Searches Sample Clauses

Searches. Before the Closing Date, and thereafter (as and when determined by Agent in its discretion), Agent shall have the right to perform, all at Borrowers’ expense, the searches described in clauses (a), (b), and (c) below against Borrowers and any other Credit Party, the results of which are to be consistent with Borrowers’ representations and warranties under this Agreement and the satisfactory results of which shall be a condition precedent to all advances of Loan proceeds: (a) UCC searches with the Secretary of State of the jurisdiction in which the applicable Person is organized; (b) judgment, pending litigation, federal tax lien, personal property tax lien, and corporate and partnership tax lien searches, in each jurisdiction searched under clause (a) above; and (c) searches of applicable corporate, limited liability company, partnership and related records to confirm the continued existence, organization and good standing of the applicable Person and the exact legal name under which such Person is organized.
Searches. The Agency reserves the right to conduct searches for any reason of Agency equipment or facilities generally, and may search anything or area in which the employee has an expectation of privacy (i.e., desk, locker, outer garment clothing or personal property) to the extent permitted by law. Refusal by the employee to submit to a lawful search shall result in termination. Strip searches and xxxxx searches will be undertaken in the event of a criminal investigation and only for probable cause as determined by the investigating law enforcement agency.
Searches. Lender shall, prior to or at Closing, and thereafter as Lender may reasonably determine from time to time, at Borrowers’ expense, obtain the following searches (the results of which are to be consistent with the warranties made by Borrowers in this Agreement):
Searches. A report from the Title Insurance Company or the appropriate filing officers of the state and county in which the Pennsylvania Property and California Property is located, indicating that no judgments, tax or other liens, security interests, leases of personalty, financing statements or other encumbrances (other than permitted exceptions and liens and security interests in favor of Administrative Agent) are of record or on file encumbering any portion of the Property, and that there are no judgments, tax liens, pending litigation or bankruptcy actions outstanding with respect to Borrower or any Subsidiary Guarantor.
Searches. Borrower shall have furnished to Lender current bankruptcy, federal tax lien and judgment searches and searches of all Uniform Commercial Code financing statements filed in each place UCC Financing Statements are to be filed hereunder, demonstrating the absence of adverse claims;
Searches. THE CARRIER may search or inspect the Passenger for security purposes using manual, mechanical or electronic methods.
Searches. Prior to the Closing Date, Lender shall have received copies of Uniform Commercial Code, judgment, tax lien, bankruptcy and litigation search reports with respect to the Borrowers, Guarantor, Managers, General Partner and Member, all dated not more than thirty (30) days prior to the Closing Date.
Searches. Holder consents to searches by KSE, the Venue and the Teams and/or their designated agents of all persons, bags, clothing and other articles prior to entry into the Venue, and each of the aforementioned entities reserve the right to require removal of items it deems, in such entity’s sole discretion, to be potentially dangerous, inflammatory or inappropriate. If the Holder elects not to consent, the Holder will be denied entry into the Venue without refund or credit.
Searches. Before Closing, and thereafter (as and when determined by Lender in its sole discretion), Lender will perform the searches described in clauses (a) and (b) below against Borrower (the results of which are to be consistent with Borrower's representations and warranties under this Agreement), all at Borrower's expense:
Searches. Certified copies of Requests for Information or Copies (Form UCC-11) (or a similar search report certified by a party acceptable to the Facility Agent), dated a date reasonably near to the Effective Date, listing all effective financing statements which name the Borrower or TPVG (under their respective present names and any previous names) as debtor and which are filed in the jurisdictions in which filings were made pursuant to Section 6.1(i), together with copies of such financing statements;