Orders for Shares Sample Clauses

Orders for Shares. Orders received from you for Shares of a Fund will be accepted by us only at the public offering price applicable to each order, as set forth in the relevant Prospectus and Statement. All orders by you for a Fund's Shares will be held through the Accounts with the Fund, and you agree to make available to the Funds on a monthly basis records necessary to determine the number of Plans or Customers in each Account (indicating the number of new Customer accounts opened during the month, as well as the number of ongoing Customer accounts) and, if requested by us, the times of receipt of Customer orders. You agree to use your best efforts to assist us in identifying "market timers" or investors who engage in a pattern of short-term trading. On each day on which a Fund calculates its net asset value (a "Business Day"), you shall aggregate and calculate the net purchase and redemption orders for each Account. Net orders shall only reflect Customer orders that you have received prior to the close of regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange, Inc. (the "NYSE") (currently 4:00 p.m., Eastern time) on that Business Day. Orders that you have received after the close of regular trading on the NYSE shall be treated as though received on the next Business Day. Each communication of orders by you shall constitute a representation that such orders were received by you prior to the close of regular trading on the NYSE on the Business Day on which the purchase or redemption order is priced in accordance with Rule 22c-1 under the 1940 Act. Other procedures relating to the Funds, including the timing and manner of payment for Shares, shall be in accordance with Schedule B, as amended from time to time, as well as with the Prospectus and Statement of the relevant Fund and with oral or written instructions that we or the relevant Fund shall forward to you from time to time. SUBJECT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND THE PROCEDURES REFERRED TO IN THE PRECEDING PARAGRAPH, YOU ARE HEREBY APPOINTED TO ACT, AND YOU HEREBY AGREE TO ACT, AS AGENT OF EACH FUND FOR THE PURPOSE SPECIFICALLY SET FORTH IN THIS PARAGRAPH. Provided that you comply with the procedures referred to in the preceding paragraph, you shall be deemed to be an agent of each Fund for the sole purpose of receiving instructions from Customers for the purchase and redemption of Shares of the Fund prior to the close of regular trading on the NYSE each Business Day and communicating orders based on such in...
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Orders for Shares. Subject to applicable provisions of the Securities Act of 1933 and the Investment Company Act of 1940, purchase and redemption orders for Shares of a Fund will be processed in accordance with the terms of the Fund Participation Agreement entered into by and among the Service Organization, the Funds and the investment Advisor. Service Organization agrees to use all reasonable efforts to assist the Funds in identifying “market timers” or investors who engage in a patter of short-term trading.

Related to Orders for Shares

  • Payments for Shares The Custodian shall receive from the distributor for the Fund's Shares or from the Transfer Agent of the Fund and deposit into the Fund's account such payments as are received for Shares of the Fund issued or sold from time to time by the Fund. The Custodian will provide timely notification to the Fund and the Transfer Agent of any receipt by it of payments for Shares of the Fund.

  • Certificates for Shares Upon the exercise of the purchase rights evidenced by this Warrant, one or more certificates for the number of Shares so purchased shall be issued as soon as practicable thereafter, and in any event within thirty (30) days of the delivery of the subscription notice.

  • Subscription for Shares 1.1 Subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, the Subscriber hereby subscribes for and agrees to purchase from the Company such number of Shares as is set forth upon the signature page hereof at a price equal to $0.01 US per Share. Upon execution, the subscription by the Subscriber will be irrevocable.

