MISSING Sample Clauses

MISSING. 8.1. The Supplier shall have no liability for errors which the Customer has not corrected in writing in proofs, including prints, digital information, proofs, etc.
MISSING. Section 1. A miss is defined as a failure to report to work at the proper time and place or the failure to telephone at least ninety (90) minutes before the scheduled report time. If a bus or rail operator misses and appears for work after his/her scheduled time, he/she loses his/her run or tripper for the day and may work an alternate assignment that day. The employee's weekly guarantee also shall be reduced by eight (8) hours or ten (10) hours, as applicable, and the employee shall be paid only for the actual time worked that day. An operator who fails to report or telephone within four (4) hours of the scheduled report time will be charged with both a miss and an AWOL.
MISSING. 1st and 2nd Miss One (1) day penalty; 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Miss Two (2) day penalty; 8th Miss One (1) day suspension at no pay plus a two (2) day penalty; 9th Miss Five (5) day suspension at no pay plus a two (2) day penalty; 10th Miss Subject to discharge. When a Lift Operator misses the original assignment, the Lift Operator may be given any assignment, regardless of route or time. If no work is available during the penalty period, the Lift Operator receives no pay. The reduction of one (1) Miss will be granted for each seventy-five (75) day period from the previous Miss in which no Miss occurs. Personal sickness will not be counted in the seventy-five (75) day period for the reduction of a Miss. All computations concerning Misses cover the calendar year January 1 through December 31.
MISSING. There will be many different people in and out of the house and the house may be left open during the day when doing repairs. Tenants agree to store property during the summer at their own risk and landlord assumes no responsibility of tenants’ property. If items are left for the next years’ tenants and not marked “Save for next school year” and labeled with the date of the next school year, the items are thrown out at your expense. The tenants are to keep all utilities on over the summer when items are in storage at above home. Please notify the Oxford Police Department for any extended time away from your home. This is a free service offered by the City of Oxford Police Department.
MISSING. A service user may be categorised as ‘missing’ when he/she is: • Absent from their xxxx (‘Absent’) for more than 8 hours or • When the risk assessment suggests an unacceptable level of risk and increased vulnerability. CURRENT LEGAL STATUS Please Select Informal Comments: Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 Comments: Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 Comments: Authorised Leave/ Time Out Status Comments: DESCRIPTION Nickname Photo Available NO YES Height 0’ 0” 0.00m Hair Colour Hair Type Facial Hair NO YES Eye Colour Eye Type Eyebrows Complexion Build Distinguishing Features Marks/Scars/Other Location Part Description CLOTHING
MISSING. Collateral ID Notation ------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- 492007GG10 REC'D COPY; ORIGINAL S/B ON HAND 7/10/2007 492007GG10 RECEIVED NOTE COPY FOR $45,000,000.00; SCHD: $35,000,000.00 Note is in process of being split 1162007GG10 REC'D COPY; ORIGINAL S/B ON HAND 7/10/2007 1452007GG10 REC'D COPY; ORIGINAL S/B ON HAND 7/10/2007 1472007GG10 REC'D COPY; ORIGINAL S/B ON HAND 7/10/2007 1522007GG10 REC'D COPY; ORIGINAL S/B ON HAND 7/10/2007 EXHIBIT R FORM OF NOTICE TO OTHER MASTER SERVICER July [__], 2007 VIA FACSIMILE
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MISSING presence of the generator and fuel tank shall not detract from the aesthetic look of the Building, for the prior written approval of Landlord, and shall install such landscaping or other screening, as approved by the Landlord, at the time of the installation of the generator and fuel tank and shall maintain such landscaping or other screening at Tenant's expense during the Term of this Lease.
MISSING. 7. Supplemental Lease Agreement No. 6, —
MISSING. WRONG, or DAMAGED (MWD). This is a product quality condition whereas the product is missing items on the BOM, including literature, the wrong product or configuration, or has been damaged prior to or during shipment to its’ intended destination.
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