Renovation Sample Clauses

Renovation. 6.3.1 Only the Owner shall be responsible for deciding whether or not the Project has substantial renovation, repairs, and/or alteration work which is indicated in Subparagraph 1.2.3. When the Project embraces substantial renovation, repairs, and/or alteration work to existing facilities, the fee shall be one hundred fifteen percent (115%) of the basic fee as calculated by the formula in Subparagraph 6.2.2.
Renovation. The Division reserves the right to perform necessary renovations and/or temporarily or permanently reassign Lessee to another apartment due to renovation by providing at least 60 days written notice to Lessee.
Renovation. Improvements to an existing classroom facility; budget calculated pursuant to applicable provisions of Administrative Rule 3318:1-03.
Renovation. Before Landlord begins a renovation of the Unit, Landlord will notify L&F of the dates that the Unit will be unavailable (“Construction Period”). Unless the renovation is to cure a dangerous condition in the Unit, the Construction Period will not occur during the Peak Season. If renovations are not completed during that Construction Period or if Landlord fails to notify L&F of the Construction Period and reservations are in place, Landlord agrees to pay any expenses L&F and the Tenant my incur due to a relocation of the Tenant.
Renovation. The Hotel and the Conference Center periodically shall be renovated in accordance with the following provisions:
Renovation. Renovate lawns occasionally by using a vertical mower to reduce thatch-like undergrowth and encourage new growth.
Renovation. Franchisee shall complete a significant renovation of dining areas and Public Facilities, including (i) replacement of Soft Goods at least every five (5) years after the date such Soft Goods were installed and (ii) replacement of Case Goods at least every ten (10) years after the date such Case Goods were installed; provided, however, Franchisee acknowledges that earlier or more frequent renovations or replacements may be required to maintain the quality level of the Restaurant and to comply with the Quality Assurance Program. In connection with any replacement required in the immediately preceding sentence, the replacement of all Soft Goods or all Case Goods, as the case may be, shall be done at the same time rather than being done in a piecemeal fashion or in phases. If the date of installation of Soft Goods or Case Goods cannot be demonstrated by Franchisee, Franchisor shall determine the date of installation for purposes of the first sentence of this Section 10.2 after consultation with Franchisee.
Renovation. 1. When Party B performs renovations or installs equipment within the Premises, Party B shall observe the following requirements:
Renovation. Subject to Sections 2.3 and 2.7, Tenant shall renovate and refurbish the Premises as reasonably required from time to time by Landlord in order to maintain the Premises in substantially the same condition as when Tenant first opened for business (provided, however, this Section is not intended nor shall it be construed to impose any obligation on Tenant to update the technology relating to the automobile driving simulators or other equipment). Such renovation or refurbishment may include new carpeting, painting, new wall covering and/or new tenant fixtures. Any such work by Tenant pursuant to this Section shall be commenced within three (3) months after Tenant's receipt of notice from Landlord and shall be completed within three (3) months after the commencement thereof.
Renovation. The term “Renovation” shall have the meaning set forth in Section 19.2.