Claims Review Methodology Sample Clauses

Claims Review Methodology a. C laims Review Population. A description of the Population subject to the Quarterly Claims Review.‌
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Claims Review Methodology. 1) Claims Review Population. A description of the Population subject to the Claims Review.
Claims Review Methodology a. Claims Review Objective: A clear statement of the objective intended to be achieved by the DRG or Laboratory Claims Review.
Claims Review Methodology a. SAMPLING UNIT. A description of the Item as that term is utilized for the Claims Review.
Claims Review Methodology 

Related to Claims Review Methodology

  • Claims Review Population A description of the Population subject to the Claims Review.

  • Claims Review The IRO shall perform the Claims Review annually to cover each of the five Reporting Periods. The IRO shall perform all components of each Claims Review.

  • Claims Review Report The IRO shall prepare a Claims Review Report as described in this Appendix for each Claims Review performed. The following information shall be included in the Claims Review Report for each Discovery Sample and Full Sample (if applicable).

  • Review Protocol A narrative description of how the Claims Review was conducted and what was evaluated.

  • Review Procedure If the Plan Administrator denies part or all of the claim, the claimant shall have the opportunity for a full and fair review by the Plan Administrator of the denial, as follows:

  • Selection Criteria Each Contract is secured by a new or used Motorcycle. No Contract has a Contract Rate less than 1.00%. Each Contract amortizes the amount financed over an original term no greater than 84 months (excluding periods of deferral of first payment). Each Contract has a Principal Balance of at least $500.00 as of the Cutoff Date.

  • Review Process A/E's Work Product will be reviewed by County under its applicable technical requirements and procedures, as follows:

  • Technical Objections to Grievances It is the intent of both parties to this agreement that no grievance shall be defeated merely because of a technical error other than time limitations in processing the grievance through the grievance procedure. To this end an arbitration board shall have the power to allow all necessary amendments to the grievance and the power to waive formal procedural irregularities in the processing of a grievance in order to determine the real matter in dispute and to render a decision according to equitable principles and the justice of the case.

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