New Entrants Sample Clauses

New Entrants. A new employee, or a person not previously on the Shift Overtime List, will initially be credited with one (1) hour more than the maximum accrued in his or her classification and shift. That employee’s name would go to the bottom of the list.
New Entrants. Other than (i) in the Small Operator Area, (ii) on the termination, whether by default, in bankruptcy or otherwise, of a particular Operator’s Lease Agreement and Concession Agreement, or (iii) at the beginning of a Concession Term, the Port will not allow New Entrants into the Consolidated Rental Car Facility. New Entrants in the Small Operator Area will, subject to reallocation as provided in Section 11.2, initially be accommodated in those portions of the Small Operator Area not assigned in the initial allocation (or latest reallocation) of the Small Operator Area. New Entrants in any space vacated on termination a particular Operator’s Lease Agreement and Concession Agreement will, subject to reallocation as provided in Section 11.2, initially be accommodated in the space vacated. New Entrants at the beginning of any Concession Term will be allocated space as provided in Section 11.4.
New Entrants. Part I – Report assets as of the date of filing but report sources of earned income, honoraria, and other non-investment income for the preceding 12 months. Part II – Report liabilities as of the date of filing. Part III – Report positions for the preceding 12 months. Part IV – Report agreements and arrangements as of the date of filing.
New Entrants. Salary for new appointments to the grade, upon implementation, will be £27k after completion of training. The training rate for a trainee TM’s will be £20k. The above salaries are pre-April 2022 salaries.
New Entrants. New entrants will be subject to the original guaranteed issue rules. “
New Entrants. The report is due within 30 days of your assuming a position designated for filing, unless your agency requests the report earlier or your agency grants you a filing extension.
New Entrants. The panel will be subject to annual re-adverts to allow for new entrances and accreditations into the panel over the three year period.

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  • Change Management BellSouth provides a collaborative process for change management of the electronic interfaces through the Change Control Process (CCP). Guidelines for this process are set forth in the CCP document as amended from time to time during this Agreement. The CCP document may be accessed via the Internet at xxxx://

  • Exit Management The Contractor shall perform its relevant Exit Management obligations as part of the Framework whether applicable on either the expiry or early termination of this Agreement.

  • Classroom Management The certificated classroom teacher demonstrates, in his or her performance, a competent level of knowledge and skill in organizing the physical and human elements in the educational setting. Performance Indicators

  • Case Management Prompt resolution of any dispute is important to both parties; and the parties agree that the arbitration of any dispute shall be conducted expeditiously. The arbitrators are instructed and directed to assume case management initiative and control over the arbitration process (including scheduling of events, pre-hearing discovery and activities, and the conduct of the hearing), in order to complete the arbitration as expeditiously as is reasonably practical for obtaining a just resolution of the dispute.

  • Management (a) The General Partner shall conduct, direct and manage all activities of the Partnership. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, all management powers over the business and affairs of the Partnership shall be exclusively vested in the General Partner, and no Limited Partner shall have any management power over the business and affairs of the Partnership. In addition to the powers now or hereafter granted a general partner of a limited partnership under applicable law or that are granted to the General Partner under any other provision of this Agreement, the General Partner, subject to Section 7.3, shall have full power and authority to do all things and on such terms as it determines to be necessary or appropriate to conduct the business of the Partnership, to exercise all powers set forth in Section 2.5 and to effectuate the purposes set forth in Section 2.4, including the following:

  • Construction Management Plan Contractor shall prepare and furnish to the Owner a thorough and complete plan for the management of the Project from issuance of the Proceed Order through the issuance of the Design Professional's Certificate of Material Completion. Such plan shall include, without limitation, an estimate of the manpower requirements for each trade and the anticipated availability of such manpower, a schedule prepared using the critical path method that will amplify and support the schedule required in Article 2.1.5 below, and the Submittal Schedule as required in Article 2.2.3. The Contractor shall include in his plan the names and resumés of the Project Superintendent, Project Manager and the person in charge of Safety.

  • Management, Ownership The Company shall not materially change its ownership, executive staff or management without the prior written consent of the Secured Party. The ownership, executive staff and management of the Company are material factors in the Secured Party's willingness to institute and maintain a lending relationship with the Company.

  • Program Management 1.1.01 Implement and operate an Immunization Program as a Responsible Entity

  • Pre-Closing Restructuring (a) Subject to Section 2.05(b), prior to the consummation of the Closing Seller shall, and shall cause its applicable Subsidiaries to, engage in restructuring activities necessary to effect a reorganization of certain assets, liabilities and legal entities to separate the Business from Seller’s other businesses (collectively, the “Pre-Closing Restructuring”), which such Pre-Closing Restructuring shall be undertaken in a manner consistent with Section 6.14 of the Seller Disclosure Letter (as the same may be modified in accordance with this Section 6.14) and otherwise in a manner, and pursuant to documentation, reasonably acceptable to Purchaser (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned) and in accordance with applicable Law. Following the Pre-Closing Restructuring, at the Closing, Purchaser shall (directly or indirectly) own and assume all the assets, properties, claims, rights and Liabilities of Seller and its Subsidiaries constituting Transferred Assets or Assumed Liabilities and neither Purchaser nor any of its Subsidiaries (including the Transferred Entities) shall (directly or indirectly) own any Excluded Assets or be liable for or have any responsibility with respect to any Retained Liabilities.

  • Local Health Integration Networks and Restructuring In the event of a health service integration with another service provider the Employer and the Union agree to meet.