Physical Properties Sample Clauses

Physical Properties. There will have occurred no material ------------------- damage to or destruction or loss of (whether or not covered by insurance) any of the Company's facilities, equipment, or other assets.
Physical Properties. Weight: 2 ½ times heavier than air, Colour: Liquid chlorine is clear amber, Gaseous chlorine is a greenish yellow Odour: Chlorine has a penetrating and characteristic odour and attacks the respiratory tract. Flammability: Chlorine itself is non-flammable and non explosive Boiling Point: 1 degree C Freezing Point: -101 degrees C Volume and Weight Relationship: 1 Vol liquid chlorine = 456.8 vols of gaseous chlorine 1kg of liquid chlorine = 0.31m3 of gaseous chlorine 1kg of chlorine gas = 1kg A.C. (Available chlorine) 1.43kg calcium hypochlorite = 1 kg A.C.
Physical Properties. The Covol Parties represent and warrant that (i) the proprietary binder sold to PSF shall not be a hazardous material under, and delivery shall comply with, applicable environmental laws and regulations; and (ii) subject to the selection of suitable feedstock, application of the Coal Fuel Technology in the Facility will result in a chemical change similar in all material respects to the chemical change described in the IRS letter ruling received by the Covol Parties, dated September 8, 1995.
Physical Properties. All positive and negative film and film materials relating to the Picture, whether now owned or hereafter acquired by Debtor, and wherever located, and the results and proceeds and products of the foregoing; and
Physical Properties. Schedule 6.06, to be delivered by Seller to Purchaser within ten (10) calendar days following the execution of this Agreement, provides an itemized list of all items of Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, and other Assets owned by Seller and located at the Branches as of the Agreement Date, except those items, if any, of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment listed in Schedule 6.06 which are not being acquired by Purchaser. Seller owns each such item free and clear of all liens, pledges, security interests, charges, burdens, encumbrances, options and adverse claims. The operation of the property and business of Seller at the Branches in the manner in which they were previously operated or are now operated does not, to the knowledge of Seller, violate any existing or proposed environmental laws, zoning ordinances, building codes or municipal regulations in such a way as could, if such laws, ordinances or regulations were enforced, result in any material impairment of the use of the Branches for the purpose for which they are now operated. Seller is aware of no existing or contemplated condemnation proceedings affecting or relating to the Branch premises and Seller has paid or will pay in full all bills and invoices for labor and materials arising from the ownership and operation of the Branch premises and such Branch premises shall be in good operating condition and free of all liens and claims.
Physical Properties. Set forth on SCHEDULE 3.4 is a description of (i) all office furniture, equipment and supplies owned and to be conveyed by Seller and (ii) all physical properties (other than the types of properties referred to in (i) above), real, personal or mixed, owned and to be conveyed by Seller and included among the Assets. Seller enjoys peaceable possession of all properties owned or leased by it.
Physical Properties. There shall have occurred no damage to or destruction or loss of (whether or not covered by insurance) any tangible personal property included in the Assets that, individually or in the aggregate, would have a MAE.
Physical Properties. These UV-selected star-forming galaxies have stellar masses ⟨log10M∗/M⊙⟩ = −1 10.08 ± 0.51 (Xxxxxxx et al. 2005). The typical star formation rates (SFRs) are ∼ 30 M⊙ yr , where the SFRs of individual objects vary from ≈ 7− to ≈ 200 M⊙ yr , and the mean SFR surface density is ⟨ΣSFR⟩ = 2.9 M⊙ yr−1 kpc−2 (Xxx et al. 2006). These stellar mass and SFR estimates assume a Chabrier (2003) IMF. The galaxies show a correlation between their stellar mass and metallicity, but the relation is offset by 0.3 dex as compared to the local relation, with the same stellar mass galaxies having lower metallicity at z ≈ 2.4 (Xxx et al. 2006c). Typical metallicities range from ≈ 0.3 Z⊙ for galaxies with ⟨M∗⟩ = 2.7 × 109M⊙ to ≈ Z⊙ for galaxies with ⟨M∗⟩ = 1 × 1011M⊙. As discussed in section, ISM absorption lines are almost always blue-shifted with respect to the galaxy systemic redshift, and the Lyα emis- sion line is always redshifted. These observed velocity offsets suggest that galaxy-scale outflows, with velocities of hundreds of km s−1, are the norm in these star-forming galaxies. Xxxxxxx et al. (2011, in preparation) use the Millennium simulation (Springel 2005), together with a clustering analysis, to connect galaxies from KBSS to dark matter halos. They find that this type of galaxy resides in halos with masses above 1011.75 h−1M⊙, with a median halo mass of ∼ 1012 h−1M⊙. The corresponding virial radii are ≈ 85 and ≈ 106 pkpc, respectively, with circular velocities ≈ 197 km s−1 and ≈ 244 km s−1.
Physical Properties. Seller will transfer legal ownership to Buyer in and to all Physical Properties owned by Seller ("Owned Elements") on the Closing Date. With respect to the Owned Elements, Seller shall deliver to Buyer agreements substantially in the form of Exhibit 5.5(a) ("Lab Notices") executed by Seller pursuant to which Seller acknowledges that as of the Closing Date, legal ownership and title to the applicable Physical Property has been conveyed to Buyer. Seller will transfer to Buyer all of Seller's rights of access to and use of all Physical Properties which Seller has in and to Physical Properties not owned by Seller relating to the Pictures ("Access Picture Properties"). With respect to Access Picture Properties, if any, upon request of Buyer, Seller shall deliver to Buyer agreements substantially in the form of Exhibit 5.5(b) ("Access Notices") executed by Seller pursuant to which Seller acknowledges that as of the Closing Date, all of Seller's access rights to the applicable Access Picture Properties has been conveyed to Buyer. Prior to and following the Closing, Seller agrees to assist Buyer, as needed, in obtaining possession of any Physical Properties transferred to Buyer hereunder.
Physical Properties. OmniCorder has good title to all of the assets and properties which it purports to own (including those reflected on the Balance Sheet, except for assets and properties sold, consumed or otherwise disposed of in the ordinary course of business since the Balance Sheet Date) and which are material to the business or financial condition of OmniCorder or the Business, free and clear of all liens, security interests or other encumbrances ("Encumbrances"), except (a) as set forth in the Disclosure Schedule, (b) liens of current taxes not yet due or being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings, and (c) Encumbrances which individually or in the aggregate do not have a material adverse effect on the business or financial condition of the Business.