Proper Sample Clauses

Proper. Conduct Tenant shall not conduct itself in any manner which is inconsistent with the character of the Building as a first quality building or which will impair the comfort and convenience of other tenants in the Building.
Proper sanitary conditions and ventilation shall be considered vital on the part of the Publisher and Union, provided that members affected by this agreement shall not be required to look after ordinary cleaning in their department. It is understood and agreed that ordinary cleaning does not include duties currently being performed by machine feeders such as blowing out the machine before start-up and sweeping up the dust after blowing out the machine; removing jams from the strapping machine and disposing of the straps/refuse in the appropriate receptacle.
Proper. Sublicensing Buyer shall distribute Licensed Products under this Agreement by sublicensing to its customers, which may include end users or resellers, the right to use Licensed Products solely as part of the Buyer's Products, and all sublicenses of Licensed Products by Buyer shall be written in nature and include, terms and conditions similar to those set forth in Exhibit D. Should any customer breach the terms and conditions in Exhibit D, Buyer agrees to promptly notify PR of the breach. If such breach remains uncured beyond 30 days Buyer will, upon written request of PR, immediately terminate the license of such customer.
Proper. Proper shall be provided for employees to have their and to store and change their clothes. ARTICLE S The Union and the Hospital desire every employee to be familiar with the provisions of this Agreement and rights and under it. For reason the shall print of the days of - _-- - . . .
Proper. Execution The submission by Seller to Purchaser of this Agreement in unsigned form shall be deemed to be a submission solely for Purchaser's consideration and not for acceptance and execution. Such submission shall have no binding force and effect, shall not constitute an option, and shall not confer any rights upon Purchaser or impose any obligations upon Seller irrespective of any reliance thereon, change of position or partial performance. The submission by Seller of this Agreement for execution by Purchaser and the actual execution and delivery thereof by Purchaser to Seller shall similarly have no binding force and effect on Seller unless and until Seller shall have executed this Agreement and the Initial Deposit shall have been received by the Title Company and a counterpart thereof shall have been delivered to Purchaser.
Proper. Any number of offices may be held by the same person, unless otherwise prohibited by law. The officers of the Partnership need not be Partners of the Partnership nor, except in the case of the Chairman of the Board, need such officers be Directors of the Partnership.
Proper medical verification shall consist of a written statement from the employee's physician indicating the date seen by the physician, verifying the illness or injury of the employee or immediate family, the medical condition necessitating the absence and prognosis of the employee and the employee's ability to return to normal duties, any limitations, or needed accommodations and their duration, and the date of such return. Such records are, by their very nature, confidential and such confidentiality must be preserved and protected. Where the employee claims that such verification might compromise the confidential nature of the illness or disability, the employee may submit such verification directly to the Agency Human Resource Officer in the Department of Health and Human Services, hospitals and centers; the Facility Director in the Department of Health and Human Services; the Central Office Human Resource Office in the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs; the Human Resource Medical Leave Officer in the Department of Education; the Human Resource Office or Disability Unit in the Departments of Corrections; Human Resource Director in the Department of Natural Resources; the Appointing Authority or designee in the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and; the Disability Management Section in the Department of State Police.
Proper. 1.5.1 e Property tuated at and b ing *PROPERTY ADDRESS* toge ith the fixture ittings, furniture and effects therein, and more particularly specified in the Inventory signed the Tenant shall include the right to use, in common with others, any shared rights of access, stairways, mmu parts, paths and drives.
Proper. Proper accommodation shall be provided in all new facilities constructed by the Employer in which employees may have their meals and keep and change their clothing. ARTICLE