Retain Sample Clauses

Retain a different consultant to complete the work described in Exhibit A not finished by Consultant; or
Retain a 2nd original signed MORE-IGA SIGNATURE PAGE for your records (a total of 2-sets are required).
Retain. SchoolMint's Hero platform supports district, school and organization initiatives to build a positive climate and culture. Using the digital, automatic tool allows for the sustainability of established school−wide behavior frameworks, by ensuring that students and staff are aware of expectations, and held accountable.
Retain full authority and responsibility for the care of its patients, clients or consumers, and will maintain a level of care which meets generally accepted standards conducive to satisfactory instruction;
Retain. Keep all forfeitures for the Employer’s account. Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan Adoption Agreement
Retain. Leave without pay up to 10 work days (14.3) Yes Yes Yes Yes Mid Term Leave (11 work days to 30 calendar days) No except 6.8 Yes Yes Yes Extended Leave (between one month and one year) (14.2) No Yes Yes Yes Vacation Leave(10) Yes Yes Yes Yes Sick Leave (11.2) WCB Leave(11.6) Yes Yes Yes Yes Sick Leave without pay including EDB No Yes Yes Yes Compassionate Leave (12) Yes Yes Yes Yes Adoption Leave (13.2) Maternity Leave (13.1) No Yes Yes Yes Maternity Leave - Sick Leave Portion Yes Yes Yes Yes Jury Duty Leave 14.1(b) Yes Yes Yes Yes Union Leave (15) Yes Yes Yes Yes Education Leave (16) No except 6.5(b) Yes Yes Yes Layoff No Yes No Yes Note: It is not intended that this chart shall supersede any clause in the Collective Agreement. LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING‌ Letter of Understanding - Subrogation Rights‌