Support Plan definition

Support Plan means a service offering that sets out the level of service entitlements purchased by Customer as described in detail in the Agreement.
Support Plan means a written plan that specifies the personal support services or any other supports that are to be developed with and provided for a recipient.
Support Plan means the report of recommendations resulting from a therapeutic consultation.

Examples of Support Plan in a sentence

  • In the event the Software is covered under a Support Plan there will be no refund or credit of pre-paid fees.

  • Upon ratification of this Agreement, the Employer will create a "Student Loan Support Plan" by establishing an educational assistance program under Section 127 of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • If Customer cancels a Support Plan and then subsequently wishes to re-instate that Support Plan more than 30 days after cancellation, then a full system health check will need to be completed by Kodak, at Customer’s expense.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, should Customer finance a pre- paid Support Plan through a financing company, Customer shall be required to secure approval from the financing company prior to any deletion.

  • Customer, at its expense, must take any remedial action required by Kodak, including without limitation in the case of equipment and software acquired from a third party, payment of a remanufacturing, certification and license fee, prior to such equipment and software being placed on a Support Plan.

More Definitions of Support Plan

Support Plan means a list of individuals and/or organizations that can provide support and assistance to a beneficiary to maintain sobriety.
Support Plan means an individualized and person-centered plan of supports and services designed to meet the daily needs of a client and to help the client live as independently as possible.
Support Plan means the specific Software and/or Hardware Support and Maintenance Agreement that has been purchased by Client.
Support Plan means a plan prepared by a panel in carrying out its functions mentioned in section 36(4)(a) or (f);
Support Plan means the support services for the Service as described in 2.7.
Support Plan. : means aAn individualized and person-centered plan of supports and services designed to meet the needs of a client an individual enrolled in the iBudget. The plan is based on the preferences, interests, talents, attributes and needs of a client an individual, including the availability of natural supports.
Support Plan means the direct Support program offering options and benefits set forth on Exhibit A.