Perform Sample Clauses

Perform. For the purposes of this Contract, the verb “to perform” and the Contractor’s performance set forth in this Contract and its exhibits are referred to as “Perform,” “Performance” and other capitalized variations of the term.
Perform. Loan Documents. Borrower shall observe, perform and satisfy all the terms, provisions, covenants and conditions of, and shall pay when due all costs, fees and expenses to the extent required, under the Loan Documents executed and delivered by, or applicable to, Borrower.
Perform corrective actions to ensure compliance where needed.
Perform. Pay or perform such obligation due (but shall no be obligated to do so), if Tenant fails to pay or perform any obligations when due under this Lease within the time permitted for their payment or performance. In such case, the costs incurred by Landlord in connection with the performance of any such obligation will be additional rent due under this Lease and will become due and payable on demand by Landlord.
Perform. All acts and things of the Contractor and Contractor Parties, severally and collectively, that are necessary or appropriate to fulfill or accomplish this Contract fully, including the Deliverables and all other Contract obligations. The word “Perform” includes all parts of speech. jj. Performance CriteriaOperation of the Deliverables in compliance with all Specifications and Documentation and complying with the requirements of this Contract and a Statement of Work, as applicable. kk. Price ScheduleExhibit B to this Contract which when read in conjunction with Exhibit A, Deliverables Document, lists the Deliverables available under this Contract and establishes the components, unit pricing and price schedules for each Deliverable. ll. ReservedDefinition reserved. mm. Reserved Definition reserved. nn. Purchase OrdersA written or electronic document that the Client Agency issues for one or more Deliverables in accordance with the terms of this Contract. oo. RecordsAll working papers and such other information and materials furnished or prepared by the Contractor in Performing including but not limited to, documents, data, plans, books, computations, drawings, specifications, notes, reports, records, estimates, summaries, memoranda and correspondence, kept or stored in any form. pp. Replacement DeliverableAny new Deliverable that replaces a previously accepted Deliverable. qq. ReservedDefinition reserved. rr. ServicesThe labor or work, necessary or appropriate for the Contractor to Perform. ss. ReservedDefinition reserved. tt. SiteLocation(s) specified by the Client Agency where Deliverables are to be installed, Services rendered, or materials furnished. uu. SolicitationA State request, in whatever form issued, inviting bids, proposals or quotes for Deliverables, typified by, but not limited to, an invitation to bid, request for proposal, requests for information or request for quotes. The Solicitation and this Contract shall be governed by the statutes, regulations and procedures of DAS. The Solicitation is incorporated into and made a part of this Contract as if it had been fully set forth in it if, but only if, the Solicitation is in the form of an invitation to bid, request for information or request for quotes. A Solicitation in the form of a request for proposal is not incorporated into this Contract in its entirety, but, rather, it is incorporated into this Contract only to the extent specifically stated in Exhibit A. vv. Solicitation ResponseA submitta...
Perform. Electronically reproduce and distribute, and publicly perform and display the Proprietary Content on the web in conjunction with the Network, all in connection with the Services to be provided by IV pursuant to this Agreement; and
Perform. Etc.; Certain Provisions of this Agreement 16
Perform. Etc.; other Provisions of this Agreement 18
Perform. If Grantor fails to perform any agreement contained herein, Administrative Agent may itself perform, or cause performance of, such agreement, and the expenses of the Administrative Agent incurred in connection therewith shall be payable by the Grantor.
Perform. Lessee shall be entitled to perform County's Blocked Obligation itself and offset the cost and expense of such performance against Lessee's future payments of rent, fuel flowage fees, and any other sums which may be due from Lessee to County under this Agreement; or