Patches Sample Clauses

Patches. The Services will be patched regularly for performance and security. Patches are regression tested with the Services to ensure continued compatibility.
Patches. From time to time, Hi-Rez may provide you with updates or modifications to the Software Product (“Patches”). You understand that in order to continue using the Software Product and the Service, you must accept and install all Patches that you receive from Hi-Rez.
Patches. The Solution and Services will be patched regularly for performance and security, after such patches are regression tests with the Solution and Services to ensure continued compatibility.
Patches. The District shall provide employees in the bargaining unit with District approved and required patches. Employees, at their discretion, may also choose to wear one (1) IAFF pin, approved by the District, and at no cost to the District.
Patches. In the event Netscape releases a patch to the Netscape Product for general commercial distribution by permitting customers to download such patch from Netscape's World-Wide Web home page on the Internet, then Intraware shall have the right to distribute such patch (but not the entire Netscape Product) electronically to its End Users.

Related to Patches

  • Upgrades The Software includes all updates or supplements to the Software and this Section 19 applies to all such updates or supplements, unless the BNPP Entities provide other terms along with the update or supplement.

  • Functionality Customer is entitled to additional functionality previously purchased or bundled with the software if available in the version or update released on or after the start date of the Agreement. Customer acknowledges that certain functionality in current and previous software versions may not be available in future upgrades. Added functionality may require additional paid services (clinical and technical) to configure and support.

  • System Upgrades The Connecting Transmission Owner shall procure, construct, install, and own the System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades described in Attachment 6 of this Agreement. To the extent that design work is necessary in addition to that already accomplished in the Class Year Interconnection Facilities Study for the Interconnection Customer, the Connecting Transmission Owner shall perform or cause to be performed such work. If all the Parties agree, the Interconnection Customer may construct System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades.

  • Specifications That part of the Contract Documents consisting of written requirements for materials, equipment, systems, standards, and workmanship as applied to the Work, and certain administrative requirements and procedural matters applicable thereto. The term "Specifications" shall also include all written matter in the Project Manual or on the drawings and any Addenda or Change Orders thereto.

  • Compatibility 1. Any unresolved issue arising from a mutual agreement procedure case otherwise within the scope of the arbitration process provided for in this Article and Articles 25A to 25G shall not be submitted to arbitration if the issue falls within the scope of a case with respect to which an arbitration panel or similar body has previously been set up in accordance with a bilateral or multilateral convention that provides for mandatory binding arbitration of unresolved issues arising from a mutual agreement procedure case.

  • Assembly (1)(a) The Assembly shall, subject to Article 57(8), consist of the Contracting States.

  • Packages If under the Agreement packaging of products remains property of Supplier or is to be returned to Supplier, Buyer must return them at his risk and account empty to the destination indicated by Supplier and must advise Supplier on date of dispatch. Any packages not returned in good order and condition within a reasonable period shall be paid for by Buyer at Supplier’s standard replacement costs.

  • Samples Physical examples of materials, equipment, or workmanship that are representative of some portion of the Work and that establish the standards by which such portion of the Work will be judged. The Contractor shall furnish for approval all samples required by the Contract Documents. The Work shall be in accordance with approved samples.

  • Spares Boeing will revise, as applicable, the customized Recommended Spares Parts List (RSPL) and Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC).

  • Consumables Hardware Support does not include the delivery, return, replacement, or installation of supplies or other consumable items (including, but not limited to, operating supplies, magnetic media, print heads, ribbons, toner, and batteries) unless otherwise stated in a Transaction Document.