Resident Care Sample Clauses

Resident Care. The parties to this Agreement share a desire to provide quality resident care, to maintain professional standards and to promote the well-being and increased efficiency of employees, so that the residents will be well and effectively served.
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Resident Care. CENSUS Tenant shall take all steps appropriate to maintain a high level of quality resident care, and to promote and maintain a high resident census at the Premises consistent with law and ethical standards governing the operation of residential care facilities for the elderly.
Resident Care. 1. Ensures residents receive meals, which are delivered at appropriate temperature, consistency, amount and presentation.
Resident Care. — Ensures residents are provided with nutritious meals which offer choice and allow for preference. — Cater for residents who have special dietary needs to meet religious, ethnic, personal or medical reasons. — Assists with menu planning. — Ensures resident privacy and dignity is maintained at all times. — Maintains comprehensive records on resident requirements. — Measure resident satisfaction of service provision in line with Quality Audits, evaluate results and assist in implementing programs to meet agreed outcomes — Ensures all legislative and food service standards requirements are maintained.
Resident Care. A minimum of 20% of the program shall should be devoted to this area.
Resident Care a. The parties agree that abuse of residents/clients will not be tolerated, and that residents have a right to live in an environment that is free from abuse. The parties agree to work collaboratively to prevent and address any issues of resident abuse.

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  • resident of of the SECOND PART and C son of .................... resident of of the THIRD PART.

  • Resident Educator A Resident Educator is a teacher employed under a resident educator license.

  • Dependent Care The College will make available to employees, at their option, an Internal Revenue Service Code Section 129 Dependent Care plan. The plan will be established, administered, and communicated to employees by the State without cost to the employees.

  • Surgery Services This plan covers surgery services to treat a disease or injury when: • the operation is not experimental or investigational, or cosmetic in nature; • the operation is being performed at the appropriate place of service; and • the physician is licensed to perform the surgery. Preauthorization may be required for certain surgical services. Reconstructive Surgery for a Functional Deformity or Impairment This plan covers reconstructive surgery and procedures when the services are performed to relieve pain, or to correct or improve bodily function that is impaired as a result of: • a birth defect; • an accidental injury; • a disease; or • a previous covered surgical procedure. Functional indications for surgical correction do not include psychological, psychiatric or emotional reasons. This plan covers the procedures listed below to treat functional impairments. • abdominal wall surgery including panniculectomy (other than an abdominoplasty); • blepharoplasty and ptosis repair; • gastric bypass or gastric banding; • nasal reconstruction and septorhinoplasty; • orthognathic surgery including mandibular and maxillary osteotomy; • reduction mammoplasty; • removal of breast implants; • removal or treatment of proliferative vascular lesions and hemangiomas; • treatment of varicose veins; or • gynecomastia. Preauthorization may be required for these services.

  • Personal Services 1. Subject to the provisions of Articles 14, 16 and 17, salaries, wages and other similar remuneration or income derived by a resident of a Contracting State in respect of personal (including professional) services shall be taxable only in that State unless the services are rendered in the other Contracting State. If the services are so rendered, such remuneration or income as is derived therefrom may be taxed in that other State.

  • Hospice Services Services are available for a Member whose Attending Physician has determined the Member's illness will result in a remaining life span of six months or less.

  • Resident Educator Program The four-year program is designed to provide newly licensed Ohio educators quality mentoring and guidance. Successful completion of the residency program is required to advance to a five-year professional educator license.

  • Educational Services Any service or supply for education, training or retraining services or testing including: special education, remedial education; cognitive remediation; wilderness/outdoor treatment, therapy or adventure programs (whether or not the program is part of a Residential Treatment facility or otherwise licensed institution); job training or job hardening programs; educational services and schooling or any such related or similar program including therapeutic programs within a school setting.

  • Legal Services If this Agreement is for legal services, this section is applicable. Contractor shall: (i) adhere to legal cost and billing guidelines designated by the JBE; (ii) adhere to litigation plans designated by the JBE, if applicable; (iii) adhere to case phasing of activities designated by the JBE, if applicable; (iv) submit and adhere to legal budgets as designated by the JBE; (v) maintain legal malpractice insurance in an amount not less than the amount designated by the JBE; and (vi) submit to legal bill audits and law firm audits if so requested by the JBE, whether conducted by employees or designees of the JBE or by any legal cost-control provider retained by the JBE for that purpose. Contractor may be required to submit to a legal cost and utilization review as determined by the JBE. If (a) the Contract Amount is greater than $50,000, (b) the legal services are not the legal representation of low- or middle-income persons, in either civil, criminal, or administrative matters, and (c) the legal services are to be performed within California, then Contractor agrees to make a good faith effort to provide a minimum number of hours of pro xxxx legal services, or an equivalent amount of financial contributions to qualified legal services projects and support centers, as defined in section 6213 of the Business and Professions Code, during each year of the Agreement equal to the lesser of either (A) thirty (30) multiplied by the number of full time attorneys in the firm’s offices in California, with the number of hours prorated on an actual day basis for any period of less than a full year or (B) the number of hours equal to ten percent (10%) of the Contract Amount divided by the average billing rate of the firm. Failure to make a good faith effort may be cause for nonrenewal of this Agreement or another judicial branch or other state contract for legal services, and may be taken into account when determining the award of future contracts with a Judicial Branch Entity for legal services.

  • Patient Care Resident shall participate in safe, effective, and compassionate patient care, under supervision, commensurate with Resident's level of advancement and responsibility.

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