New Entrants Sample Clauses

New Entrants. 4.1.1. The Government as employer considered it appropriate, during a time of unprecedented crisis, to introduce alternate arrangements for terms and conditions of employment for future public service employees. The Haddington Road Agreement provided for revised salary scales in order to address the differential pay scale arrangements between those public servants recruited at entry grades since 1 January 2011 and those who entered before that date. In addition agreement was reached on salary scale ameliorations introduced in respect of certain categories of primary and secondary level teachers.
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New Entrants. A new employee, or a person not previously on the Shift Overtime List, will initially be credited with one (1) hour more than the maximum accrued in his or her classification and shift. That employee’s name would go to the bottom of the list.
New Entrants. As already stated in the paragraph about competition, it is likely that spin offs from collaboration projects will result in competitive products, which means there is a serious risk that new players will enter the market.
New Entrants. Media Grids will cover a proportion of known requirements. However, over time the Authority expects that new suppliers, formats or buy types that government have not purchased previously will appear. The expectation is that the Supplier will deliver 'market leading' rates that reflect the competitive nature of the submission. Any such new guarantees will be agreed in conjunction with an independent third party (e.g. Media Auditor).
New Entrants. In the event that a Prospective Entrant wishes to provide the Services from time to time, the Minister agrees that it shall be a condition of granting any authorisation to such Potential Entrant to provide services similar to the Services that:
New Entrants. The terms of the Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) Act 2012 shall apply. *(delete as appropriate)
New Entrants. Other than (i) in the Small Operator Area, (ii) on the termination, whether by default, in bankruptcy or otherwise, of a particular Operator’s Lease Agreement and Concession Agreement, or (iii) at the beginning of a Concession Term, the Port will not allow New Entrants into the Consolidated Rental Car Facility. New Entrants in the Small Operator Area will, subject to reallocation as provided in Section 11.2, initially be accommodated in those portions of the Small Operator Area not assigned in the initial allocation (or latest reallocation) of the Small Operator Area. New Entrants in any space vacated on termination a particular Operator’s Lease Agreement and Concession Agreement will, subject to reallocation as provided in Section 11.2, initially be accommodated in the space vacated. New Entrants at the beginning of any Concession Term will be allocated space as provided in Section 11.4.
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New Entrants. No leave will be granted for the first 3 months of employment. Thereafter, annual leave entitlement will be pro-rated based on your start date.
New Entrants. This Policy will allow from time to time, that new eligible Insured Persons of the Policyholder be added to the class(es) of Insured Persons originally insured under this Policy. Policyholder: Teradyne, Inc. and all Its Subsidiaries Policy Number: GTP 0009101896-B HAZARD H-12 24-HOUR ACCIDENT PROTECTION WHILE ON A TRIP (Business Only) Hazard H-12 applies only with respect to an Insured Person in a class to which this Hazard applies as stated in the Principal Sums, Hazards and Benefits for Eligible Persons section of the Declarations section of this Policy, and only with respect to Injury sustained by such person:
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