Account or Accounts Sample Clauses

Account or Accounts. “Account” or “Accounts” shall mean the Deferred Salary Account, Company Account, Voluntary Account, Matching Account, Rollover Account, the TIP Company Account, the TIP Employee Account (the immediately two preceding accounts also being collectively the “TIP Accounts”), the USERRA Matching Account or the USERRA Deferred Salary Account or the combination thereof, as the context requires.
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Account or Accounts. A retail installment contract, closed end lease agreement, security agreement, conditional sales contract, chattel paper, chattel mortgage and related promissory note, or any other obligation, evidencing a Borrower's obligation arising from the bona fide sale or lease of a motor vehicle by a dealer to a Borrower, including but not limited to all Lease
Account or Accounts. “Account” or “Accounts” means, with respect to any Participant or Beneficiary, the aggregate of the Participant’s Employer Contribution Account, Elective Contribution Account, Nonelective Employer Contribution Account, and, if permitted under Section 4.15, his Employee Nondeductible Contribution Account, if any, as well as amounts attributable to the Participant’s rollover/transfer contributions, if any. The Plan Administrator shall establish and maintain such other accounts and/or sub-accounts and records as it decides in its discretion to be reasonably required or appropriate in order to discharge its duties under the Plan.
Account or Accounts. The accounts established and maintained under the Plan for each Participant with respect to his or her interest in the Trust, including, as appropriate, the Participant's Employer Contributions Account. Salary Deferral Account, Employee Contributions Account, and Rollover Contributions Account.

Related to Account or Accounts

  • Cash Accounts The Custodian will open and maintain in the name of the Client one or more cash deposit accounts (each a “Cash Account”) in such currencies as may be required in connection with the investment activity of the Client.

  • Separate Accounts The trustee shall maintain within the trust fund a separate account for each Agricultural Contractor that signs the trust agreement to hold deposits made pursuant to this article.

  • Cash Account Except as otherwise provided in Instructions acceptable to Bank, all cash held in the Cash Account shall be deposited during the period it is credited to the Account in one or more deposit accounts at Bank or at Bank's London Branch. Any cash so deposited with Bank's London Branch shall be payable exclusively by Bank's London Branch in the applicable currency, subject to compliance with any Applicable Law, including, without limitation, any restrictions on transactions in the applicable currency imposed by the country of the applicable currency.

  • Investment Account The Manager shall maintain an investment account or accounts in the Manager’s name (the “Account”) on behalf of the Principal, any other participating insurer affiliated with the Principal and/or the Ultimate Parent Company, an insurance subsidiary or affiliate of the Principal and/or the Ultimate Parent Company or a pension plan or profit-sharing plan of the Principal, its insurance subsidiaries or affiliates, (collectively, the “Participants”), and shall hold therein all debt obligations, accounts or deposits permitted by the New Hampshire Insurance Code as more fully described on Exhibit A, as may be amended from time to time, and attached hereto and incorporated herein (collectively, “Investments”), deposited in or purchased or otherwise acquired for and on behalf of the Principal and the Participants from time to time pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. All Investments in the Account shall be Short-Term Obligations.

  • Retirement Accounts With respect to certain retirement plans or accounts (such as individual retirement accounts (“IRAs”), SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, Xxxx IRAs, Education IRAs, and 403(b) Plans (such accounts, “Retirement Accounts”), the Transfer Agent, at the request and expense of the Fund, provide or arrange for the provision of various services to such plans and/or accounts, which services may include custodial agent services such as account set-up maintenance, and disbursements as well as such other services as the parties hereto shall mutually agree upon.

  • Separate Account If Student-Generated Content is stored or maintained by the Provider, Provider shall, at the request of the LEA, transfer, or provide a mechanism for the LEA to transfer, said Student- Generated Content to a separate account created by the student.

  • Set Up Accounts (a) Bank shall establish and maintain the following accounts ("Accounts"):

  • Collection Accounts Section 3.11 Withdrawals from the Collection Accounts..................... Section 3.12 Investment of Funds in the Collection Accounts and the Distribution Account......................................... Section 3.13 Maintenance of Hazard Insurance and Errors and Omissions and Fidelity Coverage........................................ Section 3.14 Enforcement of Due-on-Sale Clauses; Assumption Agreements.... Section 3.15

  • Investment Accounts Schedule 2 sets forth under the headings “Securities Accounts” and “Commodity Accounts”, respectively, all of the Securities Accounts and Commodity Accounts in which such Grantor has an interest. Except as disclosed to the Administrative Agent, such Grantor is the sole entitlement holder of each such Securities Account and Commodity Account, and such Grantor has not consented to, and is not otherwise aware of, any Person (other than the Administrative Agent) having “control” (within the meanings of Sections 8-106 and 9-106 of the UCC) over, or any other interest in, any such Securities Account or Commodity Account or any securities or other property credited thereto;

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