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Please select the channels that company intends to apply for each respective loan type. (Please note: Channel selections can be changed on a quarterly basis.) Wholesale Non-Delegated Correspondent Conventional ☐ Conventional ☐ FHA ☐ FHA* ☐ VA ☐ VA ☐ USDA ☐ USDA ☐ Other ☐ Other ☐ *Requires Direct Endorsement status as a requisite for Authorized Agent If company intends to sell FHA NDC loans to UHM (Authorized Agent), please provide FHA DE Identification #: #
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Please select. The Sending Institution commits to recognise all the credits gained at the Receiving Institution for the successfully completed educational components and to count them towards the student’s degree as described in Table D shortly after the mobility.  The Sending institution commits to recognise all the credits gained at the Receiving Institution upon the student’s completion of the study programme. Responsible person at the Sending Institution: Name: Function: Phone number: E-mail: Date: Signature: Only applicable for Research Work for Thesis: Confirmation of the supervisor at the Sending Institution in case the stay abroad has successfully been used for working on a thesis. Title of thesis: Name of supervisor at Sending Institution: Type of thesis:  Diploma thesis  Master thesis  PhD thesis Signature of supervisor: Date:
Please select. Please select... In respect of "C" in the table above, the following must be completed: Related party nature of person: Stokvel Trust Partnership Individual Sole proprietor Physical address: Country of residence: Country of birth: Tax registrations/obligations: Area code:
Please select. Please select... Related party nature of person: Stokvel Trust Partnership Trust Individual Sole proprietor Other (specify) Physical address Country Area code Country of residence/operations Country of birth
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Please select. If you are a Passive Non-Financial Entity or you are an Investment Entity, managed by a financial institution, please ensure that this Appendix is completed for all controlling persons of the account holder. Controlling persons are defined as natural persons who exercise control over an entity. In the case of a trust such term means:
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