Green Waste definition

Green Waste. Biodegradable waste that can be composed of plant material such as grass or flower cuttings, hedge trimmings and brush less than 1 inch in diameter.
Green Waste means waste that originates from flora and which does not contain or has not been treated or coated with, preserving agents, biocides, fire retardants, paint, adhesives or binders;
Green Waste means grass, lawn clippings, shrubs, plants, weeds, small branches, and other

Examples of Green Waste in a sentence

  • RECYCLING GREEN WASTE June The Recycling Green Waste budget could under spend by £80k as the scheme is not being expanded to include flats until the new contract is let in 2011 resulting in an in year saving and possible base budget saving.

  • Goddards Green Waste Water Treatment Works: Phase 1 of the project has been completed delivering most of the odour reduction benefits.

  • The current annual income for Green Waste charges is approximately£0.4m.

  • The Facilities set out at clause 5.1 will be agreed with each WCA on an annual basis and will cover by waste stream type (e.g. pulpables, Comingled, Food and Green Waste, and Residual (including Trade and Bulky Waste)), in a format similar to the template table set out below.

  • Contractor will provide wheeled carts and bins for collection of Organic Material, including Green Waste and/or Food Waste.

More Definitions of Green Waste

Green Waste means tree trimmings, grass cuttings, dead plants, leaves, branches, and dead trees (not more than six (6) inches in diameter) and similar materials generated at the Commercial or Industrial Premises.
Green Waste means outdoor spring cleaning residues and other landscaping work waste, tillage residues, waste from gardens or fruit trees, small branches (not exceeding 1m in length and 5 cm in diameter) grouped together with fiber string, cut grass and weeds;
Green Waste means any vegetative matter resulting from normal yard and landscaping maintenance that is not more than three (3) feet in its longest dimension or six (6) inches in diameter which has been source separated by the Customer and set out for Green Waste Collection which except for such Source Separation and set out would have been processed or disposed of as Solid Waste. Green Waste includes plant debris, such as palm, yucca and cactus, ivy, grass clippings, leaves, pruning, weeds, branches, brush, holiday trees (without stands, flocking or ornamentation), and other forms of vegetative waste and must be generated by and at the Service Unit wherein the Green Waste is Collected. Green Waste does not include items herein defined as Exempt Waste.
Green Waste means all vegetative cuttings, shrubs, stumps, logs, brush, tree trimmings, grass, and related materials which have been separated from other solid waste.
Green Waste means waste that is grass cuttings, trees, bushes, shrubs, material lopped from trees, untreated timber or other waste that is similar in nature but does not include declared pest species.
Green Waste means leaves, brush, shrub and tree prunings, nursery residuals, forestry residuals, and other vegetative matter capable of being mulched for beneficial reuse.
Green Waste means tree trimmings, wood stumps, small pieces of wood, grass cuttings, dead plants, leaves, branches, flowers, plant stocks, and dead trees (not more than six (6) inches in diameter or forty-eight (48) inches in length) and similar materials.