Project Records Sample Clauses

Project Records. All documents relating in any manner whatsoever to the Project, or any designated portion thereof, which are in the possession of the Contractor, or any subcontractor of the Contractor, shall be made available to the Owner or the Architect for inspection and copying upon written request by the Owner. Furthermore, said documents shall be made available, upon request by the Owner, to any state, federal or other regulatory authority and any such authority may review, inspect and copy such records. Said records include, but are not limited to, all drawings, plans, specifications, submittals, correspondence, minutes, memoranda, tape recordings, videos, photographs, estimates, invoices, bills, receipts, cancelled checks, vouchers or other writings or things which document or involve in any manner the Project, its design, its cost, and its construction. Said records expressly include those documents reflecting the cost of construction to the Contractor and its Subcontractors. The Contractor shall maintain and protect these documents for no less than six (6) years after Final Completion of the Project, or for any longer period of time as may be required by law or good construction practice.
Project Records. Design-Builder shall organize and maintain its project records in a manner that allows such project records to be filed by work packages, as applicable. Additionally, Design- Builder shall develop a tracking log wherein the project records are provided chronologically, with the file type, description, date received/sent, entity the documentation is from/to, pay package reference, status and electronic location. The Project Record Tracking Log shall be developed in accordance with the format outlined in Attachment 11.1.9. If the project record relates to changes in the Work, preferably only one work package shall be referenced in such project record. If a project record relates to multiple work packages, then all related work packages shall be referenced in such project record. As a condition of Final Payment, Design-Builder shall provide Department with a complete set of all project records by and between Design-Builder and Department exchanged on the Project.
Project Records. The Municipality and its agents shall maintain all books, documents, papers, accounting records, Project records and such other evidence as may be appropriate to substantiate costs incurred under this Agreement. Further, the Municipality shall make such materials available at its office and shall require its agent to make such materials available at its office at all reasonable times during the contract period, and for five (5) years from the date of payment of the final voucher by the Federal Highway Administration, for inspection and audit by the Department’s Financial Management Section, the Federal Highway Administration, or any authorized representatives of the Federal Government.
Project Records. The Construction Manager shall maintain all documents related to the Project and performance of the construction work on the Project (“Project Records”), including, but not limited to, each contractor’s daily reports, submittals, change orders, requests for information (“RFIs”), correspondence, permits, insurance, testing and inspection reports, and safety records. All such Project Records must, as applicable, be maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The Construction Manager shall make the Project Records available at its offices at all reasonable times prior to Final Completion of the Project and until the later of four years from the date of final payment attributable to the Project pursuant to this Agreement, or, if an audit is commenced within such four-year period, until such time as the proceedings related to the audit are complete. The Construction Manager shall provide access to the Project Records to the District, agencies or departments of the State, the State Auditor General, and any duly-authorized representative of the federal government for purposes of audits, examinations, excerpts, and transactions. Upon request, and at the expense of the requesting party unless provided otherwise by law, the Construction Manager shall provide copies of such Project Records as are requested.
Project Records. The City shall maintain all records and documentation relating to the expenditure of CET Grant funds disbursed by Metro under this Agreement. The City shall provide Metro with such information and documentation as Metro requires for implementation of the CET grant process. The City shall establish and maintain books, records, documents, and other evidence in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, in sufficient detail to permit Metro or its auditor to verify how the CET Grant funds were expended. Metro and its auditor shall have access to the books, documents, papers and records of the City that are directly related to this Agreement, the CET grant moneys provided hereunder, or the Project for the purpose of making audits and examinations.
Project Records. Project Records, whether printed or electronic, shall include all plans, specifications, contracts, reports, notes, or other documents prepared by or for the Municipality (Project Records). The Municipality shall retain all Project Records for at least 3 years from the date of MaineDOT’s acceptance of the final invoice for the Project or the termination of this Agreement, whichever is sooner. If any litigation, claim, negotiation or audit has begun before the end of this retention period, all Project Records shall be kept at least until all related issues are resolved.
Project Records. The Project Lead will maintain documents and records relevant to the Project and make such documents and records available to the Supercluster, including the documents and records required to comply with this Article 3.