Petitions Sample Clauses

Petitions. Tenants have the right to petition for waiver of all or part of their obligations under this Lease Agreement in the event of exceptional circumstances. Petitions are available online at xxxx:// Landlord will only consider a petition if the Tenant's University Housing account is current and in good standing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord’s consent to waive any obligation is discretionary. Petition decisions are final. Charges as a result of fire and safety infractions may not be petitioned.
Petitions. If no valid petitions from Exchange Members are received by the Record Date, the initial nominees approved and submitted by the Member Nominating Committee shall be nominated as Member Representative Directors by the Nominating Committee. If one or more valid petitions from Exchange Members are received by the Record Date, the Secretary shall include such additional nominees, along with the initial nominees nominated by the Member Nominating Committee, on the List of Candidates. Upon completion, the List of Candidates shall be sent by the Secretary to all Exchange Members that were Exchange Members on the Record Date, by any means, including Electronic Transmission, to confirm the nominees for the Member Representative Director positions. The List of Candidates shall be accompanied by a notice regarding the time and date of an election to be held at least twenty (20) days prior to the annual or special Company Membersmeeting to confirm the Exchange Members’ selections of nominees for Member Representative Directors.
Petitions. (a) A petition for investigation to xx- xxxxxxx the existence of adverse condi- tions as described in § 555.3 may be sub- mitted by any person, including any common carrier, shipper, shippers’ as- sociation, ocean freight forwarder, or marine terminal operator, or any branch, department, agency, or other component of the Government of the United States. Petitions for relief under this part shall be in writing, and Federal Maritime Commission § 555.5 filed in the form of an original and fif- teen copies with the Secretary, Federal Maritime Commission, Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000. The petition must be accom- panied by remittance of a $291 filing fee.
Petitions. Amendments to the contract may be requested by petition only. Petition forms are available online at My Housing (xxxx:// Petitions are reviewed on an individual basis based on personal circumstances. Amendments granted to one provision of this contract shall not be construed as a waiver of any other provision. The final determination on such petitions is at the discretion of University Housing. Except as provided for in this agreement, no other amendments or modifications to this contract are allowed.‌
Petitions. To date, a total of SIX petitions have been received as follows: -
Petitions. Petitions received during consultation on the plan will be recognised and registered as a valid representation. Every petition must nominate a single presenter. An acknowledgment by letter or email will be sent to the presenter of the petition who will be the point of contact who will have a right to be heard at any future examination, subject to agreement by the Inspector. This does not limit the right of individuals signing the petition to submit separate formal representations on the Plan.
Petitions. Petitions are sometimes used by groups to offer their opinions on an issue. Any submitted petition should clearly state on each page the purpose of the petition, and should have a contact name and address/ e-mail.
Petitions. All Residents have the right to petition for waiver of all or part of this Contract in the event of exceptional circumstances. Petitions are available through University Housing office. Resident must be in good standing for a petition to be reviewed. Decisions of the Petition Review Board are final.