Grounds Sample Clauses

Grounds. This Agreement shall terminate in the event of the Executive’s death. In the case of the Executive’s Disability, the Company may elect to terminate the Executive’s employment as a result of such Disability. Where appropriate, the Company also may terminate the Executive’s employment pursuant to a Termination With Cause. Finally, the Executive may terminate his employment with the Company pursuant to either a Voluntary Termination or a Voluntary Termination for Good Reason. For purposes of this Agreement, the terms Disability, Voluntary Termination, Voluntary Termination for Good Reason, and Termination With Cause are defined in Section 11 of this Agreement.
Grounds. During the term of the lease (the initial term of the lease or any extension term), the owner may only terminate the tenancy because of:
Grounds. The PSFA may terminate this Agreement for convenience or cause. The Contractor may only terminate this Agreement based upon the PSFA’s uncured, material breach of this Agreement.
Grounds. The Agency may terminate this Agreement for convenience or cause. The Contractor may only terminate this Agreement based upon the Agency’s uncured, material breach of this Agreement.
Grounds. 28.5.1 One ground for dismissal or suspension is unsatisfactory performance as determined by an evaluation conducted in accordance with the Xxxxx Act and any current policy, if applicable, or negotiated contract provisions.
Grounds. If the Professional Services Contractor fails to perform any of its material duties under the BOA or an RO issued under the BOA, in a timely fashion, for reasons not due to the fault of Princeton University, Contractor or any subcontractor, or otherwise materially breaches the BOA or RO in any way, Princeton University may terminate the BOA or RO for default. Without limitation, termination for default will be permitted if the Professional Services Contractor fails to make prompt payment to Subconsultants; fails to promptly correct any errors, omissions or other deficiencies in documents prepared by Professional Services Contractor upon receiving notice of them from Princeton University or otherwise becoming aware of them; fails to adhere to agreed schedules or to perform in a timely fashion; fails to continue its performance during the pendency of a dispute, as required by the BOA; becomes insolvent, makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, files a voluntary petition in bankruptcy or insolvency or has an involuntary petition in bankruptcy or insolvency filed against it, or has a receiver appointed; files for dissolution or otherwise is dissolved; or if Princeton University shall have reasonable grounds to believe that Professional Services Contractor does not have the technical or financial ability to complete its obligations under the BOA or RO and Professional Services Contractor fails to give Princeton University prompt and reasonable assurances of its ability to perform.
Grounds. Procuring Agency may terminate this Agreement at any time for convenience or cause. Contractor may only terminate this Agreement in the event Procuring Agency materially Defaults hereunder and subsequently fails to cure its Default within ninety (90) days from the date Contractor first declares Procuring Agency to be in Default.
Grounds. 16.04.1 Grounds for “progressive discipline” under this Article include, but are not limited to, the following dismissal categories derived from the California Education code:
Grounds. 12.2.1 The Landlord will maintain common yard and playground areas, including trees and shrubbery, using modern methods with motorized equipment and fertilizers.
Grounds. 14.3.1 The Tenant is responsible for the day-to-day care, cleanliness, and sanitation of porch areas, front yards, backyards, and lawn areas. This includes maintaining all vegetation we alas it is at the time of occupancy. All grass areas will not exceed six inches in length. Yard areas, including lawn and flowerbeds, shall be kept free of weeds. Maintenance of outdoor areas that fails to meet requirements and results in work performed by housing staff is a violation of Family Housing and University Apartments regulations and subject to fees.