Order Confirmation Sample Clauses

Order Confirmation. An e-mail order confirmation shall be sent to the Ordering Agencies buyer within one (1) hour of Contractors receipt of purchase order. This order confirmation shall include the following information; but not limited to, Purchase Order Number, Order Date, Ship to Information, list of ordered items, list of shipped items, backordered items, and expected delivery date. In lieu of an e-mail address, this confirmation shall be faxed. If the confirmation does not match the requested items, the Ordering Agency shall contact Customer Service.
Order Confirmation. Lonza shall confirm the delivery date(s) and quantity of Product to be delivered as set out in each Purchase Order within [***] business days of receipt from Customer of the relevant Purchase Order. Upon confirmation, each Purchase Order will be regarded by the Parties as a binding commitment by Lonza to manufacture and to deliver to Customer the relevant quantity of Product according to the requirements set out in such Purchase Order. Subject to Section 6.3 below, any delivery date set forth in Lonza’s written confirmation of a purchase order shall be a firm delivery date plus or minus [***] business days. Any additional or inconsistent terms or conditions of any Customer purchase order, acknowledgement or similar standardized form given or received pursuant to this Agreement shall have no effect and such terms and conditions are hereby rejected.
Order Confirmation. All orders from Customer must be made in writing and are subject to approval and confirmation upon receipt by Seller. No order is guaranteed until Seller issues an order confirmation to Customer. Cancellation of orders may not be made without the written consent of Seller and such orders are subject to a 15% cancellation fee. Customer’s orders must be a minimum of $500 with a line item minimum of $50 (excluding expendables).
Order Confirmation. We will confirm the execution of an order by e-mail after each execution. The settlement of an order will result in us sending you an order confirmation by e-mail setting out the quantity of Precious Metal that was traded based on the original order and will state the exact time and price at which the order was executed and the costs and fees charged. Failure to receive an email confirming execution may mean the order was not accepted and the responsibility is entirely on you to follow up with us as to what has happened.
Order Confirmation. 2.1 Unless otherwise this PO will be issued by the Buyer in duplicate to the Vendor if the quantum amount exceeds SINGAPORE DOLLARS FIFTY THOUSAND (SGD50,000.00). On returning the duplicated copy duly stamped, dated and signed to the Buyer, the Vendor shall be deemed to have confirmed the order and to have agreed to the terms and conditions stated herein.
Order Confirmation. Within 24 hours of CTRX's receipt of an order, CTRX shall confirm to CE CTRX's receipt of such orders which confirmation shall state whether the order was accepted, rejected due to incomplete information, or rejected due to unavailable Products.
Order Confirmation. 3.1. Party A shall place orders with Party B mainly with the Purchase Order. After receiving the Purchase Order from Party A, Party B shall, within four hours, confirm the specification, quantity, unit price, delivery time, payment method, etc. relating to the goods as set out in the order and send it back to Party A after affixing of signatures and seals, which shall be deemed as the basis for the confirmation of the Purchase Order by the two parties.
Order Confirmation the Supplier’s order confirmation issued to the Customer.
Order Confirmation. Should the Client place an order via our electronic trading platform, they will receive instant confirmation as to the status of the order. This must be checked carefully. Telephone orders will be repeated back to the Client for confirmation and the conversations will be taped. (Note Clause 15 re notification of errors or discrepancies)
Order Confirmation. Upon receiving an Order Request, or after speaking with you, we will send you an Order Confirmation or Quotation setting out the commercial details and other terms on which we will supply you with the Goods and Services.