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Sample Calculation. A sample calculation of the Final Share Purchase Price and the aggregate amount payable by Purchasers at Closing (including the Closing Inter-Group Debt) is attached hereto as Exhibit 2.7.
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Sample Calculation. If Samsung’s *** purchase volume were ***, then the applicable rebate would be ***.
Sample Calculation. If the 2005 Net Profit is reported to be $6,250,000, the 2005 Performance Adjustment would be calculated as follows:
Sample Calculation. Assume 2 priority 3 incidents requiring remedial action are closed within the reporting month and 1 outstanding at month-end; one incident is completed in *** calendar days and one incident is completed in *** days; the open incident has been open *** days. Count ‘0’ defects for the first and third incident and 1 defect for the second incident. Yield = (3-1) = 2/3 = 66.67% yield; sigma = 1.93 5/2/2014 Y7 X1.1 Addendum Page 55 of 63 Table of Contents Service Level Definition Performance Standard - Y7 IR Resolution Timeliness PCS Process Link Measure Data Type Measure Period Target Performance Level (TPL) Bonus Performance Level (BPL) Credit Performance Level (CPL) X2 - Compliance IR Resolution, Fix Going Forward of FDR Caused Defects (All RCSI clients) Response and resolution to GE defined compliance issues reported to FDR that require an FDR IR to fix. Correction of compliance IR’s is targeted within 15 (or negotiated) calendar days. Discrete Measure by Report / Report Monthly *** DPMO *** DPMO *** DPMO Provide Raw Data each Month *** Actual Yield *** Actual Yield *** Actual Yield *** Defects per month *** Defects per month *** Defects per month *** Sigma *** Sigma *** Sigma Measure Definition Defect Definition Data Collection Guidelines Specific Exclusions Report Method and Opportunities Out of Spec Notification Measure the number of compliance-designated IR’s that exceed performance timeliness targets closed within the reporting month. Segmentation of data by portfolio and priority of incident will be made available in the monthly data spreadsheet. Each compliance designated IR that is not corrected by the required timeliness target of 15 calendar days is a Defect unless otherwise agreed. Addendum document outlines specific RCSI criteria that must be met before the issue can be considered ‘corrected’ or resolved. Collect the number of compliance designated IR’s closed within the reporting month that exceed performance timeliness targets. GE pending time will be subtracted from the overall timeliness calculation. *** 1. Defects recorded on a Run Time Chart 2. Provide raw data at end of month. Incidents will be communicated on an event basis and summarized in First Data’s Weekly Journal. Collected by: First Data Opportunities = number of GE compliance “fix going forward” IR’s closed within the reporting month *** Opportunities Performance Range (Low - High) Resolution Period Notes and Comments *Note: Designation as Compliance IRs are determined by *** with...
Sample Calculation. For purposes of illustration only, and without limiting or altering the above: with respect to Publisher Compositions used in a non-bundled portable Google Play Subscription Service, Participating Publisher shall receive in respect of a given month (from Google via HFA) its pro-rata share (pro-rated using Publisher’s Subscription Activity Ratio) of: the greater of (A) ten and one-half percent (10.5%) of Subscription Revenue for such reporting period, or
Sample Calculation. For purposes of clarification, attached as Schedule 1.7(g) is a sample of the calculation that the Parties have agreed to use to determine the consideration to be received by each stockholder of the Company upon making the election specified in Section 1.7(b).
Sample Calculation. Attached hereto as Schedule VI is a sample spreadsheet created by the parties setting forth the calculations used to determine the Common Merger Consideration (including amounts payable with respect to each of the outstanding securities of the Company). The parties hereby agree that to the extent there are any ambiguities in the Merger Agreement or any other agreement, instrument, certificate or other document with respect to the Company’s securities and the Merger consideration payable to a holder of any of the Company’s securities, such ambiguity shall be interpreted by the parties in a manner consistent with the methodology used in the electronic version of Schedule VI (with embedded formulas) provided by the Company to the Holders on the date hereof. For the avoidance of doubt, in no event will the aggregate of the Preferred Merger Consideration and the Senior Note Merger Consideration (the “Aggregate Preferred Merger Consideration”) be less than the amounts corresponding to the appropriate Closing Date set forth in column (5) of Schedule II attached hereto.
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Sample Calculation. A sample calculation of charges for Tier 1 Energy, Overscheduled Energy, Supplemental Energy, and Underscheduled Energy is attached as Appendix 5. In the event of any conflict between Appendix 5 and the terms of this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall govern.
Sample Calculation. A sample calculation for Net Sales, Net Profit and profit share payments (cf. Section 6.3) is attached hereto as Exhibit 6.5, provided, however, that such sample 259471241 v2 calculation is for illustration purposes only and shall not be admissible in any dispute or otherwise influence the interpretation of this Agreement.
Sample Calculation. A sample Closing Net Working Capital calculation is attached hereto as Schedule 1.8(h), which the parties acknowledge and agree shall form the basis of such calculation.
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