OBLIGATIONS OF BORROWER. In addition to Borrower's obligations to Lender as set forth in the Note and during the period that the Note is outstanding, Borrower shall make available to Lender the following information and documents: (i) Borrower's annual financial statements; and (ii) such information and documents as Lender may reasonably request regarding Borrower's business, financial and operating affairs. All said information and documents shall be reasonably delivered to Lender upon Borrower's receipt of a notice from Lender.
OBLIGATIONS OF BORROWER. Each of the Loan ------------------------ Documents to which Borrower is a party are the legal, valid and binding obligations of Borrower, enforceable against it in accordance with their terms, except as the same may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization or other laws or equitable principles relating to or affecting the enforcement of creditors' rights generally. Borrower is obtaining the Loan for commercial purposes.
OBLIGATIONS OF BORROWER. Borrower warrants and covenants to Lender as follows:
OBLIGATIONS OF BORROWER. 8.1 The borrower should repay the principal and interest of loan under this contract according to the time, amount, currency and interest rate specified in this contract and the corresponding Application for