  • Payment for Shares Prior to the Effective Time, the Purchaser shall designate a commercial bank or trust company organized under the laws of the United States or any state of the United States with capital, surplus and undivided profits of at least $100,000,000 to act as Paying Agent with respect to the Merger (the "Paying Agent"). Each holder (other than Parent, the Purchaser or any subsidiary of Parent) of a certificate or certificates (the "Certificates") which immediately prior to the Effective Time represented outstanding Shares will be entitled to receive, upon surrender to the Paying Agent of the Certificates for cancellation, cash in an amount equal to the product of the number of Shares previously represented by the Certificates multiplied by the Merger Consideration, subject to any required withholding of taxes. When and as needed, the Purchaser shall make available to the Paying Agent sufficient funds to make all payments pursuant to the preceding sentence. No interest shall accrue or be paid on the cash payable upon the surrender of the Certificates. If payment is to be made to a person other than the person in whose name the Certificates surrendered are registered, it shall be a condition of payment that the Certificates so surrendered shall be properly endorsed or otherwise in proper form for transfer and that the person requesting the payment shall pay any transfer or other taxes required by reason of the payment to a person other than the registered holder of the Certificates surrendered or establish to the satisfaction of the Surviving Corporation that the tax has been paid or is not applicable. Following the Effective Time, until surrendered to the Paying Agent in accordance with the provisions of this Section 2.6, each Certificate (other than Certificates representing Dissenting Shares and Shares owned by Parent or any subsidiary of Parent) shall represent for all purposes only the right to receive upon surrender the Merger Consideration multiplied by the number of Shares evidenced by the Certificate, without any interest, subject to any required withholding of taxes. Any funds delivered or made available to the Paying Agent pursuant to this Section 2.6 and not exchanged for Certificates within 12 months after the Effective Time will be returned by the Paying Agent to the Surviving Corporation, which thereafter will act as Paying Agent, subject to the rights of holders of unsurrendered Certificates under this Article 2, and any former shareholders of the Company who have not previously exchanged their Certificates will thereafter be entitled to look only to the Surviving Corporation for payment of their claims for the consideration set forth in Section 2.1.3(a), without any interest, but will have no greater rights against the Surviving Corporation than may be accorded to general creditors thereof under applicable law. As soon as practicable after the Effective Time, the Surviving Corporation will cause the Paying Agent to mail to each record holder of Certificates a form of letter of transmittal (which will specify that delivery will be effected, and risk of loss and title of the Certificates will pass, only upon proper delivery of the Certificates to the Paying Agent) and instructions for use in effecting the surrender of the Certificates for payment.

  • Consideration for Shares The Trustees may issue Shares of any Series for such consideration (which may include property subject to, or acquired in connection with the assumption of, liabilities) and on such terms as they may determine (or for no consideration if pursuant to a Share dividend or split-up), all without action or approval of the Shareholders. All Shares when so issued on the terms determined by the Trustees shall be fully paid and nonassessable (but may be subject to mandatory contribution back to the Trust as provided in Section 6.1(l) hereof). The Trustees may classify or reclassify any unissued Shares, or any Shares of any Series previously issued and reacquired by the Trust, into Shares of one or more other Series that may be established and designated from time to time.

  • Purchase Price for Shares On the Closing Date, the Buyer shall pay to the Seller (to such account as the Seller shall nominate) the amount of US Dollars 33,500,000 (the “Purchase Price”) in exchange for the Shares, less any amounts paid as a deposit for the Shares under that certain Master Vessel Acquisition Agreement between the Buyer and Seller, dated as of July 24, 2014. The Buyer shall have no responsibility or liability hereunder for the Seller’s allocation and distribution of the Purchase Price among the Seller Entities.

  • Orders and Payment for Shares Orders for Shares shall be directed to the Fund's shareholder services agent, for acceptance on behalf of the Fund. At or prior to the time of delivery of any of our Shares you will pay or cause to be paid to the custodian of the Fund's assets, for our account, an amount in cash equal to the net asset value of such Shares. Sales of Shares shall be deemed to be made when and where accepted by the Fund's shareholder services agent. The Fund's custodian and shareholder services agent shall be identified in its prospectus.

