MINUTE Sample Clauses

MINUTE. BOOK The organization papers of this Bank, the returns of the judges of the elections, the proceedings of all regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors and of the stockholders, the Bylaws and any amendments thereto, and reports of the committees of the Board of Directors shall be recorded in the minute book and the minutes of each meeting shall be signed by the person presiding at such meeting and attested by the Secretary.
MINUTE. Books The minute books, including any attachments thereto, of Seller contain complete and accurate records of all meetings and other corporate action held or taken by its Boards of Directors (including committees of their respective Boards of Directors) and stockholders.

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Minute Books The minute books of the Company have been made available to the Underwriters and counsel for the Underwriters, and such books (i) contain a complete summary of all meetings and actions of the board of directors (including each board committee) and stockholders of the Company (or analogous governing bodies and interest holders, as applicable), and each of its Subsidiaries since the time of its respective incorporation or organization through the date of the latest meeting and action, and (ii) accurately in all material respects reflect all transactions referred to in such minutes. There are no material transactions, agreements, dispositions or other actions of the Company that are not properly approved and/or accurately and fairly recorded in the minute books of the Company, as applicable.
Corporate Minute Books The corporate minute books of AUGI and its subsidiaries are complete and each of the minutes contained therein accurately reflect the actions that were taken at a duly called and held meeting or by consent without a meeting. All actions by AUGI and its subsidiaries which required director or shareholder approval are reflected on the corporate minute books of AUGI and its subsidiaries. AUGI and its subsidiaries are not in violation or breach of, or in default with respect to, any term of their respective Certificates of Incorporation (or other charter documents) or by-laws.
Corporate Records The copies of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, and all amendments thereto, of the Company that have been delivered or made available to Acquiror are true, correct and complete copies thereof, as in effect on the date hereof. The minute books of the Company, copies of which have been delivered or made available to Acquiror, contain accurate minutes of all meetings of, and accurate consents to all actions taken without meetings by, the Board of Directors (and any committees thereof) and the stockholders of the Company since its formation.
Corporate Books and Records The Company has furnished to Buyer true and complete copies of (a) the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the Company as currently in effect, including all amendments thereto, (b) the minute books of the Company and (c) the stock transfer books of the Company. Such minutes reflect all meetings of the Company’s shareholders, Board of Directors and any committees thereof since the Company’s inception, and such minutes accurately reflect the events of and actions taken at such meetings. Such stock transfer books accurately reflect all issuances and transfers of shares of capital stock of the Company since its inception.
Other Records The Company shall maintain records at the principal place of business of the Company or such other place as the Directors may determine, which shall include the following:
Corporate Books The books of the Corporation may be kept inside or outside of the State of Delaware at such place or places as the Board may from time to time determine.
Books The Company shall keep books and records of accounts and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its Members. The calendar year shall be the accounting year of the Company.
Charter Documents and Corporate Records Buyer has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in public reports accessible to the Sellers complete and correct copies of the articles of incorporation, bylaws and other charter or organizational documents of Buyer, including all amendments thereto. Buyer is not to its knowledge in violation or breach of (i) any of the provisions of its articles of incorporation, bylaws or other charter or organizational documents, or (ii) any resolution adopted by its shareholders or directors.
Separate Records The Company shall, and shall cause the MLP to, (i) maintain their respective books and records and their respective accounts separate from those of any other Person, (ii) maintain their respective financial records, which will be used by them in their ordinary course of business, showing their respective assets and liabilities separate and apart from those of any other Person, except their consolidated Subsidiaries, (iii) not have their respective assets and/or liabilities included in a consolidated financial statement of any Affiliate of the Company unless appropriate notation shall be made on such Affiliate’s consolidated financial statements to indicate the separateness of the Company and the MLP and their assets and liabilities from such Affiliate and the assets and liabilities of such Affiliate, and to indicate that the assets and liabilities of the Company and the MLP are not available to satisfy the debts and other obligations of such Affiliate, and (iv) file their respective own tax returns separate from those of any other Person, except (A) to the extent that the MLP or the Company (x) is treated as a “disregarded entity” for tax purposes or (y) is not otherwise required to file tax returns under applicable law or (B) as may otherwise be required by applicable law.
Minutes Minutes of all resolutions and proceedings at every meeting of Registered Warrantholders shall be made and duly entered in books to be provided from time to time for that purpose by the Warrant Agent at the expense of the Corporation, and any such minutes as aforesaid, if signed by the chairman or the secretary of the meeting at which such resolutions were passed or proceedings had shall be prima facie evidence of the matters therein stated and, until the contrary is proved, every such meeting in respect of the proceedings of which minutes shall have been made shall be deemed to have been duly convened and held, and all resolutions passed thereat or proceedings taken shall be deemed to have been duly passed and taken.