Public or Private Sale Sample Clauses

Public or Private Sale. At any time or from time to time, Agent, for the ratable benefit of Lenders, may sell, assign and deliver, or grant options to purchase, all or any part of the Collateral, or any interest therein, at any public or private sale, in one (1) or more sales or lots, without demand of performance, or advertisement, for cash, on credit, or for other proper-ty, for immediate or future delivery without any assump-tion of credit risk, and for such price or prices and on such terms as Agent in its absolute discretion may deem commercially reasonable. Agent shall not be obligated to make any such sale of Collateral regardless of whether any such notice of sale has therefor been given. Pledgor hereby waives any other requirement of notice, demand, or advertisement for sale, to the extent permitted by law. Pledgor hereby waives and releases to the fullest extent permitted by law any right or equity of redemption with respect to the Collateral, whether before or after sale hereunder, and all rights, if any, of marshaling the Collateral and any other security for the Obligations or otherwise. Agent shall not be liable for failure to collect or realize upon any or all of the Collateral or for any delay in so doing nor shall Agent be under any obligation to take any action whatsoever with regard thereto.
Public or Private Sale. If after 60 days following the expiration of this Agreement Customer has failed to schedule the withdrawal of the Inventory from the Facility, Operator may liquidate the Inventory through one or more sales or other SPECIFIC TERMS IN THIS EXHIBIT HAVE BEEN REDACTED BECAUSE CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT FOR THOSE TERMS HAS BEEN GRANTED. THE REDACTED MATERIAL HAS BEEN SEPARATELY FILED WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, AND THE TERMS HAVE BEEN MARKED AT THE APPROPRIATE PLACE WITH FIVE ASTERISKS (*****). dispositions with such notice, if any, as may be required under Applicable Law, free from any claim or right of any nature whatsoever of Customer, including any equity or right of redemption by Customer (with Operator, or its affiliates, having the right to purchase any or all of the Inventory to be sold) and to apply the proceeds from the liquidation of the Inventory to any amounts payable by Customer to Operator, including all expenses of the sale and accrued fees (storage and otherwise), costs and charges hereunder. Customer shall pay and reimburse Operator upon demand for all reasonable costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneysfees and expenses) that Operator may incur in connection with: (i) the custody, use or preservation of, or the sale of, collection from or other realization upon, any of the Inventory, including the reasonable expenses of re‑taking, holding, preparing for sale or lease, selling or otherwise disposing of or realizing on the Inventory; and (ii) the exercise or enforcement of any rights or remedies granted by this Agreement or otherwise available to it at law or in equity. This Section 6.3 of the GTCs shall survive the expiration of the Term or the termination of this Agreement.
Public or Private Sale. Unless the Collateral is perishable or threatens to decline speedily in value or is of a type customarily sold on a recognized market, the Agent will give the Debtor or Debtors which own the specific property of which the Agent intends to dispose at least ten (10) Business Days' prior notice of the time and place of any public sale thereof or of the time after which any private sale or any other intended disposition thereof is to be made. Any such notice shall be deemed to meet any requirement hereunder or under any applicable law (including the Uniform Commercial Code) that reasonable notification be given of the time and place of such sale or other disposition.
Public or Private Sale. (a) The Pledgor by its execution of this Agreement, specifically agrees and consents that the Collateral Agent shall on the happening and during the continuing of an Event of Default immediately succeed to all interests, rights and privileges of the mortgagee under the Underlying Note and the Mortgage and is entitled and will be entitled on the happening and during the continuance of any Event of Default to elect, among its other remedies provided for herein or under applicable law, immediately (if the Underlying Note is in default ("Underlying Default")) to accelerate the indebtedness evidenced by the Underlying Note and to xxx on the Underlying Note or immediately to foreclose on the Mortgage in accordance with this Agreement and the Mortgage, and that neither the Pledgor nor any person or entity claiming through it will exercise any rights as mortgagee under the Mortgage or payee under the Underlying Note unless and until the Termination Date (as hereinafter defined) has occurred, at which time all interests, rights and privileges of the mortgagee under the Underlying Note and Mortgage will revert to and be reassigned to the Pledgor as set forth in Section 7.2 hereof. Without limiting the foregoing, the Pledgor expressly acknowledges its understanding that, until such time as the Underlying Note and Mortgage revert to the Pledgor as provided herein, the Collateral Agent shall have the sole right to give notices of default, to accelerate the indebtedness evidenced by the Underlying Note, to xxx on the Underlying Note and to foreclose under the Mortgage, among all of the other sole rights and remedies of the holder of the Underlying Note and Mortgage.

Related to Public or Private Sale

  • Private Sale The Collateral Agent shall incur no liability as a result of a sale of the Collateral, or any part thereof, at any private sale pursuant to clause (c) above conducted in a commercially reasonable manner. The Company and the Portfolio Manager hereby waive any claims against each Agent and Lender arising by reason of the fact that the price at which the Collateral may have been sold at such a private sale was less than the price which might have been obtained at a public sale.

