Compliance Programs Sample Clauses

Compliance Programs. Contractor shall, and shall require Participating Providers and all subcontractors to, comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, executive orders, ordinances and guidance, including without limitation, the Affordable Care Act, the California Affordable Care Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Anti-Kickback Statute, the Public Contracts Anti-Kickback Act, the Xxxxx Law, the Xxxx-Xxxxx Health Care Service Plan Act of 1975, and California Insurance Code, as applicable.
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Compliance Programs. The Company has established and administers a compliance program applicable to the Company, to assist the Company and the officers and employees of the Company in complying with applicable regulatory guidelines (including, without limitation, those administered by the FDA, the EMA, and any other foreign, federal, state or local governmental or regulatory authority performing functions similar to those performed by the FDA or EMA); except where such noncompliance would not reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Change.
Compliance Programs. The Employee will at all times while employed with the Company comply fully with the Company’s “Guidelines of Company Policies and Conduct” and any other compliance program, as such programs may be amended from time to time, and acknowledges that his obligations under such programs as an employee are contractual in nature.
Compliance Programs. (a) Fraud, Waste and Abuse; Ethical Conduct. Contractor shall maintain and enforce policies, procedures, processes, systems and internal controls (i) to reduce fraud, waste and abuse, and (ii) to enhance compliance with applicable Laws in connection with the performance of Contractor’s obligations under this Contract.
Compliance Programs. (a) To the extent necessary, review and revise its policies and procedures to provide continuing compliance with all applicable Health Care Laws.
Compliance Programs. Sellers have provided to Buyers an accurate and complete copy of each Facility’s current compliance program materials. Sellers and the Facilities have conducted their operations in accordance with their respective compliance programs. Sellers have granted Buyers access to logs and other information maintained by Sellers under their respective compliance programs. No Seller (a) is a party to a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the OIG; (b) has any reporting obligations pursuant to any settlement agreement entered into with any Governmental Authority; (c) except as disclosed in the SEC Filings and, to Sellers’ knowledge, has been the subject of any Government Program investigation conducted by any federal or state enforcement agency; (d) except as disclosed in the SEC Filings, has been a defendant in any qui tam/False Claims Act litigation (other than by reason of a sealed complaint of which Sellers have no knowledge); and (e) except as disclosed in Schedule 4.14, has received any complaints with respect to the Facilities through such Seller’s compliance “hotline” from employees, independent contractors, vendors, physicians, patients, or any other persons that could reasonably be considered to indicate that such Seller has violated, or is currently in violation of, any Law. For purposes of this Agreement, the term “compliance program” refers to provider programs of the type described in the compliance guidance published by the OIG.
Compliance Programs. Maintain a compliance program which is reasonably designed to provide effective internal controls that promote adherence to and prevent and detect material violations of Laws, including the Medicaid Regulations, Medicare Regulations and HIPAA, and which includes reasonable monitoring on a regular basis to monitor compliance with the compliance program and with Laws.
Compliance Programs. The Guarantor and its Subsidiaries have conducted and will conduct their businesses in compliance with applicable Anti-Corruption Laws and Sanctions, and have maintained and will maintain policies and procedures designed to promote and achieve compliance with such laws.
Compliance Programs. Each of the Adviser and the Subadviser hereby represents and warrants that:
Compliance Programs. On or prior to the date that is six (6) months after the Closing, the Executive Shareholders shall cause each member of the CMC Group to have, to the satisfaction of the OEP and at the sole expense of the Company, established and implemented oversight and compliance programs acceptable to OEP and in accordance with all applicable laws with respect to: