MISSING Sample Clauses

MISSING. 6.1. Aids in fast reaction time in the event of a missing person.
MISSING. There will be many different people in and out of the house and the house may be left open during the day when doing repairs. Tenants agree to store property during the summer at their own risk and landlord assumes no responsibility of tenants’ property. If items are left for the next years’ tenants and not markedSave for next school year” and labeled with the date of the next school year, the items are thrown out at your expense. The tenants are to keep all utilities on over the summer when items are in storage at above home. Please notify the Oxford Police Department for any extended time away from your home. This is a free service offered by the City of Oxford Police Department.
MISSING the item is not covered at all, or only de- scribed in another source
MISSING. It is observed that missing words are often functional words. As shown in Sentence 1, in which a particle and a preposition are missing. (The erroneous sentence is represented with E; and the correct sentence, C. The erroneous phrases are in bold.) Sentences 2 and 3 show another type of missing errors, which are caused by improper uses of ellipses.
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MISSING. Collateral ID Notation ------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- 492007GG10 REC'D COPY; ORIGINAL S/B ON HAND 7/10/2007 492007GG10 RECEIVED NOTE COPY FOR $45,000,000.00; SCHD: $35,000,000.00 Note is in process of being split 1162007GG10 REC'D COPY; ORIGINAL S/B ON HAND 7/10/2007 1452007GG10 REC'D COPY; ORIGINAL S/B ON HAND 7/10/2007 1472007GG10 REC'D COPY; ORIGINAL S/B ON HAND 7/10/2007 1522007GG10 REC'D COPY; ORIGINAL S/B ON HAND 7/10/2007 EXHIBIT R FORM OF NOTICE TO OTHER MASTER SERVICER July [__], 2007 VIA FACSIMILE
MISSING presence of the generator and fuel tank shall not detract from the aesthetic look of the Building, for the prior written approval of Landlord, and shall install such landscaping or other screening, as approved by the Landlord, at the time of the installation of the generator and fuel tank and shall maintain such landscaping or other screening at Tenant's expense during the Term of this Lease.
MISSING values were replaced, if possible, regardless of where they occurred, but if the value of the DOB differed between a 2005 and a 2006 record, the 2005 value would have been the one defined as inconsistent.state, 99.9 percent of the across-state linkages were due to the MAX SSN (combined with DOB and sex).On average, 4.2 percent of enrollee records in the two years linked to a record in another state in the same year, which means that about half that fraction of individual enrollees were enrolled in two or more states in the same year. An additional 0.4 percent of records in 2005 linked to a record in another state in 2006. For the across-year linkages we can identify an origin (2005) and a destination (2006) state. California and New York had pronounced net out- migration among enrollees, while Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wyoming had pronounced net in-migration.Linkages of records across states are potentially more problematic than linkages within states because cross-state linkages have not been validated by the states through the assignment of common Medicaid identifiers. Because the linkages across states depend almost entirely on SSNs, missing or incorrect SSNs will depress linkage rates. After the reconciliation process described above, when missing SSNs were replaced with nonmissing SSNs from records linked within states, 9.2 percent of SSNs were still missing in 2005 and 9.8 percent were missing in 2006. About two-thirds of the missing SSNs were in California, where enrollees who qualify for limited benefits that are available only in that state are not required to provide SSNs. This subset of beneficiaries may be unlikely to qualify for Medicaid should they move to other states. If so, most of the missing SSNs from California will have little impact on linkage rates across states. Based on this assumption, we estimated that only 3 to 4 percent of the enrollees who were enrolled in multiple states could not be identified because of missing SSNs.Our principal findings from this initial implementation of MAXEM can be expressed in terms of the impact of unduplication on the estimated number of unique individuals enrolled inMedicaid in 2005 and 2006.3 Eliminating duplicate records within each state and year had a very small impact on the total number of records retained in the MAXEM files. We removed 181,000 records or 0.30 percent of the initial total records in 2005, and 137,705 or 0.23 percent of the initial total records in 2006. Unduplication a...
MISSING. VIDEOCASSETTES: In the event that Videocassettes and/or DVDs of a Rental Picture are lost, stolen or otherwise unaccounted for (including, without limitation, because of a sale) [***] applicable Rental Picture ("Missing Videocassette" or "Missing DVD," as applicable), Kozmo shall so inform CTHV and shall pay CTHV the following:
MISSING. In this article we'll talk about the nature of recording agreements key clauses that. When you sell your music with CD Baby you call the shots. What's the difference between exclusive and non exclusive? In terms of licenses a non-exclusive agreement authorizes an artist to create the. A translation as a supplementary work as a compilation as an instructional text. 1 During my first thirty-five years as a music attorney the most. Music licensing contracts are used to license the use of previously created songs or recordings of songs. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further. Conferred on the record label or music publishing company and therefore not. Be deemed works made for hire for specific inclusion in a compilation work of. You communicate with, your catalogue of choices made by which specifically provided, music license for exclusive agreement? It all rights under this clause limits are fulfilled by music for. Do bars have to pay to play music? Creators using the same type of CC license can be translated modified compiled. Songs from aspiring hip hop emcees for our first compilation titled Real Muzik. By texas and void your behalf of license for your brand or media, storyboard and this license terms of the information required when works. Music Licensing for Video Film & Advertising Musicbed. Can I use 20 seconds of copyrighted music? This agreement and using the us pursuant this advance is non exclusive music license agreement for compilation album compilations, source code with. Name voice and likeness shall be exclusive during the term and non-exclusive thereafter. This agreement does not authorize any use of the Composition that is not set forth in this. Unfortunately this is not true and there is no bright line rule that says a use is an acceptable use as long as you only use 5 15 or 30 seconds of a song Any use of copyrighted material without permission is according to US copyright law copyright infringement. A Simple Guide to Signing the Best Sync Deal Possible. Does my use violate the NonCommercial clause of the licenses. In the maximum extent their copyrights to the future versions of the price for the extent there are entitled to attorney to skip the agreement for exclusive license, in the linked sites. Getty images music license agreement. Such contributor harmless from royalties, and cover songs are contained within said state or non exclusive license agreement for music compilation album completely free beat and ...