Good Standing definition

Good Standing means only that as of the date of this opinion the Company is up-to-date with the filing of its annual returns and payment of annual fees with the Registrar of Companies. We have made no enquiries into the Company’s good standing with respect to any filings or payment of fees, or both, that it may be required to make under the laws of the Cayman Islands other than the Companies Act.
Good Standing means a valid MNO Community Charter Agreement that is recognized by MNO as active and that is not under an order of revocation or suspension by the MNO. If, in the opinion of MNO, the Community Council has ceased to effectively function for a period of 6 months, then the Community Charter is deemed to be no longer active. A Community Charter can be reactivated, with the consent of MNO, by means of a Community Council resolution, whereby the restored Community Council agrees to adopt and abide by the terms and conditions of its MNO Community Charter Agreement, this Community Code, the MNO By-Laws and the MNO Statement of Prime Purpose.
Good Standing means not being blacklisted or involved in illegal activities ,must comply with Sol Plaatje Municipality Credit Control Policy with regard to payments for services , and must have satisfactorily complied with present and previous contractual obligations.

Examples of Good Standing in a sentence

  • Walkers190 Elgin Avenue, George TownGrand Cayman KY1-9001, Cayman IslandsT +1 345 949 0100 F +1 345 949 7886 With effect from 1 July 2021, Walkers (Cayman) has converted to Walkers (Cayman) LLP but will continue to trade as Walkers.Our opinion as to the good standing of the Company is based solely upon receipt of the Certificate of Good Standing (as defined in Schedule 1) issued by the Registrar.

  • The Company is duly incorporated and existing under the laws of the Cayman Islands and, based on the Certificate of Good Standing, is in good standing as at the Certificate Date.

  • A Certificate of Good Standing dated 26 February 2024 issued by the Registry of Corporate Affairs (the “ Certificate of Good Standing”).

More Definitions of Good Standing

Good Standing means the Athlete must be a current registered member of Tri NZ and/or of a club affiliated to Tri NZ, and not be subject to any sanction or disciplinary action from Tri NZ or their club.
Good Standing means the applicant:
Good Standing means an Account that is not past due or over the stated credit limit;
Good Standing means, for the purpose of reciprocity, that:
Good Standing as used in this Section, shall mean employees who gave the required minimum two (2) weeks’ notice and who have not been discharged for cause. It shall also mean employees who have been laid off.
Good Standing means that the Tenderer and/or nominated person shall not be in any
Good Standing means that you are not in breach of any of your obligations towards us, that all your accounts with us are up to date, not in arrears, dormant, or overdrawn and you and all your accounts are FICA compliant and compliant with all other applicable laws and our internal policies or are considered to be in good standing for any other reason.