Plan Participant Sample Clauses

Plan Participant is any person who is properly enrolled and entitled to benefits from the Plan.
Plan Participant. XXXX X. XXXXX ---------------------------------------------------------
Plan Participant. An individual who is eligible to participate in a Plan. Plan Sponsor - An entity maintaining the Plan on behalf of Plan Participants, Alternate Payees and Beneficiaries. Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) - A domestic relations order that: (i) creates or recognizes the existence of an Alternate Payee’s right to, or assigns to an Alternate Payee the right to, receive all or a portion of the benefits payable with respect to a Plan Participant; (ii) complies with applicable requirements of the Code and/or ERISA; and (iii) is approved by the Plan Sponsor or its designee. Ratchet - An increase in the Benefit Base if the Covered Fund Value exceeds the current Benefit Base on the Ratchet Date, pursuant to Section 8.03 and Section 9.04. GWL&A of NY will not increase Installments to reflect a Ratchet unless directed to do so by the GLWB Participant.
Plan Participant. For example, part-time Employees may not be excluded as a classification or job category of Employees. Also, the exclusions entered herein cannot result in the group of NHCEs participating under the Plan being only those NHCEs with the lowest amount of compensation and/or the shortest periods of service and who may represent the minimum number of these Employees necessary to satisfy coverage under Code Section 410(b).
Plan Participant. 3 1.16 Potential Change in Control.................................. 3 1.17 Recordkeeper................................................. 3 1.18
Plan Participant. Actively employed individuals, owners, partners or other individual union members, association members or other Plan participants designated by Employer who meet the eligibility criteria in the Booklet and any additional eligibility criteria indicated on Schedule A. These individuals must complete any probationary period required by the Employer and satisfy Anthem’s underwriting rules, consistent with applicable laws. Retirees are also eligible for coverage under this Contract, if indicated on Schedule A.
Plan Participant. 3 1.17 Potential Change in Control................................................... 3 1.18 Recordkeeper.................................................................. 4 1.19
Plan Participant. Plan Participant" means a participant in any of ---------------- the Plans (or, if applicable, the beneficiary of such a participant).

Related to Plan Participant

  • Participant See Section 7(a) hereof.

  • Eligible Employee For purposes of FMLA Family Care Leave, eligible employees are those employees who have been employed by the Employer for at least twelve months and have worked at least 1,250 hours in the previous twelve months. An employee's eligibility for contractual leaves of absence remain unaffected by this Section, however, such leaves will count towards the employee's FMLA leave entitlement after the employee has been employed by the Employer for at least 12 months and has worked 1,250 hours during the previous twelve month period. Where the term "employee" is used in this Section, it means, "eligible employee". For purposes of FMLA leave eligibility “employed by the Employer” means “employed by the State of Michigan”.

  • Eligible Employees Regular and probationary, full time and less than full-time employees (on a pro rata basis) are eligible to participate in this program. Sec. 903 COURSES ELIGIBLE: The following criteria will be used in determining eligibility for reimbursement:

  • Plan Year The year for the purposes of the plan shall be from September 1 of one year, to August 31, of the following year, or such other years as the parties may agree to.

  • Participants Each Lender shall have the right at its own cost to grant participations (to be evidenced by one or more agreements or certificates of participation) in the Loans made and Reimbursement Obligations and/or Commitments held by such Lender at any time and from time to time to one or more other Persons; provided that no such participation shall relieve any Lender of any of its obligations under this Agreement, and, provided, further that no such participant shall have any rights under this Agreement except as provided in this Section 12.11, and the Administrative Agent shall have no obligation or responsibility to such participant. Any agreement pursuant to which such participation is granted shall provide that the granting Lender shall retain the sole right and responsibility to enforce the obligations of the Borrower under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents including, without limitation, the right to approve any amendment, modification or waiver of any provision of the Loan Documents, except that such agreement may provide that such Lender will not agree to any modification, amendment or waiver of the Loan Documents that would reduce the amount of or postpone any fixed date for payment of any Obligation in which such participant has an interest. Any party to which such a participation has been granted shall have the benefits of Section 1.11 and Section 10.3

  • Participating Employers The Nonelective Contributions will be allocated to all Participants regardless of which Employer directly employs them and regardless of whether their direct Employer made Nonelective Contributions for the Plan Year unless otherwise elected below or specified in a participation agreement. (Choose if applicable):

  • Disabled Employees If an employee becomes disabled with the result that he is unable to carry out the regular functions of his position, the Hospital may establish a special classification and salary with the hope of providing an opportunity of continued employment.

  • Overtime-Eligible Employees Employees who are covered by the overtime provisions of state and federal law.

  • Regular Part-Time Employee A regular part-time employee is one who works less than full-time on a regularly scheduled basis. Regular part-time employees accumulate seniority on an hourly basis and are entitled to all benefits outlined in this Collective Agreement.