  • Redemption of Warrants for Shares of Common Stock Subject to Section 6.6 hereof, not less than all of the outstanding Warrants may be redeemed, at the option of the Company, at any time during the Exercise Period, at the office of the Warrant Agent, upon notice to the Registered Holders of the Warrants, as described in Section 6.4 below, at a Redemption Price of $0.10 per Warrant, provided that (i) the Reference Value equals or exceeds $10.00 per share (subject to adjustment in compliance with Section 4 hereof) and (ii) if the Reference Value is less than $18.00 per share (subject to adjustment in compliance with Section 4 hereof), the Private Placement Warrants are also concurrently called for redemption on the same terms as the outstanding Public Warrants. During the 30-day Redemption Period in connection with a redemption pursuant to this Section 6.2, Registered Holders of the Warrants may elect to exercise their Warrants on a “cashless basis” pursuant to subsection 3.3.1 and receive a number of shares of Common Stock determined by reference to the table below, based on the Redemption Date (calculated for purposes of the table as the period to expiration of the Warrants) and the “Redemption Fair Market Value” (as such term is defined in this Section 6.2) (a “Make-Whole Exercise”). Solely for purposes of this Section 6.2, the “Redemption Fair Market Value” shall mean the volume weighted average price of the Common Stock during the ten (10) trading days immediately following the date on which notice of redemption pursuant to this Section 6.2 is sent to the Registered Holders. In connection with any redemption pursuant to this Section 6.2, the Company shall provide the Registered Holders with the Redemption Fair Market Value no later than one (1) Business Day after the ten (10) trading day period described above ends. Redemption Date Redemption Fair Market Value of shares of Common Stock (period to expiration of warrants) ≤10.00 11.00 12.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 ≥18.00 60 months 0.261 0.281 0.297 0.311 0.324 0.337 0.348 0.358 0.361 57 months 0.257 0.277 0.294 0.310 0.324 0.337 0.348 0.358 0.361 54 months 0.252 0.272 0.291 0.307 0.322 0.335 0.347 0.357 0.361 51 months 0.246 0.268 0.287 0.304 0.320 0.333 0.346 0.357 0.361 48 months 0.241 0.263 0.283 0.301 0.317 0.332 0.344 0.356 0.361 45 months 0.235 0.258 0.279 0.298 0.315 0.330 0.343 0.356 0.361 42 months 0.228 0.252 0.274 0.294 0.312 0.328 0.342 0.355 0.361 39 months 0.221 0.246 0.269 0.290 0.309 0.325 0.340 0.354 0.361 36 months 0.213 0.239 0.263 0.285 0.305 0.323 0.339 0.353 0.361 33 months 0.205 0.232 0.257 0.280 0.301 0.320 0.337 0.352 0.361 30 months 0.196 0.224 0.250 0.274 0.297 0.316 0.335 0.351 0.361 27 months 0.185 0.214 0.242 0.268 0.291 0.313 0.332 0.350 0.361 24 months 0.173 0.204 0.233 0.260 0.285 0.308 0.329 0.348 0.361 21 months 0.161 0.193 0.223 0.252 0.279 0.304 0.326 0.347 0.361 18 months 0.146 0.179 0.211 0.242 0.271 0.298 0.322 0.345 0.361 15 months 0.130 0.164 0.197 0.230 0.262 0.291 0.317 0.342 0.361 12 months 0.111 0.146 0.181 0.216 0.250 0.282 0.312 0.339 0.361 9 months 0.090 0.125 0.162 0.199 0.237 0.272 0.305 0.336 0.361 6 months 0.065 0.099 0.137 0.178 0.219 0.259 0.296 0.331 0.361 3 months 0.034 0.065 0.104 0.150 0.197 0.243 0.286 0.326 0.361 0 months — — 0.042 0.115 0.179 0.233 0.281 0.323 0.361 The exact Redemption Fair Market Value and Redemption Date may not be set forth in the table above, in which case, if the Redemption Fair Market Value is between two values in the table or the Redemption Date is between two redemption dates in the table, the number of shares of Common Stock to be issued for each Warrant exercised in a Make-Whole Exercise shall be determined by a straight-line interpolation between the number of shares set forth for the higher and lower Redemption Fair Market Values and the earlier and later redemption dates, as applicable, based on a 365- or 366-day year, as applicable.

  • Adjustments for Share Splits The parties acknowledge and agree that all share-related numbers contained in this Agreement shall be adjusted to take into account any share split, share dividend or similar event effected with respect to the Common Stock.

  • Method of Exercise and Payment for Shares This option shall be exercised by written notice delivered to the Company at its principal office, specifying the number of shares to be acquired upon such exercise, and accompanied by cash payment of the exercise price.

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