MESIA Is Thrilled To Take An Active Part In “CSP Today MENA Focus” Join us to learn more about the latest development of CSP technology in the MENA region.

  • The current ASEIP system has Active Part C infants and toddlers who have IFSPs and the "Monitor" Part C infants and toddlers who have been assessed and determined not needing Part C (no IFSP) service, but the ASEIP and/or the family determined to monitor and follow up with these cases within a specified amount of time (e.g. in 3 months or 6 months).

  • Thus, it is desirable to have an algorithm that does not compute h for each z, ω at each iteration.

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  • Exposed conductive part means the conductive part which can be touched under the provisions of the protection IPXXB, and which becomes electrically energized under isolation failure conditions. This includes parts under a cover that can be removed without using tools.

  • Inactive Participant means each Participant (other than a Retired Participant, Deceased Participant or Disabled Participant) who is not in active service as an Outside Director and is not actively employed by a Participating Company.

  • Prospective party means a person that discusses with a prospective collaborative lawyer the possibility of signing a collaborative law participation agreement.

  • Active Participant means a Participant who has satisfied the eligibility requirements under Section 3 and who has at least 1,000 Hours of Service during the current Plan Year. However, a Participant shall not qualify as an Active Participant unless (i) he is in active Service with an Employer as of the last day of the Plan Year, or (ii) he is on a Recognized Absence as of that date, or (iii) his Service terminated during the Plan Year by reason of Disability, death, or Normal Retirement.

  • disabled person means any person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; has a record of such impairment; or is regarded as having such an impairment.

  • Developmentally disabled person means a person who has a disability defined in RCW 71A.10.020. RCW 26.44.020

  • Active participation means an ongoing process of good faith negotiation between the state licensing agency and the Indiana elected committee of licensed managers to achieve joint planning of:

  • Independent candidate means any candidate who claims not to be affiliated with a political party, and whose name has been certified on the office-type ballot at a general or special election through the filing of a statement of candidacy and nominating petition, as prescribed in section 3513.257 of the Revised Code.

  • Declared pregnant woman means a woman who has voluntarily informed the licensee or registrant, in writing, of her pregnancy and the estimated date of conception. The declaration remains in effect until the declared pregnant woman withdraws the declaration in writing or is no longer pregnant.

  • Inactive member means a member of the pension program or the individual account pro-

  • Recycled product means a product containing recovered material, or post-consumer recovered material, or both.

  • Participating Employer means any trade or business (whether or not incorporated) which adopts this Plan with the consent of the Company identified in the Adoption Agreement.

  • Active member means a member of the pension program or the individual account program

  • Related Employer means the Employer and (a) any corporation that is a member of a controlled group of corporations as defined in Code Section 414(b) that includes the Employer and (b) any trade or business that is under common control as defined in Code Section 414(c) that includes the Employer.

  • Active Account means an individual investment account in the Plan with a balance greater than $0.

  • Inactive Account means a trader’s Account which had Client-Initiated activity and subsequently it remained inactive for a period of 90 days.

  • Medical marijuana concentrate means a specific subset of Medical Marijuana that was produced by extracting Cannabinoids from Medical Marijuana. Categories of Medical Marijuana Concentrate include Water-Based Medical Marijuana Concentrate, Food-Based Medical Marijuana Concentrate, Solvent-Based Medical Marijuana Concentrate, and Heat/Pressure- Based Medical Marijuana Concentrate.

  • Usable cannabis means the dried leaves and flowers of

  • inherited metabolic disease means a disease caused by an inherited abnormality of body chemistry for which testing is mandated by law;

  • Reconstructive breast surgery means surgery performed as a result of a mastectomy to reestablish symmetry between the two breasts and includes augmentation mammoplasty, reductive mammoplasty, and mastopexy.

  • Elective Deferral means the portion of Compensation which is deferred by a Participant under Section 4.1.

  • Entry Point means a location in the water system after treatment or chemical addition, if any, but prior to the distribution system. A sample collected in the distribution system may be con- sidered an entry point sample if the department has determined it is more representative of the water sources.

  • Inherited Metabolic Disorder means a disease caused by an inherited abnormality of body chemistry that meets all of the following requirements:

  • Excess Contribution means a contribution that exceeds the

  • Elective Deferrals are all Salary Reduction Contributions and that portion of any Cash or Deferred Contribution which the Employer contributes to the Trust at the election of an Eligible Employee. Any portion of a Cash or Deferred Contribution contributed to the Trust because of the Employee's failure to make a cash election is an elective deferral. However, any portion of a Cash or Deferred Contribution over which the Employee does not have a cash election is not an elective deferral. Elective deferrals do not include amounts which have become currently available to the Employee prior to the election nor amounts designated as nondeductible contributions at the time of deferral or contribution.

  • HIV/AIDS means human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome;