Proper Sample Clauses

Proper. Conduct Tenant shall not conduct itself in any manner which is inconsistent with the character of the Building as a first quality building or which will impair the comfort and convenience of other tenants in the Building.
Proper sanitary conditions and ventilation shall be considered vital on the part of the Publisher and Union, provided that members affected by this agreement shall not be required to look after ordinary cleaning in their department. It is understood and agreed that ordinary cleaning does not include duties currently being performed by machine feeders such as blowing out the machine before start-up and sweeping up the dust after blowing out the machine; removing jams from the strapping machine and disposing of the straps/refuse in the appropriate receptacle.
Proper. Execution The submission by Seller to Purchaser of this Agreement in unsigned form shall be deemed to be a submission solely for Purchaser's consideration and not for acceptance and execution. Such submission shall have no binding force and effect, shall not constitute an option, and shall not confer any rights upon Purchaser or impose any obligations upon Seller irrespective of any reliance thereon, change of position or partial performance. The submission by Seller of this Agreement for execution by Purchaser and the actual execution and delivery thereof by Purchaser to Seller shall similarly have no binding force and effect on Seller unless and until Seller shall have executed this Agreement and the Initial Deposit shall have been received by the Title Company and a counterpart thereof shall have been delivered to Purchaser.
Proper. 1.5.1 e Property tuated at and b ing *PROPERTY ADDRESS* toge ith the fixture ittings, furniture and effects therein, and more particularly specified in the Inventory signed the Tenant shall include the right to use, in common with others, any shared rights of access, stairways, mmu parts, paths and drives.
Proper timely, adequate and sufficient notice of the Motion and the Sale Hearing has been provided in accordance with (i) section 102(1) of the Bankruptcy Code, and (ii) Bankruptcy Rules 2002, 6004 and 9019.
Proper. Any number of offices may be held by the same person, unless otherwise prohibited by law. The officers of the Partnership need not be Partners of the Partnership nor, except in the case of the Chairman of the Board, need such officers be Directors of the Partnership.
Proper. Sublicensing Buyer shall distribute Licensed Products under this Agreement by sublicensing to its customers, which may include end users or resellers, the right to use Licensed Products solely as part of the Buyer's Products, and all sublicenses of Licensed Products by Buyer shall be written in nature and include, terms and conditions similar to those set forth in Exhibit D. Should any customer breach the terms and conditions in Exhibit D, Buyer agrees to promptly notify PR of the breach. If such breach remains uncured beyond 30 days Buyer will, upon written request of PR, immediately terminate the license of such customer.

Related to Proper

Books of Accounts The LLC shall maintain proper books of account, which shall comply with all applicable federal income tax regulation and with generally accepted accounting practices as applicable to limited liability companies.
RECORDAL 2.1. The SCC is the Fund’s standard terms and conditions of contract and constitutes part of the Service Provider Agreement between the Fund and the Service Provider, or in lieu of a Service Provider Agreement, constitutes part of the Purchase Order issued by the Fund to the Service Provider (whichever is applicable)
Books and Records of Account The Company shall maintain adequate books and records of account that shall be maintained on the accrual method of accounting. All of the books of account of the Company shall at all times be maintained at the principal office of the Company, or at such other place or places as may be designated by the Member or an officer of the Company.
Books of Account The Accounting Agent shall maintain the books of account of the Trust and shall perform the following duties in the manner prescribed by the respective Trust’s currently effective prospectus, statement of additional information or other governing document, copies of which have been certified by the Secretary of the Funds and supplied to the Accounting Agent (a “Governing Document”) (including the procedures established in the Service Level Agreement):
Books The Company shall keep books and records of accounts and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its Members. The calendar year shall be the accounting year of the Company.
Maintaining Records Maintain all financial records in accordance with GAAP (or in form permitting financial statements conforming with GAAP to be derived therefrom) and, upon reasonable notice, permit the Administrative Agent and each Lender to visit and inspect the financial records of the Borrower at reasonable times and to make extracts from and copies of such financial records, and permit any representatives designated by the Administrative Agent or any Lender to discuss the affairs, finances and condition of the Borrower with the appropriate officers thereof and, with the Borrower’s consent (which shall not be unreasonably withheld), the independent accountants therefor (and the Borrower shall be afforded the opportunity to participate in such discussion with such independent accountants); provided that, excluding any such visits and inspections during the continuation of an Event of Default, only the Administrative Agent on behalf of the Lenders may exercise rights of the Administrative Agent and the Lenders under this Section 5.04 and the Administrative Agent shall not exercise such rights more than once during any calendar year; provided, further, that, when an Event of Default exists, the Administrative Agent or any Lender (or any of their respective representatives or independent contractors) may do any of the foregoing, upon reasonable notice and as often as reasonably requested, at any time during normal business hours. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section 5.04, neither the Borrower nor any of its Subsidiaries will be required to disclose, permit the inspection, examination or making of extracts, or discussion of, any documents, information or other matters that (i) constitute non-financial trade secrets or non-financial proprietary information, (ii) in respect of which disclosure to the Administrative Agent or applicable Lenders (or any of their respective designated representatives or independent contractors) is then prohibited by law, rule or regulation or any agreement binding on the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries or (iii) is subject to attorney-client or similar privilege or constitutes attorney work-product.
Records USBFS shall keep records relating to the services to be performed hereunder in the form and manner, and for such period, as it may deem advisable and is agreeable to the Trust, but not inconsistent with the rules and regulations of appropriate government authorities, in particular, Section 31 of the 1940 Act and the rules thereunder. USBFS agrees that all such records prepared or maintained by USBFS relating to the services to be performed by USBFS hereunder are the property of the Trust and will be preserved, maintained, and made available in accordance with such applicable sections and rules of the 1940 Act and will be promptly surrendered to the Trust or its designee on and in accordance with its request.
Books of Account and Records Proper and complete records and books of account shall be kept or shall be caused to be kept by the Board of Directors or such representatives as it may appoint in which shall be entered fully and accurately all transactions and other matters relating to the Company’s business in such detail and completeness as is customary and usual for businesses of the type engaged in by the Company. The books and records shall at all times be maintained at the principal executive office of the Company.
Personnel Provide, without remuneration from or other cost to the Trust, the services of individuals competent to perform the administrative functions which are not performed by employees or other agents engaged by the Trust or by the Adviser acting in some other capacity pursuant to a separate agreement or arrangement with the Trust.
Keeping Books and Records The Borrower will maintain, and will cause each Subsidiary to maintain, proper books of record and account in which full, true, and correct entries in conformity with GAAP shall be made of all dealings and transactions in relation to its business and activities.