Obligations of Secured Party Sample Clauses

Obligations of Secured Party. Secured Party has no obligation to make any loans hereunder. Any money received by Secured Party in respect of the Collateral may be deposited, at Secured Party's option, into a non-interest bearing account over which Debtor shall have no control, and the same shall, for all purposes, be deemed Collateral hereunder.
Obligations of Secured Party. During the term of this Agreement, and for so long as the Secured Party is in possession of the Certificate, the Secured Party shall take reasonable care of the Certificate. Once the Pledgor has made payment in full on all of the principal and interest on the Note, the Secured Party shall redeliver the Certificate to the Pledgor, together with the stock powers endorsed by the Pledgor.
Obligations of Secured Party. Secured Party shall have no obligation or liability under any Contract by reason of or arising out of this Agreement or the granting to Secured Party of a lien therein or the receipt by Secured Party of any payment relating to any Contract pursuant hereto, nor shall Secured Party be required or obligated in any manner to perform or fulfill any of the obligations of Debtor under or pursuant to any Contract, or to make any payment, or to make any inquiry as to the nature or the sufficiency of any payment received by it or the sufficiency of any performance by any party under any Contract, or to present or file any claim, or to take any action to collect or enforce any performance or the payment of any amounts which may have been assigned to it or to which it may be entitled at any time or times.
Obligations of Secured Party. Secured Party has no obligations to Debtor hereunder except those expressly required herein. Except as expressly provided in the Loan Agreements, Secured Party has not agreed to make any further advance or loan of any kind to Debtor or DTN. Secured Party's duty of care with respect to the Collateral in its possession shall be deemed fulfilled if Secured Party exercises reasonable care in physically safekeeping the Collateral or, in the case of Collateral in the possession of a bailee or third party, exercises reasonable care in the selection of the bailee or third party. Secured Party need not otherwise preserve, protect, insure or care for the Collateral. Secured Party need not preserve rights the Debtor may have against prior parties, realize on the Collateral in any particular manner or order, or apply proceeds of the Collateral in any particular order of application.
Obligations of Secured Party. Upon payment in full of all outstanding amounts due under the Note, the Secured Party will promptly terminate all financing statements, filings and other documents referenced in Section 3(a) hereof, and execute and deliver to Debtor such termination statements, releases, re-assignments and other instruments as necessary to re-vest in Debtor full title to the Collateral and to remove all liens and security interests of the Secured Party therein. The Secured Party hereby appoints Debtor as its attorney in fact with the power and authority to execute and deliver in the name of the Secured Party any of the foregoing termination statements, releases, re-assignments and other instruments that the Secured Party refuses or is unable to so execute and deliver. This power of attorney is coupled with an interest and is irrevocable.
Obligations of Secured Party. The obligation of Secured Party to make any Loan (other than Revolving Credit Loans pursuant to Section 1.1(b) above), to permit the conversion of the Revolving Credit Loans to the Term Loan or to cause issuance of the Guaranty is conditioned upon the following:
Obligations of Secured Party. Beyond the exercise of reasonable care to assure the safe custody of the Collateral while Secured Party has a security interest in the Collateral, Secured Party shall have no duty or liability to preserve any rights pertaining to the Collateral. Secured Party shall not be liable for failure to collect or realize upon the Obligations
Obligations of Secured Party. Secured Party has no obligation to make any loans hereunder except as set forth in the Loan Agreement between the parties.