  • Registration Rights; Private Sales (a) If the Administrative Agent shall determine to exercise its right to sell any or all of the Collateral pursuant to PARAGRAPH 9 hereof, and if in the opinion of the Administrative Agent it is necessary or advisable to have such Collateral, or that portion thereof to be sold, registered under the provisions of the Security Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act"), the Pledgor will use its best efforts to cause the applicable Issuer or Partnership to (i) execute and deliver, and use its best efforts to cause the directors, officers and representatives of the applicable Issuer or Partnership to execute and deliver, all such instruments and documents, and do or cause to be done all such other acts as may be, in the opinion of the Administrative Agent, necessary or advisable to register such Collateral, or that portion thereof to be sold, under the provisions of the Securities Act, (ii) to use its best efforts to cause the registration statement relating thereto to become effective and to remain effective for a period of one year from the date of the first public offering of such Collateral or that portion thereof to be sold, and (iii) to make all amendments thereto and/or to the related prospectus which, in the opinion of the Administrative Agent, are necessary or advisable, all in conformity with the requirements of the Securities Act and the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission applicable thereto. The Pledgor agrees to use its best efforts to cause the applicable Issuer or Partnership to comply with the provisions of the securities or "Blue Sky" laws of any and all jurisdictions which the Administrative Agent shall designate and to make available to its security holders, as soon as practicable, an earnings statement (which need not be audited) which will satisfy the provisions of Section 11(a) of the Securities Act. For the purposes of this SECTION 10.(A), "applicable Issuer or Partnership" shall mean each Issuer or Partnership which is a direct or indirect wholly-owned Subsidiary of the Pledgor.

  • Private Sales Each Grantor recognizes that the Collateral Agent may be unable to effect a public sale of any or all the Pledged Stock, by reason of certain prohibitions contained in the Securities Act and applicable state securities laws or otherwise, and may be compelled to resort to one or more private sales thereof to a restricted group of purchasers which will be obliged to agree, among other things, to acquire such securities for their own account for investment and not with a view to the distribution or resale thereof. Each Grantor acknowledges and agrees that any such private sale may result in prices and other terms less favorable than if such sale were a public sale and, notwithstanding such circumstances, agrees that any such private sale shall be deemed to have been made in a commercially reasonable manner. The Collateral Agent shall be under no obligation to delay a sale of any of the Pledged Stock for the period of time necessary to permit the Issuer thereof to register such securities for public sale under the Securities Act, or under applicable state securities laws, even if such Issuer would agree to do so.

  • Initial Public Offering In the event that the holders of a majority of the shares of Common Stock then outstanding approve an initial Public Offering, the holders of Stockholder Shares shall take all necessary or desirable actions in connection with the consummation of the initial Public Offering. In the event that such initial Public Offering is an underwritten offering and the managing underwriters advise the Company in writing that in their opinion the capital stock structure of the Company would adversely affect the marketability of the offering, each holder of Stockholder Shares shall consent to and vote for a recapitalization, reorganization and/or exchange of his, her or its capital stock into securities that the managing underwriters, the Board and holders of a majority of the shares of Common Stock then outstanding find acceptable and shall take all necessary or desirable actions in connection with the consummation of the recapitalization, reorganization and/or exchange; provided that the resulting securities must reflect and be substantially consistent with the rights, preferences and obligations set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation as in effect immediately prior to such initial Public Offering.

  • Subsidiary Public Offering If, after an initial Public Offering of the common equity securities of one of its Subsidiaries, the Company distributes securities of such Subsidiary to its equityholders, then the rights and obligations of the Company pursuant to this Agreement will apply, mutatis mutandis, to such Subsidiary, and the Company will cause such Subsidiary to comply with such Subsidiary’s obligations under this Agreement as if it were the Company hereunder.

  • Public Offering The Company is advised by you that the Underwriters propose to make a public offering of their respective portions of the Securities as soon after the Registration Statement and this Agreement have become effective as in your judgment is advisable. The Company is further advised by you that the Securities are to be offered to the public upon the terms set forth in the Prospectus.

  • No Public Offering Such Purchaser has not received any information relating to the Securities or the Company, and is not purchasing the Securities as a result of, any form of general solicitation or general advertising, including but not limited to, any advertisement, article, notice or other communication published in any newspaper, magazine or similar media or broadcast over television or radio or pursuant to any seminar or meeting whose attendees were invited by any general solicitation or general advertising.

