Petitions Sample Clauses

Petitions. If no valid petitions from Exchange Members are received by the Record Date, the initial nominees approved and submitted by the Member Nominating Committee shall be nominated as Member Representative Directors by the Nominating Committee. If one or more valid petitions from Exchange Members are received by the Record Date, the Secretary shall include such additional nominees, along with the initial nominees nominated by the Member Nominating Committee, on the List of Candidates. Upon completion, the List of Candidates shall be sent by the Secretary to all Exchange Members that were Exchange Members on the Record Date, by any means, including Electronic Transmission, to confirm the nominees for the Member Representative Director positions. The List of Candidates shall be accompanied by a notice regarding the time and date of an election to be held at least twenty (20) days prior to the annual or special Company Membersmeeting to confirm the Exchange Members’ selections of nominees for Member Representative Directors.
Petitions. (a) A petition for investigation to de- termine the existence of adverse condi- tions as described in § 555.3 may be sub- mitted by any person, including any common carrier, shipper, shippers’ as- sociation, ocean freight forwarder, or marine terminal operator, or any branch, department, agency, or other component of the Government of the United States. Petitions for relief under this part shall be in writing, and Federal Maritime Commission § 555.5 filed in the form of an original and fif- teen copies with the Secretary, Federal Maritime Commission, Washington, DC 20573. The petition must be accom- panied by remittance of a $289 filing fee.
Petitions. Tenants have the right to petition for waiver of all or part of their obligations under this Lease Agreement in the event of exceptional circumstances. Petitions are available online at Landlord will only consider a petition if the Tenant's University Housing account is current and in good standing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord’s consent to waive any obligation is discretionary. Petition decisions are final. Charges as a result of fire and safety infractions may not be petitioned.
Petitions. References in the Society Officer manuals to petitions to the Society Seneschal shall be interpreted as requiring the petition to be directed to the Kingdom Seneschal of the Affiliate where the Affiliate, or a group of Affiliates covers the entirety of the Kingdom.
Petitions. 12.1. Any Member of the Union is eligible to put forward a topic for discussion to become policy via petition.
Petitions. In the Estonian context, signing petitions is related to communication through the Internet. Electronic petitions in the Internet have made this option easily accessible for the public. is an Internet forum launched in 2010 by Central Union of Estonian Proprietors (MTÜ Eesti Omanike Keskliit) in order to facilitate participation in the society. Anyone can initiate petitions to be signed by like-­‐minded individuals, organise actions or poll about relevant issues in society. Even though signing petitions could be considered a rather common activity in the broader Estonian context over the last few years, this was not quite the case among the informants. However, MYPLACE quantitative data reflect relatively high participation in Tartu County – at least 21% of Tartu County and 8% of Ida-­‐Viru County respondents had signed petitions, while 6% and 5% of the respondents from the respective counties had collected signatures themselves. For people who are interested in particular developments within society, the first opportunity for showing this interest is the aforementioned web site, as stated by Ly from Ida-­‐ Viru County. When this Charter 12 started, it was very interesting. We immediately joined the petition or I am not sure how to say it. When they did something about it in the Internet,, or something, then we joined. (Ly, 23, Ida-­‐Viru County) However, this site is in Estonian, so people whose Estonian is not good enough cannot participate. In Tartu County, the petition topics mentioned most frequently were associated with environmental issues, urban planning, and education; Charter 12 and support for farmers and teachers were mentioned several times. In Ida-­‐Viru County, the issue mentioned most often was protesting against the partial transfer of Russian secondary schools to teaching in Estonian. The level of commitment upon signing petitions varied – in some cases, young people carefully considered what to sign. At the same time, young people might sign petitions without really understanding the issue and/or under the influence of an adult (parent). Several informants in both sites had rather vague memories regarding the petitions they had signed; this possibly indicates that the petitions had not been taken that seriously. On the other hand, the convenience of making one’s voice heard through the Internet encourages people to express their opinions on issues that matter in everyday life; this is exemplified by Lembit’s v...
Petitions. The following petitions, which had been entered in the register on the dates shown below, had been for- warded to the committee responsible pursuant to Rule 191(5): 13 January 2005 by Paul Braithwaite (Equitable Members Action Group) (No 29/2005); by Kleon Minotis (No 30/2005); by Ioannis Oikonomidis (No 31/2005); by Atilio Laurence Almagia (No 32/2005); by Ricard López (Apascide — Asociación Española de Padres de Sordociegos) (No 33/2005); by Juan Angel de la Torre González (Mesa Eólica Merindades de Burgos) (No 34/2005); by Francisco J. Menéndez Canto (Ministero de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales) (No 35/2005); by Jacqueline Princesse De Croy (No 36/2005); by Laurence de la Martinière (A.D.I.P.H.C.M.) (No 37/2005); by Christine Faisans-Blanc (No 38/2005); by Pierre Morel à l'Huissier (No 39/2005); by Joseph Saad (TRSP Radiotelevisione) (No 40/2005); by Michel d'Herbigny (No 41/2005); by Jean-Christophe Potin (No 42/2005); by ASPAS — Association pour la Protection des Animaux Sauvages (No 43/2005); by Patrick Graziani (No 44/2005); by Roger Abiven (Agir pour l'Environnement et le Développement Durable) (No 45/2005); by Gennaro Ciancio (No 46/2005); by Ugo Celauro (No 47/2005); by Federico Righi (No 48/2005); by Anna Zecchino (No 49/2005); by Luciano Motta (No 50/2005); by Andrea Murgia (No 51/2005); Monday 21 February 2005 by Paolo Frigerio (Comune di Alzate Brianza) (No 52/2005); by Roberta Angelilli (No 53/2005); by Roberta Angelilli (No 54/2005); by Roberta Angelilli (No 55/2005); by Nikos Papadimas (Epitropi Protovoulias Gia Tin Apomakrynsi Tis Homateris Kai Tin Mi Epektasi Tis Dimos Ano Liosion) (No 56/2005); by Anastasios Theodoridis (No 57/2005); by Savvas Deirmentzidis (No 58/2005); by Stelios Skevofylax (No 59/2005); by Konstantinos Iatrou (No 60/2005); by Carola Lemke-Leontoglou (No 61/2005); by Sotiria Siatou (No 62/2005); by Christos Praskidis (No 63/2005); by Christina Tsichlaki (No 64/2005); by Jörg Lehmann (SGM Grüne Aue Köpenick e.V.) (No 65/2005); by Eckhard Brünger (No 66/2005); by Dimitrios Grigoropoulos (No 67/2005); by Gerardo Klipcious (No 68/2005); by Christian Wenge (No 69/2005); by Dave Prentis (Unison) (No 70/2005); 28 January 2005 by Christos Rinis (No 71/2005); by Manuel Puga (No 72/2005); by Juan José Archilla Pintidura (No 73/2005); by Ramón Román Gálvez (No 74/2005); by Théodore Pescatore (Association Liberté de Conscience a.s.b.l.) (No 75/2005); by Nicolas Pomiés (Union des Familles Laïques) (No 76/2005); by Edith Nagant (Fédéra...
Petitions. It is the expectation that employees will use their entire vacation time allotment during their anniversary year. In extraordinary circumstances where the employee is unable to use his/her vacation time before the end of his/her anniversary year, the employee may petition the Sheriff, in writing, requesting that the Sheriff allow the employee to carry-over some/all (but no more than 40 hours) of his/her accrued but unused vacation time into his/her next anniversary year. The Sheriff will provide the employee a written answer within five (5) calendar days.
Petitions. No petitions shall be circulated during school hours among employees of the Kenton County Schools.