Shirts Sample Clauses

Shirts. The Authority shall provide Maintenance Unit employees with eight (8) shirts with Authority identification each year between September and November. The shirts will be one color and worn at all times while on duty. The employee may choose any combination of the following, not to exceed eight (8): Long sleeve shirt Short sleeve shirt “T” shirt (of good quality cotton) The Authority shall provide employees in the Housing Program Specialist, Senior Property Assistant, and Senior Housing Assistant classification two
Shirts. The Employer will provide employees at each of the facilities with shirts March 1st of each calendar year of the contract as follows: Fountain Valley Lakewood Los Alamitos Full-Time Part-Time Full-Time Part-Time Full-Time Part-time 6 Shirts 5 Shirts 6 Shirts 5 Shirts 5 Shirts 3 Shirts
Shirts. ▪ Eight (8) City-issued shirts per employee per year will be issued as follows: • Shirts will be OSHA compliant. • Shirts will be short or long sleeved t-shirts, or have buttons and collar.
Shirts. Volunteers may choose to purchase Easter Seals t-shirts, but it is not required. Shirts must be clean and free of wrinkles. Shirts can be tucked in or out. If shirts are not tucked in, they can fit comfortable and loosely but must not be largely oversized and hang to knee level. No Tank-Tops, Spaghetti Straps, Halter Tops, Midriff Showing, etc. PANTS Jeans, slacks, long skirts and shorts are all acceptable forms of dress. Pants, jeans, slacks, cannot be torn, dirty or dragging the ground or have frayed edges. No low waist pants or skirts. Skirts have to be past the knee and should preferably be at mid-calf or ankle length. Shorts must be fingertip length (no exceptions). FOOTWEAR The most accepted form is sneakers or tennis shoes. According to Health Dept. regulations volunteers are not to wear open toe or open heel shoes. This is for the safety of the volunteer. OVERALL APPEARANCE Volunteers must arrive clean and free of body odor. Heavy perfumes are not allowed due to sensitivity of the member’s allergies and asthma. Hair may be done based on personal style as long as it looks professional and appears to be neat and combed, no hats. Nail length should not impede job performance, and should be length appropriate for the safety of our members. Large or dangling jewelry should not be worn. No visible tattoos and/or piercings. I agree to follow the above outlined dress code policies, and understand that if I do not comply with the above requirements, I will be subject to early dismissal. Volunteer Signature Date ADULT MEDIA RELEASE I hereby consent that any narratives, depictions, pictures, film, photographs, audio-visual or sound recordings or testimonials of me made by Easter Seals Florida or its respective employees and agents may be used by Easter Seals Florida, and those acting with its permission, for the purpose of illustration, broadcast, or testimonial in connection with any work of Easter Seals Florida and that these materials may be released to the general public. I assign to Easter Seals Florida all of my rights to these materials. I understand that these materials made by Easter Seals Florida, its employees and agents are owned by Easter Seals Florida and that they may copyright them. I will allow Easter Seals Florida, their respective employees and agents, and those acting with Easter Seals Florida's permission, to use my protected health information, as defined under 45 C.F.R. 164.501, for the purpose of illustration, broadcast, or testimonial...
Shirts. All shirts shall be either very light blue or dark blue and shall be permanent press type or Polyester, and cotton type fabric. UNIFORMS: Uniforms are to be patterned identically to the Canadian Armed Forces uniform pattern. Winter weight shall be wool and and be labelled accordingly. Summer weight shall be and wool and shall be labelled accordingly. on uniforms and hat badges for all employees shall be silver in colour, except as otherwise herein specified. Buttons, badges and arm band insignia on uniforms and hat bands and badges, shall be gilt in colour for the following personnel: All Officers of the Fire Fighting Division Chief Fire Prevention Officer Director of Training Mechanic Supervisor of Communications and Systems Assistant Fire Prevention Officer Electronic and Electrical Officer (As specified in Article Buttons on uniforms and hat badges for all employees shall be silver or chrome in colour, except as otherwise herein specified.
Shirts.  Eight (8) City-issued shirts per employee per year will be issued as follows:  Shirts will be OSHA compliant.  Shirts will be short or long sleeved t-shirts, or have buttons and collar.
Shirts. Shirts will be standard issue uniforms with the appropriate City logo and employee's name. The fabric of these shirts may be cotton or appropriate material to meet OSHA requirements.
Shirts. Each guest receives one Slickrock t-shirt. T-shirts are received upon arrival to the Belize Biltmore Hotel. Late sign-ups may not receive their t-shirt before the trip. Unisex sizes, number after size is approximate measurement of shirt, shoulder to shoulder XXL (24") XL (22") L (21") M (19") S (18") XS (16") Please list 1st and 2nd choice
Shirts. The company will provide employee with five (5) each of long sleeve and short sleeve high visibility T-shirts on a replacement basis as required.
Shirts. An oxford dress shirt with Holy Cross logo, short or long sleeve, white or maroon, are the only acceptable shirts. The buttons on the collar must be buttoned. Only top button can be unbuttoned. Any shirt or undergarment worn beneath a boy’s shirt must be solid white and cannot be long sleeve when wearing a short sleeve uniform shirt. Students who come to school without a proper dress shirt will be sent to the office and will be provided with a “loaner” dress shirt for the day but will still receive a dress code violation.