SANITARY CONDITIONS. The University agrees to maintain clean sanitary washrooms having hot and cold running water and with toilet facilities, unless otherwise mutually agreed.
SANITARY CONDITIONS. (a) Where possible, and where required, the Company agrees to maintain at its terminals adequate, clean, sanitary toilet facilities, lockers, lunchrooms and washrooms having hot and cold running water, with proper ventilation. It shall be the responsibility of the employees to use all facilities carefully, considerately, without unnecessary damage and dirtiness.
SANITARY CONDITIONS. The housing must be maintained in a sanitary condition.
SANITARY CONDITIONS. 27.01 The maintenance of sanitary conditions to the shop will be an essential part of this agreement, and the Union and the employees and the employer further agree to cooperate in this provision to the fullest extent by keeping the factory in a sanitary condition. There will be no smoking, eating or drinking in any of the work areas, unless arrangements are made otherwise by the employer.
SANITARY CONDITIONS. The Company will provide for the health and safety of its employees during working hours at the plant. The Company agrees to provide adequate lockers, heated shower and washrooms, clean, well ventilated eating rooms, locker rooms and toilets. The employees agree to cooperate in an effort to keep these facilities clean and sanitary.
SANITARY CONDITIONS. Suitable sanitary conditions shall be provided for use of the employees. An assembly room shall be provided by the Company at the garages and sufficient individual lockers shall be available for the accommodation of the employees. Wash basins, with hand soap and towels shall also be provided. X-00 XXXXXX - XXXXXXXX When an employee is instructed to travel between garages and terminals he/she shall be furnished transportation by the Company. The service truck will not be used for personal use except for transporting employees to transportation locations following an evening shift.