Reduction in Hours Sample Clauses

Reduction in Hours. (a) Reduction in hours shall be based on seniority, providing that affected employees have the qualifications to perform the work that is available and that licensing standards can be maintained.
Reduction in Hours. Two weeks or less In the event of a reduction of hours of less than two (2) weeks, a regular employee may choose one of the following options:
Reduction in Hours. Nothing in this Article shall preclude an individual employee from requesting a reduction of his/her hours and nothing shall preclude the Employer from granting such request consistent with operational needs.
Reduction in Hours. Reduction in hours is defined as either a reduction in the number of hours worked per day, per week, per month or per year. A reduction in hours does not involve a separation from service.
Reduction in Hours. Supervisors and the Appointing Authority may mutually agree to reduce a full-time supervisor’s hours of work. Such reduction shall not change their employment condition for purposes of bidding or layoff.
Reduction in Hours. There will be no reduction in the number of hours in the regular work week schedule.