Remediation Plan Sample Clauses

Remediation Plan. The remediation plan shall be designed to correct the deficient areas of teaching performance identified in the teacher's summative evaluation.
Remediation Plan. Company shall deliver to Buyer, within two (2) Business Days of the date of this Amendment, a plan for remediation of all conditions that are required to be remedied under Section 6.2(q) of the Purchase Agreement for each of the Sellers Real Property, as amended by this Amendment (the “Remediation Plans”). Buyer and Company shall each endeavor to negotiate in good faith, within three (3)) Business Days after receipt by Buyer of the Remediation Plans, any reasonable changes requested by Buyer to the Remediation Plans. Upon the parties final agreement as to the Remediation Plans, it will be annexed hereto as Exhibit A and Sellers’ compliance with the Remediation Plans shall be deemed to satisfy all of the conditions under Section 6.2(q) of the Purchase Agreement, as amended by this Amendment.
Remediation Plan. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section, if SGEN believes it is will be unable to meet the timelines set forth under Section or Section above (as may be extended as set forth in such Sections), SGEN may notify PIRS of such belief, which notice shall contain a reasonably detailed explanation of the relevant facts and will include in reasonable detail, specific steps that SGEN will take to remedy the diligence failure within [***] year of the deadlines set forth under Section or Section above (as may be extended as set forth in such Sections), including a timeline for submitting an IND/IMPD or resuming Clinical Studies, as applicable (each a “Remediation Plan”), which Remediation Plan may be updated (but for clarity, not further extended) from time to time. SGEN shall use Commercially Reasonably Efforts to promptly carry out the Remediation Plan.
Remediation Plan. Within ten (10) Business Days of HCPF’s notification to DPHE of noncompliance, DPHE shall deliver a remediation plan to HCPF. The Remediation Plan shall include: A description of the noncompliance. The actions DPHE will take to correct the noncompliance. The completion date, by which DPHE will be back in compliance. The Remediation Plan shall not be longer than ninety (90) days unless approved by HCPF.
Remediation Plan. Any written reprimand or suspension under this article may be imposed in combination with a performance improvement plan approved by the Director of Human Resources that is intended to prevent recurrence of the misconduct that gave rise to the disciplinary sanction.
Remediation Plan. Devise a remediation plan to stop the event of interference;
Remediation Plan. If City determines, based on the performance criteria specified for the Annual Review in the Concession Handbook, a Concession performed unsatisfactorily during the prior Contract Year, City will provide written notice to Concessionaire. Within thirty(30) days of receipt of such written notice, Concessionaire shall prepare and submit to City, for its approval, a Remediation Plan, as described in the Concession Handbook. If after six (6) months of implementation of a Remediation Plan, the City determines that the Concession is still performing in an unsatisfactory manner, City reserves the right to require Concessionaire to replace the underperforming concept or brand, if not already replaced by the Remediation Plan, at Concessionaire’s expense. Within ninety (90) days of receipt of written notice from City requiring a replacement, Concessionaire shall submit to City a proposal for a brand or concept replacement plan, as described in the Concession Handbook. City, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to approve or deny the proposed replacement plan and require Concessionaire to submit another replacement plan.
Remediation Plan. If the City determines that the Storm Water Management System does not conform to the Requirements of the City, the City shall notify the Owner of the deficiency in writing. The Owner shall then submit a proposed remediation plan and schedule to the City within forty-five (45) days after receipt of such notice. If the proposed remediation plan and schedule are not acceptable to the City, the City shall notify the Owner of the deficiency, and the Owner shall submit a revised plan to the City within thirty (30) days after receipt of such notice.
Remediation Plan. If the Employee receives a Below Average rating, a Remediation Plan may be developed by which the Employee can raise the rating to Satisfactory or above. The Remediation Plan will be developed with specific outcomes and a timeline for improvement. Union representation is allowed during the development of the Remediation Plan. Following the period specified in the Remediation Plan, the employer will place documentation of the Employee's success in meeting the goals of the Remediation plan in the Employee's personal file. If the Employee has not raised his/her rating to Satisfactory or higher she/he will not be reappointed for subsequent terms. Such a decision is not subject to the grievance procedure. If the Department Head/School Director decides not to develop a Remediation Plan with an Employee who is rated Below Average, the DH/SD will explain his or her decision in the written evaluation results.
Remediation Plan. In the event that Omrix encounters production or other problems that are causing, or Omrix believes are significantly likely to cause, Omrix to fail to meet its supply obligations hereunder ("Supply Disruptions"), Omrix will provide Ethicon with written notice of a potential supply disruption. Within sixty (60) days of such notice, Omrix will develop in good faith a remediation plan ("Remediation Plan") to redress or avoid such Supply Disruptions. Ethicon shall have the right to consult and comment on the Remediation Plan and Omrix will consider its comments in good faith. Upon completion of the Remediation Plan, Omrix will use its best efforts to successfully implement the Remediation Plan. Nothing in this Section 3.3 shall limit Omrix's liability for failure to supply Products in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Further, in the event of a Failure to Supply (as defined below), Omrix will pay certain liquidated damages as set forth in Section 4.7 hereof. For the purposes of this Agreement, "Failure to Supply" shall mean, with respect to any Product, (A) the failure of Omrix to both (1) supply at least sixty-five percent (65%) of Ethicon's binding orders for such Product which conform to the Forecast for a consecutive three (3) month period (the "Initial Shortage Period") and (2) supply at least eighty percent (80%) of Ethicon's binding orders for such Product which conform to the Forecast for the nine (9) month period that commences with the beginning of the Initial Shortage Period (such nine month period, a "Shortage Period") or (B) the failure of Omrix to supply at least ninety percent (90%) of Ethicon's binding orders for such Product which conform to the Forecast during any Fiscal Year (such a Fiscal Year, also a "Shortage Period"). Any such shortage under clauses (A) or (B) below ninety percent (90%) of the quantities ordered by Ethicon pursuant to binding orders which conform to the Forecast during the Shortage Period is referred to herein as a "Failure to Supply Shortfall" for such Product (for instance, if the Binding Orders for the Shortage Period were for 100 units of a Product and Omrix supplied only 65 units of that Product during that period, the Failure to Supply Shortfall would be 25 units of that Product).