Other Tasks Sample Clauses

Other Tasks. Perform or provide the following other Construction Phase tasks or deliverables:
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Other Tasks. A. Apply and obtain Permits.
Other Tasks a. Advise OC Waste & Recycling and others as designated by OC Waste & Recycling, for the purpose of analyzing and evaluating the Project site with respect to Construction-related considerations and ongoing site landfill operations.
Other Tasks a. Advise County in analyzing and evaluating the Project site with respect to construction- related considerations and ongoing site landfill operations.
Other Tasks. Perform any and all other acts in its judgment or in the judgment of the Committee to be necessary or appropriate for the proper and advantageous investment, management, administration, and distribution of the Trust.
Other Tasks. The Company will exercise its best efforts to do and perform all tasks required or necessary to be done or performed under this Agreement by the Company prior to the Closing Date or any Option Closing Date, as the case may be, and to satisfy all conditions precedent to the delivery of the Shares.
Other Tasks. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, the Parties may agree from time to time in a writing executed by both Parties on specific approval authority roles, responsibilities and/ or levels of authority required for resolution of certain Governance Tasks, which shall take precedence over the governance structure set forth herein. Absent any roles, responsibilities and/or required approval levels being identified in a writing executed by both Parties, where this Agreement specifies that the consent of a Party is required, such consent shall be obtained from such Party’s signatory to this Agreement.
Other Tasks. Additional Tasks may be generated (at the request of the Owner, or by the Engineer) to track other activities not included in the list above and/or to track specific activities that may result in greater efforts requiring further, specific definition(s). HDR Engineering, Inc.
Other Tasks a. Task: Conduct activities related to alternative fuel vehicle infrastructure development and corridor planning, including applications and updates to the GIS tool for stations, signage, and new corridors; assist with other duties as assigned as related to additional Clean Cities, clean air, and electric vehicle opportunities and initiatives.
Other Tasks. 1. Optimize CS, HCM and Fin functionality to take advantage of delivered processes and integrations.