Other Coverages Sample Clauses

Other Coverages. The insurance provided by the School shall apply on a primary basis and any other insurance or self-insurance maintained by the Sponsor or its members, officers, employees or agents, shall be in excess of the insurance provided by or on behalf of the School.
Other Coverages. Each Title Policy shall insure the following by endorsement or affirmative insurance to the extent such coverage is not afforded by the ALTA Form 9 or its equivalent in a particular jurisdiction:
Other Coverages. At Agent's request, Borrower shall procure and maintain such other insurance, or such additional amounts of insurance, covering Borrower and/or the Property, as Agent shall from time to time require, in the exercise of its reasonable business judgment in light of the commercial real estate practice existing at the time the insurance is issued and in the place where the Property is located, provided such insurance is available at commercially reasonable rates. In addition, the above insurance requirements are subject to change or the imposition of additional coverages if required by applicable laws, regulations or policies applicable to Agent or Lenders or the Property. EXHIBIT H NOTICES AND WIRE INSTRUCTIONS U.S. Bank National Association Commercial Real Estate 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Loan Administration U.S. Bank National Association Commercial Real Estate Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, XX 00000 Account #0003136260600 ABA #000000000 Attention: Susanie Samson Tel.: (000) 000-0000 EXHIBIT H Loan Agreement (KBS REIT II) EXHIBIT I COMMITMENTS AND COMMITMENT PERCENTAGES OF LENDERS Lender Total Commitment CommitmentPercentage U.S. Bank National Association $135,000,000 57.446808510638 TD Bank $100,000,000 42.553191489362 EXHIBIT I Loan Agreement (KBS REIT II) EXHIBIT J FORM OF DRAW REQUEST (See Attached) EXHIBIT J Loan Agreement (KBS REIT II) Draw Request Borrower hereby requests an advance of Loan proceeds in the amount of $________, which request is supported by the attached (which includes information required by Agent regarding Availability Amount calculations). Borrower hereby certifies as follows (all terms herein having the meanings set forth in the Loan Agreement (the "Loan Agreement") dated as of ______, 2013, between Borrower and U.S. Bank National Association, as "Agent" and the Lenders from time to time a party thereto ("Lenders"):
Other Coverages. The District shall continue to pay, for the duration of this Agreement only, the dollar amount of contribution paid on the effective date of this Agreement to provide full-time or contract eligible employees included in this unit, the following coverage:
Other Coverages. Lender shall have the right from time to time to make changes (including without limitation increases to required liability limits) to the foregoing insurance requirements and/or to require additional coverages not described above. In addition, the above insurance requirements are subject to change or the imposition of additional coverages if required by applicable laws, regulations or policies applicable to any Bank or the Project. EXHIBIT J X.Xxx Ownership EXHIBIT K OVERSTOCK COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE For the Fiscal Quarter Ended , 2 (the “Quarter Date”) With reference to the Loan Agreement dated October 24, 2014 (the “Agreement”), between X.Xxx Land, LLC, and Xxxxxxxxx.xxx, Inc. as Borrowers, and the Banks identified therein, Xxxxxxxxx.xxx, Inc. hereby certifies to Administrative Bank and Banks as follows (each capitalized term used herein having the same meaning given in the Agreement unless otherwise specified):
Other Coverages. Consistent with the Annual Operating Budget for each Casino Operation or other funding approved by Manager and the Oaktree Managers, Manager may cause each or any Casino Operation to obtain such coverages in respect of such other risks as Manager may reasonably determine to be necessary or appropriate.
Other Coverages. This Insurance includes the following Coverages for physical loss or damage covered by this Insurance. These Coverages:
Other Coverages. Tenant shall also be required to such additional ---------------- coverages that may be imposed by any addendum or amendment to this Lease, if any.