  • Registration, Transfer and Exchange of Equipment Notes The Mortgagee shall keep a register (the "Equipment Note Register") in which the Mortgagee shall provide for the registration of Equipment Notes and the registration of transfers of Equipment Notes. No such transfer shall be given effect unless and until registration hereunder shall have occurred. The Equipment Note Register shall be kept at the Corporate Trust Office of the Mortgagee. The Mortgagee is hereby appointed "Equipment Note Registrar" for the purpose of registering Equipment Notes and transfers of Equipment Notes as herein provided. A holder of any Equipment Note intending to exchange such Equipment Note shall surrender such Equipment Note to the Mortgagee at the Corporate Trust Office, together with a written request from the registered holder thereof for the issuance of a new Equipment Note, specifying, in the case of a surrender for transfer, the name and address of the new holder or holders. Upon surrender for registration of transfer of any Equipment Note, the Owner Trustee shall execute, and the Mortgagee shall authenticate and deliver, in the name of the designated transferee or transferees, one or more new Equipment Notes of a like aggregate Original Amount and of the same series. At the option of the Note Holder, Equipment Notes may be exchanged for other Equipment Notes of any authorized denominations of a like aggregate Original Amount, upon surrender of the Equipment Notes to be exchanged to the Mortgagee at the Corporate Trust Office. Whenever any Equipment Notes are so surrendered for exchange, the Owner Trustee shall execute, and the Mortgagee shall authenticate and deliver, the Equipment Notes which the Note Holder making the exchange is entitled to receive. All Equipment Notes issued upon any registration of transfer or exchange of Equipment Notes (whether under this Section 2.07 or under Section 2.08 hereof or otherwise under this Trust Indenture) shall be the valid obligations of the Owner Trustee evidencing the same respective obligations, and entitled to the same security and benefits under this Trust Indenture, as the Equipment Notes surrendered upon such registration of transfer or exchange. Every Equipment Note presented or surrendered for registration of transfer shall (if so required by the Mortgagee) be duly endorsed, or be accompanied by a written instrument of transfer in form satisfactory to the Mortgagee duly executed by the Note Holder or such holder's attorney duly authorized in writing, and the Mortgagee shall require evidence satisfactory to it as to the compliance of any such transfer with the Securities Act, and the securities Laws of any applicable state. The Mortgagee shall make a notation on each new Equipment Note of the amount of all payments of Original Amount previously made on the old Equipment Note or Equipment Notes with respect to which such new Equipment Note is issued and the date to which interest on such old Equipment Note or Equipment Notes has been paid. Interest shall be deemed to have been paid on such new Equipment Note to the date on which interest shall have been paid on such old Equipment Note, and all payments of the Original Amount marked on such new Equipment Note, as provided above, shall be deemed to have been made thereon. The Owner Trustee shall not be required to exchange any surrendered Equipment Notes as provided above during the ten-day period preceding the due date of any payment on such Equipment Note. The Owner Trustee shall in all cases deem the Person in whose name any Equipment Note shall have been issued and registered as the absolute owner and holder of such Equipment Note for the purpose of receiving payment of all amounts payable by the Owner Trustee with respect to such Equipment Note and for all purposes until a notice stating otherwise is received from the Mortgagee and such change is reflected on the Equipment Note Register. The Mortgagee will promptly notify the Owner Trustee and the Lessee of each registration of a transfer of an Equipment Note. Any such transferee of an Equipment Note, by its acceptance of an Equipment Note, agrees to the provisions of the Participation Agreement applicable to Note Holders, and shall be deemed to have covenanted to the parties to the Participation Agreement as to the matters covenanted by the original Loan Participant in the Participation Agreement. Subject to compliance by the Note Holder and its transferee (if any) of the requirements set forth in this Section 2.07, Mortgagee and Owner Trustee shall use all reasonable efforts to issue new Equipment Notes upon transfer or exchange within 10 Business Days of the date an Equipment Note is surrendered for transfer or exchange.

  • Agreement in Connection with Initial Public Offering The Participant agrees, in connection with the initial underwritten public offering of the Common Stock pursuant to a registration statement under the Securities Act, (i) not to (a) offer, pledge, announce the intention to sell, sell, contract to sell, sell any option or contract to purchase, purchase any option or contract to sell, grant any option, right or warrant to purchase, or otherwise transfer or dispose of, directly or indirectly, any shares of Common Stock or any other securities of the Company or (b) enter into any swap or other agreement that transfers, in whole or in part, any of the economic consequences of ownership of shares of Common Stock or other securities of the Company, whether any transaction described in clause (a) or (b) is to be settled by delivery of securities, in cash or otherwise, during the period beginning on the date of the filing of such registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and ending 180 days after the date of the final prospectus relating to the offering (plus up to an additional 34 days to the extent requested by the managing underwriters for such offering in order to address Rule 2711(f) of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. or any similar successor provision), and (ii) to execute any agreement reflecting clause (i) above as may be requested by the Company or the managing underwriters at the time of such offering. The Company may impose stop-transfer instructions with respect to the shares of Common Stock or other securities subject to the foregoing restriction until the end of the “lock-up” period.

  • Business Combination Marketing Agreement The Company and the Representative have entered into a separate business combination marketing agreement substantially in the form filed as an exhibit to the Registration Statement (the “Business Combination Marketing Agreement”).