Program Administrator definition

Program Administrator means the person retained by the Wisconsin PACE Commission as provided in subsection (5)(b).
Program Administrator means the treasurer of state.
Program Administrator or "Program Director" means an individual with appropriate professional qualifications and experience who is designated to manage the operation of a program.

Examples of Program Administrator in a sentence

  • Waiting listsWaiting lists are referred to under the Assisted Living Program in the context of having a Long-Term Care Consultation Program administrator inform individuals about their existence.

  • Total annual costs of this Program represent less than 1 percent of the annual benefits of the Missouri River reservoir system as esti- mated by the Corps in the Master Manual Draft Environmental ImpactStatement.Administration and Central SupportIt is recommended that the U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division (USGS-BRD) in Columbia, MO serve as the Program administrator, receiving Congressional authorization and appropriations for the Program.

  • The recordkeeping section requires that the IIP Program administrator select and implement the category appropriate for your establishment.

  • Proper use of this model program requires the IIP Program administrator of your establishment to carefully review the requirements for each of the eight IIP Program elements found in this model program, fill in the appropriate blank spaces and check those items that are applicable to your workplace.

More Definitions of Program Administrator

Program Administrator means a private nonprofit
Program Administrator means National Grid.
Program Administrator means the person or persons responsible for administering and enforcing the erosion and sediment control program of a VESCP authority.
Program Administrator or "administrator" means one or more
Program Administrator means the individual designated in writing by a training program as responsible for all aspects of EMS training.
Program Administrator means the person or persons responsible for administering and enforcing the VESCP or VSMP of a VESCP authority or a VSMP authority as may be applicable in the areas of ESC or SWM.