Pricing Matters Sample Clauses

Pricing Matters. In conjunction with [**]. The Parties agree that [**].
Pricing Matters. 16 4.10 Adverse Reaction Reporting .............................. 16
Pricing Matters. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, BMS may elect not to pursue a product registration for a Licensed Product or market a Licensed Product in any country in the European Union because the government-approved reimbursement price or government fixed price in such country is substantially lower than the price BMS is selling or proposes to sell such Licensed Product for in other countries in the Territory. In such event, BMS shall notify PROGENICS of such and PROGENICS shall not have the right and option to terminate this Agreement as to such country pursuant to Section 10.2; provided that BMS shall use its best efforts to obtain a satisfactory government-approved reimbursement price or government fixed price in such country.
Pricing Matters. With respect to each SYNGAP1 Co-Co Product, the JSC shall, as and to the extent consistent with Applicable Law, provide a global pricing strategy for such SYNGAP1 Co-Co Product in the Territory, including establishing various pricing bands for each country in the Territory (collectively, the “Pricing Guidelines”). Acadia, as Lead Regulatory Party from and after first Regulatory Approval of a SYNGAP1 Co-Co Product and Lead Commercialization Party with respect to all strategic Commercialization matters, will be responsible for conducting all Pricing Matters in such country in accordance with the Pricing Guidelines, including negotiating, obtaining, and maintaining all Pricing and Reimbursement Approvals for the SYNGAP1 Co-Co Products in the relevant country. To the extent permitted by Applicable Law, Acadia, as the Lead Commercialization Party for each country, shall have the right and responsibility for establishing and modifying the terms and conditions with respect to the sale of such SYNGAP1 Co-Co Product to customers in such country, including any terms and conditions relating to the price at which the such SYNGAP1 Co-Co Product will be sold to customers (including discounts, rebates and other forms of price concessions); provided that, in connection therewith, the following shall apply:
Pricing Matters. When UEE sells goods and materials to the Company, UEE will offer to sell such goods and materials to the Company on conditions of "most favored customer" taking into consideration such factors as price, quantity, billing terms and other relevant conditions.
Pricing Matters. 3.1 Pricing for all TIMET Titanium Products sold to Purchaser will be as set forth on Schedule 1 to these Common Terms except (a) as otherwise agreed in writing by R-R and TIMET, or (b) as otherwise provided in this Article 3 for TIMET Titanium Products originally scheduled for delivery on or after [ * ]. Pricing for TIMET Titanium Products not specifically identified in Schedule 1 will be established by the mutual agreement of R-R and TIMET for all Purchase Agreements (R-R acting as agent for Purchaser in such case). Such pricing will be established [ * ]. Any such additional prices for new or modified TIMET Titanium Products will be evidenced by the execution of an amended and restated Schedule 1 signed by both R-R and TIMET which shall set forth the effective date of such amended and restated Schedule 1 and shall thereupon be substituted for the then-current Schedule 1. Schedule 1 shall be redacted, as appropriate from time to time, to contain only those TIMET Titanium Products being purchased by Purchaser.
Pricing Matters. GSK shall (i) [***]; (ii) determine whether [***]; and (iii) establish [***]. GSK shall keep the JCC reasonably informed of pricing and reimbursement matters in the U.S. with respect to Cost Profit Sharing Products and shall consider in good faith the comments of, the JCC with respect to such matters.