Minute Sample Clauses

Minute. These minutes are applied to an employee who works morning, evening and night shifts without interruption in continuous three-shift work.
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Minute. The regular hours of work referred to in the collective agreement may not be extended when discontinuous three-shift work is done for short periods that include midweek holidays.
Minute. An employee taking a separate medical examination in conjunction with the call-up is compensated for their loss of earnings for the time they must – according to an acceptable account – be absent from work during regular working hours.
Minute. If the number of full-time workers decreases, it is only allowed to employ new part-time workers working during the week within the scope of the aforementioned restrictions. Application guideline: A worker with an employment relationship that is valid until further notice who works in many different units can only be taken into account in the calculation of one unit and the employer must report this to the shop xxxxxxx. If locally agreed, the employer may also employ other workers for working hours shorter than the maximum working hours described above. However, the employer cannot request employees performing the maximum regular working hours referred to in section 24 to transfer to perform reduced working hours. The hourly pay divisor for the part-time workers is 160. Application guideline: If the part-time employee’s working hours are agreed to be repeated in equal length on a weekly basis, the employee will be paid a monthly salary, the amount of which is defined based on the length of the employee’s weekly working hours compared to the full 40-hour weekly working hours in accordance with the collective agreement.
Minute. 1. The parties state that it is not always possible to prepare a detailed working hours system, for example, in the dairy processing industry, while the seasonal fluctuations require performance of discontinuous three-shift work. However, the duration of the discontinuous three-shift work period shall be reported at least in two-week periods.
Minute. In discontinuous three-shift work, the hourly pay divider of the monthly salary is 156.
Minute. In continuous three-shift work, the hourly pay divider of the monthly salary is 146.
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Minute. Book The minutes of the Company and each Subsidiary made available to the Buyer contain complete and accurate records of all actions taken, and summaries of all meetings held, by the shareholders and the Board of Directors of the Company and each Subsidiary (and any committees thereof).
Minute. Books The minute books, including any attachments thereto, of Seller contain complete and accurate records of all meetings and other corporate action held or taken by its Boards of Directors (including committees of their respective Boards of Directors) and stockholders.
Minute. BOOK ----------- All proceedings at all meetings of Partners shall be recorded by the General Partner in a minute book, which shall be available for inspection by the partners at all reasonable times during normal business hours at the principal place of business of the Partnership.
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