Obligations of the Borrower Sample Clauses

Obligations of the Borrower. 13 Section 3.01.
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Obligations of the Borrower. (a) Provided that the Hermes Insurance Policy complies with Section 11.13.1, the Borrower shall pay (a) the First Fee to the Hermes Agent or Hermes on demand following the issue of the Hermes Insurance Policy and (b) the Second Fee to the Hermes Agent or Hermes on the First Disbursement Date. In each case, if received by the Hermes Agent, the Hermes Agent shall pay such amount to Hermes.
Obligations of the Borrower. Until payment in full of the Loan, the Borrower agrees to the following:
Obligations of the Borrower. Whenever required to effect the registration of any Registrable Securities under this Agreement, the Borrower will, as expeditiously as reasonably possible:
Obligations of the Borrower. The borrower is obliged:
Obligations of the Borrower at any time it is unlawful for the Borrower to perform any of its material obligations under the Transaction Documents, or to own its material assets or to carry on its business in materially the same fashion as contemplated in the Financing Documents and such condition continues for period of sixty (60) days;
Obligations of the Borrower. 1. Documents and materials required by the lender shall be truthfully provided (including account numbers of all opening banks, balance of deposits and loans, utilization of relevant loans, assets, production and business activities, Internal management and other true information);
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Obligations of the Borrower. 1. The following obligations are general obligations, and their violation constitutes a case of loan default. The Borrower is obliged to:
Obligations of the Borrower. 8.1 The Borrower shall repay the loan principal under this contract and pay the interest according to the time, amount, currency and interest rate recorded in this contract and the corresponding Application for Use of Line of Credit. The fund withdrawal account designated by the Borrower is used to collect the corresponding sales revenue or planned repayment funds. If the corresponding sales revenue is settled in a non-cash manner, the Borrower shall ensure that the money is promptly transferred to the fund withdrawal account after being received. The Borrower shall provide the capital inflow and outflow of the capital withdrawal account as required by the Lender.
Obligations of the Borrower. (a) Borrower agrees to pay to Administrative Agent in connection with each Letter of Credit issued hereunder: (i) immediately upon the demand of Administrative Agent on behalf of all Banks, the amount paid by each Bank with respect to such Letter of Credit; (ii) immediately upon demand of Administrative Agent, the amount of any draft presented purporting to be drawn under such Letter of Credit provided that the draft and accompanying documents conform to the terms of the Letter of Credit but subject to the terms of Paragraph 2A.7 (whether or not Administrative Agent has at such time honored such draft) and any other amounts paid thereunder (it being understood that Administrative Agent is not required to make demand upon or proceed against any Bank or other party or to resort to any Collateral before obtaining payment from Borrower); (iii) on the date of issuance of each Letter of Credit and on the effective date of any extension or renewal of any Letter of Credit a non-refundable fee for the benefit of Banks in accordance with each Bank's percentage share of the Commitment as set forth on Schedule 1 attached hereto, calculated on the face amount of such Letter of Credit in the following amounts: (A) a standard issuance charge determined by the Administrative Agent plus the Applicable Libor Margin for the period during which the Letter of Credit is to be outstanding plus (B) a twenty-five basis points fronting fee payable to Administrative Agent; (iv) interest on any indebtedness outstanding with respect to such Letter of Credit, whether for funds paid on drafts on such Letter of Credit, or otherwise (but such indebtedness shall not include undrawn balances of such Letter of Credit issued hereunder) at the rate applicable to Base Rate Portions under Paragraph 2.6(b)(i)(A) hereof from the date of payment by Administrative Agent (if not reimbursed by Borrower on the same day) to the date one (1) Business Day after notice to Borrower of such payment, and thereafter at the rate applicable to Base Rate Portions under Paragraph 2.6(b) hereof. Interest under the preceding clause (iv) shall be paid at the times and in the manner set forth in Paragraph 2.6 hereof, and shall accrue on amounts paid on a Letter of Credit (if not reimbursed by Borrower on the same day) from the date of payment by Administrative Agent, whether or not demand is made, until such amounts are reimbursed by Borrower whether before, at or after demand.
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